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High Peak BC Allotments update July 2013
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High Peak BC Allotments update July 2013


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A brief update on allotments provision and the progress on developing an allotments strategy in the High Peak to the community select committee meeting on Monday 15th July 2013

A brief update on allotments provision and the progress on developing an allotments strategy in the High Peak to the community select committee meeting on Monday 15th July 2013

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  • 1. HPBC Allotments Provision Update to members July 2013
  • 2. Allotments Strategy • The allotments strategy was last considered by the Community Select Committee in May 2012 • At that time concerns were raised around : – Specific targets for delivery; – The identification of how those targets can be achieved; – The development of smaller schemes such as planters; – A need to ensure that all comments received have been responded to.
  • 3. Allotments Strategy • Following on from the last report, progress has been made towards addressing the issues raised, and dependent on planning approval being granted for the two proposed new sites, we expect to be in a position to identify clear targets in terms of number of additional plots and timescales in an updated strategy. • Further consultation is been carried out on an updated strategy with allotment associations and other stakeholders and following this the updated High Peak Allotment Strategy and Action Plan will be presented to the next Community Select Committee.
  • 4. Current Position / Progress New allotment sites established • Two new allotment sites have been established – St Mary’s Road Glossop - Glossopdale Action for Allotments (GAFA) – Salisbury Street Hadfield. - Dig Hadfield – Both sites are self managed by GAFA and Dig Hadfield allotment groups, and are fully occupied, providing an additional 20 plots. Potential additional allotment sites identified • Two potential new sites have been identified in the Glossopdale area.
  • 5. Gamesley Land off Melandra Castle Road • The total area of this site is 0.5 h/a, however the entire site may not be suitable for cultivation. If approval is given for the development of this site it is anticipated that a minimum of 13 half plots would be established, although if the entire site can be fully utilised this site could provide approximately 26 half plots.
  • 6. Glossop Land off Dinting Lane • Although the total area of this site is 3.2 h/a not all the land within the site may be suitable for cultivation. It is however estimated that allowing for car parking provision and a possible orchard area the site could provide up to 100 half size (150m2) plots. If approval is given for the development of this site it is anticipated that the site would be developed in phases, as required to meet community needs.
  • 7. Review of waiting lists • The number of people currently on the Council’s waiting list for Jordan Street Allotment site (Glossop) is 89 and the number of people on the waiting list for Cunningdale Allotment site (Buxton) 40 • In addition to this Glossopdale Action for Allotments identified that there are 257 people waiting for allotments in the Glossopdale area (GAFA waiting list survey May 2012).
  • 8. Ensuring full utilisation of existing sites • Splitting of plots – As opportunities arise (e.g. change of tenant) any full size plots at both the Cunningdale and Jordan Street sites are being split to create additional plots. Over the past year this has provided 6 additional half size plots. • Clearance work – Work has begun at Cunningdale allotment site, clearing currently unused areas within the site. This will to allow these areas to be cultivated as new additional plots. The number of additional plots created will be dependent on the condition of the ground once the clearance work is completed. But it is anticipated that approx 6 additional plots will be gained. – At the Jordan Street site a number of improvements have been carried out to improve the site conditions such as, tree pruning and felling, the removal of saplings, the installation of new perimeter fencing, and working with plot holders, a general clean up of the site has been undertaken.
  • 9. Allotment Tenants Handbook • An Allotment Tenant's Handbook has been produced to assist new and existing allotment tenants in the management of their plots and to improve the overall management of sites.
  • 10. Glossopdale Allotment Forum • The Allotment forum meetings continue to be important and have been valuable in developing an effective partnership with both GAFA and Dig Hadfield allotment groups.