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Dynamic Semantic Publishing for your documentation

Dynamic Semantic Publishing for your documentation



Fluid Topics reinvents the user experience in accessing documentation. ...

Fluid Topics reinvents the user experience in accessing documentation.

Fluid Topics is a full-web solution for publishing on the Internet documentation produced with structured content authoring tools in DITA or XML format.

User manuals, technical books, installation and maintenance guides are all part of the documentation for your products and they are tools for winning over, satisfying and building the loyalty of your customers.

With Fluid Topics, you go from static documentation in the form of PDF files or HTML pages to a lively, simple and interactive online publication system. Your users can browse, read, search, annotate, comment, create alerts, send feedback to the writers and even create personalized documentation.

Fluid Topics leverages your documentation to boost your operational and commercial performance

Fluid Topics offers a rich and intuitive user experience on all media, PCs and tablets. By increasing accessibility to your documentation and promoting the variety of ways in which it can be used, your support costs are reduced. You increase the satisfaction and commitment of your ecosystem.

Fluid Topics is a complete solution that is immediately operational. Either use the out-of-the box full-featured portal, or insert graphic and functional components (widgets) in an existing site or extranet. And integrate Fluid Topics into your applications and information system using the rich Web Services.

Fluid Topics is available as SaaS for instant implementation, without investment, complexity or risk to your project. If you want to fully master the solution, you can opt for a license.

Read more about Fluid Topics on http://www.fluidtopics.com.



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    Dynamic Semantic Publishing for your documentation Dynamic Semantic Publishing for your documentation Presentation Transcript

