An Overview of the Message Broker Healthcare Connectivity Pack


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An Overview of the Message Broker Healthcare Connectivity Pack

  1. 1. © 2013 IBM CorporationIBM Integration BusHealthcare IntegrationAnt
  2. 2. © 2013 IBM CorporationUse RestrictionsThe Program is capable of being used as a medical device data system to transfer, store, and convert data from oneformat to another. The Program may occasionally transmit data to bedside medical devices (e.g., for polling and telemetry).However, the Program itself is not a medical device.The following uses of the Program are prohibited:a. use to control any bedside medical device for clinical, therapeutic or treatment purposes (for example, but withoutlimitation, the administration of medication, anaesthetics, saline solutions and the like);b. use for active patient monitoring (i.e., where the Program is used as the sole means of monitoring life-critical patient data, e.g. heart rates);c. use for decision support (i.e., where the Program is used as the main basis to determine patient-specific treatment orimmediate clinical action); ord. use in any active monitoring that depends on the timeliness of data transmission.Indemnity to IBMLicensee will indemnify International Business Machines Corporation and its affiliated companies against any and all thirdparty claims and liability arising directly or indirectly from any use of the Program by or for Licensee for a use or purposethat is prohibited by the provisions of the foregoing section, "Use Restrictions".As of December 11th2012, WebSphere Message Broker Connectivity Pack for Healthcare is currently available for purchasethrough the Passport Advantage program only for use in the following specific countries :Australia; Austria; Canada; Chile; China; Colombia; Denmark, Finland; Germany; Italy; Malaysia, Mexico; Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Poland;Portugal, Singapore; Spain, Switzerland; Sweden, United Kingdom; United States of AmericaFor the current list of licensed geographies please see the following URL: Disclaimer and Availability InformationWebSphere Message Broker Connectivity Pack for Healthcare
  3. 3. © 2013 IBM Corporation Many industries are undergoing a fundamental revolution– Government mandated changes are causing disruptive effects in many nations– Customer expectations soar as delivery costs continue to increase– Integration must address time-to-value and increasing complexity– IBM has a broad portfolio of technologies which can solve many issues Connectivity Packs provide out-of-the-box integration solutions– These offerings brings IBM integration closer to the industry domain– Adds broad range of high value use cases including mobile and analytics– Clients value building their enterprises on a fully supported product Industry specific standards provide a solid product foundation– DICOM, CDA, HL7 (healthcare), POSLOG (retail), SWIFT (payments) etc– Vendor neutrality enables us to work cross industry as a trusted partnerWhy Industry Integration?38x Faster adoption than the internetand if tablets included, even faster Morgan Stanley
  4. 4. © 2013 IBM Corporation Clinical Data– Reliable, efficient and timely delivery of critical clinical data– Vendor neutral working with vendors across the industry– Regulated according to specific local requirements (FDA, NHS etc) Mobile– Build B2E and B2C mobile applications quickly and easily Analytics– Extract and transform key data into business intelligence tools Device Integration– Reduce the cost and difficulty of working with medical devices– Integrate acute care and personal care devices (home health) Enterprise Integration– Point of integration for a wide range of healthcare applications– Address the broader integration of billing and financial systems Standards Based– Work with standards bodies to implement and enhance healthcare standards– Relevant at all levels of healthcare delivery (HL7, DICOM, HIE, NHIN, epSOS)Healthcare Integration Themes4
  5. 5. © 2013 IBM CorporationWhere Does It Fit?5
