Euro Jam Paris - Basketball Tour Presentation - 2013


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Euro Jam Paris - Basketball Tour Presentation - 2013

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Euro Jam Paris - Basketball Tour Presentation - 2013

  1. 1. Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  2. 2. Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  3. 3. Welcome to Anthony Travel The Leader in University Travel Services Anthony Travel is your complete resource for teams, coaches, athletic directors, staff and students. From helping teams deal with rainouts and figuring out how to move thousands of fans to bowl games or the Final Four®, to managing special event travel for alumni groups and organizing international study programs for students, Anthony Travel is the foremost expert on all sports and university travel needs. We service the best athletic and campus-wide programs in the world. WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  5. 5. Proudly serving these schools: WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
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  7. 7. Coaches Quotes“We took a foreign tour with Anthony Travel in August of2009. The trip was instrumental in building team chemistryand confidence going into our season. The internationalbasketball games challenged our veteran players, whileproviding meaningful minutes for our newcomers. Our tripwas highly organized-- the travel accommodations, AnthonyTravel staff members and cultural sightseeing were allincredibly done.’’Brad StevensHead Coach, Butler UniversityItaly & Switzerland - August 2009Australia – August 2012 WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  8. 8. Recent Travellers - women Notre Dame.....................France & Italy West Virginia...................France & Italy UCLA................................Rome, Florence, Venice & Como Penn State.......................France & Italy North Carolina.................Prague, Vienna & Budapest Boston College.................France, Belgium & Holland Boston University............Madrid & Barcelona Princeton.........................Paris & Senegal Oregon…..........................Madrid, Valencia & Barcelona WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  9. 9. Coaches Quotes“We loved the trip – Leo was terrific! He had a greatdemeanor with the girls and was an excellent tour guide. Jimdid a great job also – it was good to have them along to allowStephanie (Director of Basketball Operations) and ourmanagers to really enjoy things without worrying aboutanyone or anything. Thanks for setting it up so perfectly. Agreat time was had by all!”Muffet McGraw & Stephanie MenioUniversity of Notre Dame®France & Italy - May 2009London, Barcelona & Madrid – August 2012 WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  10. 10. Benefits & Advantages • 10 days of pre-tour practices • On-tour practices and games • Team building exercise • Educational experience • Improve season results • Recruitment incentive • Recruit from overseas • Last games for seniors • Incoming freshmen experience • Overseas job prospects • Promote your school overseas • Basketball ambassadors • Travel every 4 years for D1 schools (D3=3) • Meet boosters, alumni and fans WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  11. 11. What is included?• International Flights• Deluxe hotel accommodation• Private bus transportation• Daily buffet breakfast• Full-time tour manager• Basketball coordinator• Professional guided tours• Educational excursions• Entrance fees to select attractions• International basketball competition• Pre-departure tour consultant• Personalised tour webpages• 24-hour emergency support WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  12. 12. International Flights• Major international airline• Coach class cabin• Direct flights where available• Depart from nearest major hub• Upgrade supplements WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  13. 13. International Flights WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  14. 14. International Flights WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  15. 15. Hotels• First-class accommodation (4****)• Comfortable & well-located hotels• Modern facilities & bathrooms• Student athletes share twin rooms*• Single supplement applies• Breakfast served daily at hotel* European hotels do not normally have double / double orqueen / queen rooms. Twin means two single beds. WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  16. 16. Marriott Rive Gauche Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  17. 17. Transportation• Private motor coach• Air-conditioned comfort• Some public transport• Subway/bus• Walking tours• Airport bus transfers• Sightseeing bus• Trains /ferries / cruise ships WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  18. 18. Transportation WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  19. 19. Meal Options• Team dinners can be organized on tour• Meal packages can be paid in advance• Pre-game meals (optional)• Post-game meals (optional)• Welcome dinner & reception (optional)• Farewell banquet (optional)• Daily buffet breakfast (included) WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  20. 20. Meal Options Welcome Dinner Pre-Game MealsDaily Breakfast Buffet Farewell Dinner WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  21. 21. Educational Sightseeing Our tours include a guided sightseeing tour of every major city along the way. Typically conducted by motor coach and led by an expert local guide, these comprehensive overviews give travelers the history and local insight into each city. A professional guide may lead visits to important monuments and museums. WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  22. 22. Educational SightseeingPrinceton Tigers with their guide at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  23. 23. Tour Director Tour Directors handle all the logistics of your tour— from hotel check-in to sightseeing and everything in between. Our well- trained professionals are also experienced travelers who are excited to share their knowledge and to provide important historical and cultural information about the sights and destinations you will visit. WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  24. 24. Tour DirectorProfessional tour director with you from arrival to departure WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  25. 25. Walking Tours WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  26. 26. Games & Practices• Pre-tour practices (10 days)• On-tour practices (on request)• Play international competition• FIBA national teams• Professional club teams• Experience for incoming freshmen• Overseas contract prospects WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  27. 