Jeopardy world studies asia & the pacific chapter 1 east asia phtsical geography
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Jeopardy world studies asia & the pacific chapter 1 east asia phtsical geography






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Jeopardy world studies asia & the pacific chapter 1 east asia phtsical geography Jeopardy world studies asia & the pacific chapter 1 east asia phtsical geography Presentation Transcript

  • Book Name: World Studies Asia & the Pacific ISBN: 0-13-204154-5 Chapter: One “East Asia: Physical Geography” phtsical-geography or
  • $100 $100 $100 $100$200 $200 $200 $200$300 $300 $300 $300$400 $400 $400 $400$500 $500 $500 $500
  • A wind thatchanges directionwith the change ofseason.
  • VOCABULARY 100 What is Typhoon? What is East Asia What is Monsoon
  • A level area in a hillside.
  • VOCABULARY 200 Terrace
  • materials found in natureincluding fertile land,minerals, water, andforests.
  • VOCABULARY 300 What is Natural Resouces? What is Nature Valley What is Resources
  • A country with many industriesand a well-developed economy.
  • VOCABULARY 400 Developed Country
  • tropical storm thatdevelops over thePacific Ocean, withwinds that reach speedsgreater than 74 milesper hour.
  • VOCABULARY 500 Typhoon
  • China has this manypeople residing
  • LAND & WATER 100 1,000,000,000 (One Billion)
  • These six placestypically make up East Asia
  • LAND & WATER 200 Mongolia; China; Taiwan; North Korea; South Korea; Japan
  • These twolandforms were created 50 million years ago
  • LAND & WATER 300Himalayan Mountains Plateau of Tibet
  • Since _________, Korea has beendivided into two separate countries, North Korea and South Korea
  • LAND & WATER 400 1953
  • ______________ also shaped the islands of Japan by forced some parts of the country to riseand other parts to sink
  • LAND & WATER 500 Earth Quakes
  • ___________ reaches windspeeds of up to________ miles per hour BONUS: Howmany kilometers is that?
  • CLIMATE &VEGETATION 100 What is Monsoon; 74 MPH What is Typhoon 74 MPH What is EarthQuakes 8.1 Richter Scale
  • Nickname for the Haung River? BONUS: Theother major river
  • _____________ affects what peoplegrow, how often theycan plant crops, and how easily they can harvest their fields.
  • CLIMATE &VEGETATION 300 What is climate
  • The five major climate regions are
  • CLIMATE &VEGETATION 400 What are semiarid, arid, humid subtropical, humid continental, highland
  • A large part of easternChina has a/an ____________________________ climate region
  • CLIMATE &VEGETATION 500 What is a humid subtropical climate region (just like North Carolina)
  • South Korea has large deposits of this natural resource
  • Natural Resouces & Land Use 100 Graphite
  • One of the threequestions asked prior to planning economies
  • Natural Resouces & Land Use 200 1.What will be produced 2.How will it be produced 3.Whom will produce it?
  • South Korea is a _____ country;whereas North Korea is _________
  • Natural Resouces & Land Use 300 North Korea is Developing South Korea is Developed
  • East Asia is perfect for producing thistype of electricity?
  • Natural Resouces & Land Use 400 Hydo Electricity
  • Which is not a Natural Resouce:Fertile land; deserts; forest; factory
  • Natural Resouces & Land Use 500 Factory
  • • Write two paragraphs about what you learned about East Asia – 16 Complete Sentences • Verb, Subject, Noun
  • CreditsDisclaimer: Although this PowerPoint Presentation was designed byCathy Somody, with a template designed by Colleen Abidi, many ofthe ideas came from others.Slide Backgrounds, Graphics, Sounds: Dierschkes Dynamic Domain Hamlyn:
  • Vocabulary ANSWER KEY Land & Water Climate and Vegetation Natural Resources and Land Use100 Monsoon 1 Billion Typhoon 74MPH Graphite200 Terrace Mongolia; China; Taiwan; Yellow What will be North Korea; South Korea; produced Japan How will it be produced Whom will produce it?300 Natural Resources Himalayan Mountain; Climate North Korea Plateau of Tibet =Developed South Korea Developing400 Developed Country Earth Quakes semiarid, arid, humid Hydo Electricity subtropical, humid continental,500 Typhoon 1953 Humid subtropical Factory