    • © Antidot™ 1Dynamic Semantic Publishingfor your documentationCMS / DITA-NA – PROVIDENCE 2013ANTIDOT - FABRICE LACROIX
    • © Antidot™ 2ABOUTANTIDOT
    • © Antidot™ 3Antidot – who we areFrench-based Independent Software VendorWe provide our customers with highlyinnovative solutions that help them create valuewith their data.Data at the heart of the enterprise Data is key to business performance
    • © Antidot™ 4Our productsSolutions to: Collaborate andshare: bookmarks,alerts, folders… Expose data:access or find withsemantic searchengine and WS Fetch, cleanse,transform, enrichand mesh data
    • © Antidot™ 5CustomersPublishingHealthcareEnterprises E-commerce
    • © Antidot™ 6ABOUT YOU
    • © Antidot™ 7You invest in your documentationWith seasonedtechnical writersWith efficient tools andstreamlined processes
    • © Antidot™ 8Are you sure you makethe most of these investments?
    • © Antidot™ 9Documentation publishingHow do you publish your documentation?
    • © Antidot™ 10You think you provide this
    • © Antidot™ 11But your users see this
    • © Antidot™ 12And they feel like this
    • © Antidot™ 13By running DITA-OT you generatetons of lifeless PDF or HTML pages.Digital printing is still printing.
    • © Antidot™ 14SEMANTIC – DYNAMIC – SOCIAL
    • © Antidot™ 15PublishingState of the art publishing isSemanticDynamicSocial
    • © Antidot™ 16What people useEveryday they use
    • © Antidot™ 17Searching – “need to”Users are accustomed to an easy and“no brainer” experience of search One search box. No more forms Help and guide: autocomplete, spellchecking Refining and filtering: facets Relevant and semantic Beautiful and fast, very fast Convenient
    • © Antidot™ 18Searching “needs to be”One search box – no more forms
    • © Antidot™ 19Searching “needs to provide”Autocomplete and spellchecking
    • © Antidot™ 20Searching “needs to have”Facets for filtering
    • © Antidot™ 21Searching “needs to be”Relevant and semantic
    • © Antidot™ 22User Experience “needs to be”Nice, simple and evident interfacesWorking on PC, tablets, mobilesFast (333ms max)
    • © Antidot™ 23Reading – “must be elegant”Preview and reader
    • © Antidot™ 24Browsing – “my way”Fast navigation and personal indexing
    • © Antidot™ 25Working - “my way”Save important information
    • © Antidot™ 26Working - “my way”Create personal booklets
    • © Antidot™ 27THE RIGHT WAY TO DO IT
    • © Antidot™ 28Structured Content Authoring is great Content is reused, cost reduced… Due to “content components”Why should we loose the benefits ofstructured documentation duringpublication?
    • © Antidot™ 29Stop printing!STOP PRINTING Printing flattens the structure Semantics is lost Navigating in digital books is difficultTopics should be published as just theyare: structured and “as components”
    • © Antidot™ 30Stop printing!From Gütenberg to Zückerberg
    • © Antidot™ 31FLUID TOPICS DOES ITALL
    • © Antidot™ 32fluid Topics is a complete and integrated solution todeliver your documentation onlineA turnkey solution for searching,browsing and readingOffering value added features:feedbacks, bookmarks, alerts,comments, personal books, …Designed for PCs and tabletsWith a full-featured back-office tomanage and analyze
    • © Antidot™ 33. . . . .
    • © Antidot™ 35SearchSearch in all topics(data and metadata)Each topic is finelyindexed and appearsonly onceSemantic searchleveraging your businessvocabularies, synonymsand thesaurus
    • © Antidot™ 36SearchSmart autocompletewith fuzzy matchingSelf learningspell checkerConceptssuggestion forcontext discovery
    • © Antidot™ 37SearchFaceted searchDynamic filtering of replies.Refine the query thanks tofacets (filters):➡ By book, publication➡ By content type➡ By language➡ By audience➡ By variant➡ By modification date➡ By author➡ …
    • © Antidot™ 38ReadA fluid and appealing reading interface Access from the library or from a reply page No download required: immediate readingTable of contents fordirect accessautomaticallysynchronizes withcontent scrolling.“Infinite” scroll: thecontent loads in thesame page whilereading and scrolling.No more next-prevclicks.
    • © Antidot™ 39Securityfluid Topics manages accessrights and protects yourdocumentation anonymous/authenticated mode according to user profileAnd offers advanced features to authenticated users
    • © Antidot™ 40Feedbacks - AlertsSend feedbacks tothe technical writersfrom the interfacewhile readingSave queries.Re-run them,convert theminto alerts
    • © Antidot™ 41BrowsingSet tabs (“bookmarks”)in one click to quicklynavigate within a book
    • © Antidot™ 42RichmarksSave “rich bookmarks” infolders, add comments“End user authoring”transform folders intovirtual self-composedbooks and read them inthe same fluid HTMLinterface
    • © Antidot™ 43Personal documents
    • © Antidot™ 45AnalyzeA full-featured intuitive back-office to Monitor the search engine usage
    • © Antidot™ 46AnalyzeA full-featured intuitive back-office to Analyze user searches and refine the documentationaccordingly Track queries with no reply to understand and act(write new content, enrich thesaurus…)
    • © Antidot™ 47ManageThesaurus and synonyms Load your existing thesaurus Create new ones, manage them with the back-office
    • © Antidot™ 48CommunicateAnimate the homepage with key messages: New docs versions, new products Animation, event communication, self advertising…
    • © Antidot™ 49CommunicateInsert targeted messages in replies, that reactto chosen keywords (just as sponsored links inInternet search engines) Informative messages Warning or recall campaigns
    • © Antidot™ 50CommunicateCreate and manage yourself your campaignsand messages through the back-office
    • © Antidot™ 51TRY IT
    • © Antidot™ 52Try it!fluid Topics really delivers the benefits ofstructured content authoringfluid Topics brings dynamic semanticpublishing to the DITA world
    • © Antidot™ 53With fluid Topics:Analyze the way yourclients use your productsImprove users satisfaction,increasing their self-relianceLower your support andhelpdesk costsImproveUnderstandMeasureAnalyze
    • © Antidot™ 54With fluid Topics:Stay in touch with yourcustomers and communicatewith targeted messagesStand out : reveal thestrengths of your productsIncrease your businessperformance and yourmarket share
    • © Antidot™ 55Try it!You can test fluid Topics applied to ourdocumentation: http://doc.antidot.netBut you must come and see us on ourbooth for a demo
    • © Antidot™ 56NoteMost of the images used in this presentation have beenfound on the Web and are used here to illustrate thedifferent points. They do not belong to Antidot. Theycan be found easily using “Google Image” search.We thank their respective authors and apologize for notciting them all here.
    • © Antidot™ 57ANTIDOTContact: info@antidot.netor call +33 4 72 76 03 80http://www.antidot.net http://www.fluidtopics.com