27. USA Basketball Sanctioning USA Basketball also sanctions U.S. basketball team tours of foreign countries and foreign basketball team tours of the US, as well as oversees the certification of FIBA and USA Basketball officials and the assignment of those officials to international competitions, and the licensing of players to play professionally overseas. Traveling teams must submit their foreign trip details and roster with USA Basketball before departure and lodge match reports within a certain timeframe after returning . There is a small, per game fee for this. WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  28. 28. Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  29. 29. Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  30. 30. Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  31. 31. Euro Jam Paris Arena WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  32. 32. Euro Jam Paris Arena WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  33. 33. Kansas at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  34. 34. Bill Self at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  35. 35. Kansas at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  36. 36. Kansas at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  37. 37. Kansas at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  38. 38. Kansas at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  39. 39. Kansas at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  40. 40. Kansas at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  41. 41. Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  42. 42. Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  43. 43. Kevin Seraphin at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  44. 44. Kevin Seraphin (NBA/France) WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  45. 45. Kevin Seraphin (NBA/France) WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  46. 46. Kevin Seraphin at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  47. 47. Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  48. 48. Boston College at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  49. 49. Texas A&M at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  50. 50. Texas A&M at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  51. 51. Texas A&M at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  52. 52. West Virginia at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  53. 53. West Virginia at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  54. 54. Colorado at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  55. 55. Colorado at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  56. 56. Colorado at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  57. 57. Colorado at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  58. 58. Princeton at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  59. 59. Princeton at the Eiffel Tower WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  60. 60. Princeton at Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  61. 61. Princeton at the Louvre WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  62. 62. Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  63. 63. Kansas Jayhawks in Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  64. 64. Euro Jam Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  65. 65. Euro Jam ParisSUN 11TH AUGUST > FLY TO PARIS FRI 16TH AUGUST > PARIS GAME 1MON 12TH AUGUST > PARIS ORIENTATION •Eiffel Tower •Game One•Latin Quarter / Notre Dame SAT 17TH AUGUST > PARIS GAME 2TUE 13TH AUGUST > PARIS SIGHTSEEING •Versailles Palace•Guided Sightseeing Tour •Game TwoWED 14TH AUGUST > LOUVRE MUSEUM SUN 18TH AUGUST > PARIS GAME 3•Louvre Museum / Champs Elysees •Game Three •Seine River CruiseTHU 15TH AUGUST > MONTMARTRE MON 19TH AUGUST > RETURN HOME•Montmartre / Sacre Coeur WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  66. 66. Fly to Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  68. 68. Eiffel Tower WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  69. 69. Eiffel Tower WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  70. 70. Eiffel Tower WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  71. 71. Eiffel Tower WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  72. 72. Eiffel Tower WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  73. 73. Eiffel Tower WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  74. 74. Eiffel Tower WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  75. 75. Notre Dame de Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  76. 76. Notre Dame de Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  77. 77. Notre Dame de Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  78. 78. Notre Dame de Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  79. 79. Notre Dame de Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  80. 80. Notre Dame de Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  81. 81. Notre Dame de Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  82. 82. Notre Dame de Paris WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  85. 85. Montmartre WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  86. 86. Sacre Coeur - Montmartre WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  87. 87. Sacre Coeur - Montmartre WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  88. 88. Louvre Museum WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  89. 89. Louvre Museum WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  90. 90. Louvre Museum WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  91. 91. Louvre Museum WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  92. 92. Napoleon’s Tomb WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  93. 93. Opera Garnier WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  94. 94. Opera Garnier WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  95. 95. Arc de Triomphe WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  96. 96. Arc de Triomphe WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  97. 97. Versailles Palace WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  98. 98. Versailles Palace WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  99. 99. Versailles Palace WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  100. 100. Kansas at Versailles WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  101. 101. Seine River Cruise WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  102. 102. Seine River Cruise WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM
  104. 104. ContactSHELDON BAXTER JIM O’CONNORAnthony Travel Anthony Travel7920 Belt Line Road LaFortune Student CenterSuite 1010 P.O. Box 1086Dallas, TX 75254 Notre Dame, IN 46556(469)-398-0661 (Direct) (574)-520-2028 (Direct)(214)-886-4181 (Cell) (574)-631-3067 (Cell)(800)-736-6377 (Free) (800)-366-3772 (Free) WWW.ANTHONYTRAVEL.COM