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Trade Trade Presentation Transcript

  • Trade
    Anthony Knapp
    HIST 140
  • What is Trade
    The Webster Dictorney of Trade is: The business of selling and buying of a product.
    Trade started 50,000 years ago when men started to migrate to different area of the world.
    This trading was a exchange of good or for services.
    In Ancenit times there was the Palohinians that founded Carthelge
    The Greeks also founded trading post that formed colonies
    In Roman times trade spanned to China and the Indus River.
    In the late 1400’s-1500’s Spain and Portugal sought trade routes around the moors
    In 1492 Christopher Colombus set sail to find a route to India by going west.
  • Trade Empires
    The first of these trade empires was Portugal and Spain in the early 1400’s with Portugal conquest of Ceuta on the Northern tip of Africa, and Spain’s conquest of the Canary Islands.
    By 1495 both Spain and Portugal drew up the Treaty of Tordesillas, which dived the globe in half.
    By the mid 1500’s both Spain were loosing power and were being replace by France and England
    In the seven year war called the French Indian War in North America the French lost to the British
    By the 1900’s Britain was gradually loosing power in it colonies
  • Colombian Exchange
    With Columbus discovery of the “New World it brought
    Is one of the major impacts that change both the “Old World” and the “New World”
    On one hand it brought cows, which prosper in both North America and South America
    Also brought horses which enable to help the Native Americans in North America into a Golden Age.
    Lastly brought wheat that greatly thrive in the great plains.
    From the “New World” brought back root foods like potato which became a staple food for the poor.
    Also other foods like chili peppers and chocolate.
  • Conclusion
    Trade was a extremely important to the factors of discovering North America
    Also after discovering North America trade final connected both hemispheres together for the frist time in history.
    Lastly the world would have been a different place without trade for civiliation could not progress without the exchange of goods and knowledge.