Herbal Gulal from Prisons of India


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Herbal Gulal from Prisons of India

  1. 1. These colours are no ordinary colours, they carrywith them the values of change, reformation and life changing experiences of many. We proudly say that the hands that made thesecolours are no longer of the ones who broke peace but are of those who are now constructing the values of peace in others as well.
  2. 2. “Values of inspiration & sincerity that come with “the shades of blue communicate the inspiration drawn byprisoners from their core. The inspiration and sinceritywhich has transformed them into reformers and washed away the label of being a ‘prison inmate
  3. 3. “Peace and tranquility of green ensures the purityof thought and action. The purity which is personified in “achievement of the ones who have transformed themselvesand sanctified their beings from the misdeeds of the past.Green reflects the prosperity of hope with which they look into the future.
  4. 4. “Red “ is the colour of courage. The courage tostand against all odds inside oneself and outside inthe world. It signifies the courage to be humane, to be right and live right.
  5. 5. “Orange is the colour of energy & happiness.It reflects the spiritual energy discovered by these inmates, “behind the locked gates of prisons, through ‘Brahm Gyan’in the state of deep ‘Dhyan’. The energy which has changedthem for good. The change through which they will bring happiness to the society after they are released.
  6. 6. “The colour of wisdom and purity; bright yellow “signifies the strength built in the minds to choose betweenright and wrong. It is the colour of an enlightened mindwhich guides thoughts towards positivity, creativity, spiritual growth & selflessness.
  7. 7. “Pink “ shows the world the beauty of eternal being ;the splendor of soul, that now luminates the lives of manywith love of the divine. The love which has changed them from breakers of peace to makers of peace.
  8. 8. ANTARKRANTI Prisoner Reformation & Rehabilitation Program What we do “ The important fact about prisons that defines the activities of Antarkranti is ‘not all prisoners are criminals’. Among prisoners are those who are professional criminals, first time offenders, and innocents. The challenge remains to correct Goal and reform criminals; To check crime through make first time offenders withdraw from offensive mindsets and prevent innocents “ reformation, rejuvenation, rehabilitation & reintegration of prisoners. from criminalization. Antarkranti is strategically working to provide a tangible solution to these inmates bound by the prison walls giving them motivation, direction and prospects to live a life of virtue and dignity. ANTARKRANTI runs on two strong and sturdy wheels that operate as vital components of the programme: Reformation of incarcerated prisoners through initiatives and activities ‘Inside the Jail’. The Inside Jail Activities are driven by ‘Brahm Gyan’ based spiritual counseling, ‘Dhyan Sadhna’ (Meditating on inner Who we are perceivable light of soul), regular spiritual sessions and interactions. The all-Antarkranti the path breaking initiative of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) for encompassing approach institutes services for skill development & employment,Prisoners’ Reformation & Rehabilitation is the only program of its kind in India. positive engagement in sports, performing & visual art, and drug abuse prevention.The program works on a holistic model of transforming prisoners as productive Resounding success of Antarkranti in bringing remarkable attitudinal shifts incitizens, and creating opportunities and support system for their post release prisoners has resulted in DJJS Ashrams in many jails of India. The organization rehabilitation for a crime free society. has been pioneering in reformation of hard-core criminals, through spiritual awakening.The program, initiated in 1995 from Central Prisons, Tihar, has its roots in thevision of World Peace with which Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has established DJJS. Rehabilitation of released prisoners through initiatives ‘outsideAligned with the great mission of DJJS, Antarkranti is now active in 28 jails of the jail’. The Outside Jail Activities aim rehabilitating the released prisonersIndia and has created landmarks in reforming and transforming lives of millions of and preventing them from reverting into crime. This involves provision of various those behind bars and is reintegrating them into the society as services ranging from psychological support, employment, short stay, family peace builders. reunion, education and social liaisoning.
  9. 9. Available at : Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj Support the cause through corporate stalls and institutional sales. Ambience Mall, Gurgaon Please contact us at : Email : antarkranti@djjs.org Pacific Mall, Kaushambi Call : +91 9910390372 Like us on : /antarkrantiMGF Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon MGF Megacity Mall, GurgaonMGF City Square, Rajouri Garden Order Online from: Also available at : DJJS Branches across India
  10. 10. Office Address:Plot No.3, Pocket-OCF, Parwana Road, Pitam Pura Ext., Delhi, India- 110034 Ph. - 011-27020666, E-mail - antarkranti@djjs.org www.djjs.org, www.facebook.com/antarkranti