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The new sights, the food, the tourist attractions, events and just about anything that concerns the beauty and charm of Davao City.

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Madayaw Dabaw

  1. 1. Top 4 Restaurants You Will Love in Davao If you can choose the best restaurant to offer you unique and incredibly Davao and international flavors, then you should check your list and see if these restaurants are there. These four names of restaurants in Davao are well known as the top mostpopular restaurants in Davao provides authentic and foreign feel to make you comfortable or at home in Davao. Many people prefer these restaurants because of their excellent service and the food that will not put your tummy hanging into thin air. If you want to try Davao Food with delight and total satisfaction, try these restaurants and you will surely love to stay in Davao City longer. Bon Appetit! La Boutique If you want to try an authentic French delicacy straight from the metro of Davao, then you should have a taste of the great menu of Bon Appetit! La Boutique, a one of a kind French restaurant situated in the heart of the city. Located in Plaza Del Carmen, Loyola Street, Obrero, its tasty and incredible food makes you travel from the Philippines straight to the
  2. 2. versatility of France. Their menu include Quiche Lorraine (Savory Pie with Air Dried Bacon & Gruyère Cheese), Quiche au Thon (Savory Pie with Tuna & Gruyère Cheese), Crêpe Sarrasin (Buckwheat Crepe with Fried Egg, Ham & Gruyère Cheese), Croque-Monsieur (Hot Sandwich with Ham and Gruyère Cheese). Claude's Le Cafe de Ville Just like Bon Appetit! La Boutique, Claude's Le Cafe de Ville also serves French cuisines but what makes it an exciting restaurant is that the French cuisines works hand in hand with Mediterranean dishes. Aside from their delectable dishes, the ambiance of the restaurant’s location itself is very enticing and can make you feel like home. It is very silent and gives you peace as you eat. This restaurant is located at 29 Rizal Street, Paseo de Habana, Davao City. De Bonte Koe
  3. 3. If you could only search deeper on the hearty of the city, you’ll discover this amazing Dutch restaurant that gives you comfort and elegance as you dine with them. Still located inside the Habana Compound of Rizal Street, De Bonte Koeoffers great dishes such as grilled pork and rib cuisines that will make you drool from the taste down to its presentation. Lachi's
  4. 4. If you are up to good food that makes your life sweeter, never miss eating at Lachi’s. Aside from their signature dish which is the Sans Rival, they also offer main dishes and other sorts of desserts. They have Callos, Crispy Lechon Kawali, Crispy Lechon with Tartar Sauce and other authentic Filipino Cuisines. It located in Ruby Street in Marfori Heights Subdivision of Davao City. Aside from these restaurants, there’s a wide array of restaurant choices that you can find across Davao. Each restaurant is made with different specialities and it is up for you which one will best give your preference. You can check for other list for the top restaurants in Davaoby clicking this link. [Image sources: De_Bonte_Koe_restaurant_Davao.jpg s/02/87/b1/6b/filename-598896-4234400462752.jpg content/uploads/2011/11/Bon-Appetit.jpg ] Posted by Bloggerman at 7:55 PM