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An introduction to Celebrus and our customer analytics technology.

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  1. 1. An Introduction To Celebrus
  2. 2. ©CelebrusTechnologies2013©CelebrusTechnologies2013 Celebrus: Who We Are • Incorporated in 1999, VC and LSE funded • UK-based with global technology partners • Global 24/7 customer support and services • Hold key US and EMEA data collection patents • Deployed on >20,000 websites via 70+ clients • Award-winning for “data driven marketing” • Teradata and Celebrus win again February 2013 • “RETA Europe – Best Enterprise Solution”
  3. 3. ©CelebrusTechnologies2013©CelebrusTechnologies2013 What We Do  Celebrus collects detailed streaming event data from all digital channels to the level of the individual e.g. Mobile, Social, Web etc.  We do this in the most simple way possible, thereby overcoming the achilles heel of the digital analytics industry i.e. “tagging”  We then transform that data via pre-built ETL, PDMs and Triggers to feed EDW, BI, Discovery, CMA and Real-time Decisioning platforms  To facilitate digital and Omni-channel Customer Analytics and true 1-2-1 Personalisation  And we do all of this on-premise, overcoming yet another achilles heel of the on-line analytics industry i.e. “timeliness”
  4. 4. ©CelebrusTechnologies2013©CelebrusTechnologies2013 For Our Clients This Expands Into… • Optimising the Customer Experience  Understanding customer behaviour on their digital channels  Building lifetime profiles of individuals  Joining customer profile and behaviour data across channels (SCV) • Automating delivery of true 1-2-1 personalization  Proactively targeting a customer with most relevant offer  Automatically actioning the right sales activity, a call, email or dynamic web content  Influencing a customer to follow the optimal path to success
  5. 5. Why Celebrus? Better. Faster. Easier
  6. 6. ©CelebrusTechnologies2013©CelebrusTechnologies2013 The Industry Issues We Overcome Web Analytics (WA) has been traditional go-to for digital data  WA tagging renders it too hard to acquire data across devices/platforms • Celebrus is simple deployment via a single line of code – there is no tagging  WA was developed to drive aggregate reporting not individual level data • Celebrus is only individual data, there is no aggregation or trending data  WA Data is incomplete due to the tagging issues • Celebrus is highly granular data, not just what the customer tagged for  WA SaaS model means data isn’t timely “72 hours+ to the data” • Celebrus is on-premise so “real-time”, five-minutely, hourly feeds available
  7. 7. ©CelebrusTechnologies2013©CelebrusTechnologies2013 The Industry Issues We Overcome Web Analytics (WA) has been traditional go-to for digital data  Customers don’t own the data – stop paying it’s gone • Celebrus is on-premise, the customer can store it for as long as they wish  WA vendors charge to store data (4 months rolling = $1M) • Celebrus data is always behind the customers firewall; not dependant on WA vendor’s ETL  The customer has to build custom ETL and PDM’s to process WA data • Celebrus has done the heavy lifting and developed joint Teradata ETL and PDM  WA systems require vast, expensive (time and $) nightly flat-file data transfers • Celebrus has developed on-premise, real-time, scalable , economical data feeds  10,000 events per second and 100,000 concurrent users on a single server
  8. 8. ©CelebrusTechnologies2013©CelebrusTechnologies2013 Web Analytics ≠ Customer Analytics
  9. 9. ©CelebrusTechnologies2013©CelebrusTechnologies2013 Celebrus. Better. Faster. Easier. delivers Unified data capture from multiple channels and devices websites, mobile, social media, set-top boxes, HTML5, Flash, Flex, AJAX etc. <script type=“text/javascript” src=“insert.js”></script>
  10. 10. How do Celebrus Customers Benefit?
  11. 11. ©CelebrusTechnologies2013©CelebrusTechnologies2013 Top Business Problems Being Solved “By installing Celebrus and linking it to existing EDW software, we have succeeded in knitting together customers’ browsing history by loading every one of our millions of site interactions into our data warehouse in real-time” “The results have been game changing” Richard Boston Head of Insight, Shop Direct Group http://goo.gl/o1gvD
  12. 12. ©CelebrusTechnologies2013©CelebrusTechnologies2013 Celebrus ROI Increase revenue and conversions  10 x increase in revenue per email  Seven figure incremental revenue p.a. from hot online leads passed into the call centre • 100% uplift in average order value  240% improvement in click-to-buy ratio  20% increase in online conversion rates  3.24% uplift in new account sign-up Reduce spend  51% reduction in catalogue shipments year to year ($45M)  10% reduction in marketing spend with no loss of sales ($10M)  Seven figure savings p.a. due to online fraud detection  Seven figure savings p.a. due to channel migration from call centre to online  Reduce PPC spend by 30% with no reduction in sales
  13. 13. www.celebrus.com @360customer Celebrus Technologies Celebrus Technologies