  6. 6. © 2013 IBM CorporationHealthcare Connectivity Pack Range of patterns for clinical application integration– Production ready patterns based around HL7 MLLP v2.x– In production with a wide range of vendor applications– Patterns allow easy customisation for customer deployments Nodes for inbound and outbound HL7 v2.x MLLP messages– The key integration standard for clinical applications worldwide– Send and receive HL7 v2 messages using socket based MLLP protocol– Supports rich HL7 requirements including sequencing and de-duplication– Integrated facilities for development, debug and regression testing Operational monitoring of HL7 clinical applications– Enhancements to the IBM Integration Explorer– Real time dashboard showing status of clinical application connectivity Message definitions for all key HL7 v2.x messages– Supports everything from HL7 v2.2 up to and including HL7 v2.7– Easy to extend with custom extensions (for example, Z segments) Medical device connectivity for acute care devices– Patient monitors, anaesthesia workstations, infusion pumps, ventilators– Range of manufacturers including Philips, GE and Draeger– This capability is strictly limited to device monitoring not control6
  7. 7. © 2013 IBM CorporationHealthcare Connectivity Pack Integration with medical imaging applications (DICOM)– High value use cases including expert second opinion and pre-fetch on admission– Nodes support the DICOM commands (FIND, MOVE and STORE)– Pattern provide end-to-end solution for DICOM clinical portals Healthcare analytics– CDA has gained great traction worldwide for sharing healthcare information– Tooling to quickly and easily extract meaningful information from healthcare data– Supports real-time analytics and reporting of CDA, DICOM and HL7 v2.x data Data modelling and transformation enhancements– Industry standard DFDL for HL7 v2.x modelling– JAXB for Java based HL7 data transformation– Compelling for clients migrating from Oracle eGate/JCAPS Certification with IHE industry initiative (alongside IBM Initiate)– Includes generating ATNA audit messages to an IHE repository– Often asked for by clients and business partners!– Close integration with IBM Initiate Patient and Provider7
  8. 8. © 2013 IBM CorporationSiemens Invision (ADT, BAR, ORU) IMPAC IntelliLab (ADT) Chartlinc (ADT, BAR, ORU)Emtek (ADT, ORU, ORM) PCN (ADT, SIU) Cerner Pathnet (ADT, ORM, ORU)IMS (different customtranscriptions)GE Logician (ADT, SIU) Xtend (ADT)APOLLO (ADT) BEDTRACKING (ADT) RehabManager (ADT)DOMINATOR (ORM) Millbrook (ORU) Cerner RadNet (ADT, ORM, ORU)Omnicell (ADT) Midas (ADT) MedTrack (ADT)EPIC (ADT, ORU, ORM, MDM) Meditech (ADT, ORU) McKessonGE IDX FUJI Cerner MillenniumPower Scribe PineStar AllScriptsSelection of applications integrated using IBM Integration Bus and HL7:A8Connecting Clinical Applications
  9. 9. © 2013 IBM CorporationSTANDARD SUPPORT NOTESHL7 v2.xV2.2 up to v2.7 (inclusive)JAXB bindings providedData Analysis profile provided2HL7 v3 Supported directly by IBM Integration BusHL7 CDACDA / CDTContinuity of Care Documents (CCD)Consolidated CDA (C-CDA)HITSP (C32 / C83)Data Analysis profile provided2DICOMC-STORE3SCU and SCPC-FIND SCUC-MOVE SCUData Analysis profile providedIHE ProfilesPIX ManagerPDQ SupplierATNA Secure NodeAttending 2013 European Connectathon in Turkey alongside IBM InitiateThe Healthcare Connectivity Pack has broad standards1support:A91HIPAA and NCPDP supported by IBM Integration Bus with WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX)2CDA and HL7 v2 Data Analysis profiles are integrated with the LOINC terminology code system3DICOM C-STORE SCP (DICOMInput node) is fully configurable with the target presentation contextsStandards Support
  10. 10. © 2013 IBM CorporationSummary Integration is the key to realising value in industry– Enables the flow of data to deliver effective cross enterprise integration– Supports huge range of use cases from mobile to analytics– Flexibility to support your business wherever it needs to grow Connectivity packs bridge the gap from product to solution– Supports key industry standards: HL7, DICOM, CDA etc– Provides high value use cases including analytics and mobile– Expert patterns simplify common integration use cases– Complies with all relevant industry regulations (for example, FDA MDDS) Builds on top of the #1 integration product worldwide– Fully supported products run on all editions of IBM Integration Bus– Robust, scalable and high performing as more systems are integrated– Easy to deploy and manage in all form factors including virtualised Unparalleled range of connectivity options and capabilities– Integrate all your siloes of information including ERP, CRM and more Content is driven by your requirements, participation and feedback10
  11. 11. © 2013 IBM CorporationHealthcare Connectivity Pack11