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Ansie Minnaar dishonesty ppp_15_June 2012_final Ansie Minnaar dishonesty ppp_15_June 2012_final Presentation Transcript

  • A framework for addressing dishonesty in ODL Point, click, copy and paste Ansie Minnaar Ansie Minnaar 2012 Unisa 1
  • Outline1. Why a framework for controlling dishonesty in ODL?2. The presentation of dishonesty3. Definitions4. Reasons for dishonesty5. Opportunities for dishonesty6. Paper mills7. Plagiarism detection tools8. Framework for controlling dishonesty in ODL9. Conclusion Ansie Minnaar 2012 Unisa 2
  • Ansie Minnaar 2012 Unisa 3
  • “Plagiarism is not newand has been a problem that has plagued higher education and other institutions for years...” (Bloodgood, Turnley and Mudrack 2010). Ansie Minnaar 2012 Unisa 4
  • Dishonesty can only beaddressed, not stopped entirely Ansie Minnaar 2012 Unisa 5
  • Dishonesty most often presents itself in five ways:1. Students paraphrase a source without citing the source2. Students submit work that appears to be paraphrased and contain references, but in fact it was copied word for word from the original source3. Students present work as their own, without including any citations in the text4. Students submit work that was done by another studentCheating is rampant in academiaStudents openly admit theirdishonesty and, in some cases,even boast about how easy it is Ansie Minnaar 2012 Unisa 6
  • Definition of plagiarismFrom the Latin origins we know that plagiarism has criminal connotations. Ansie Minnaar 2012 Unisa 7
  • What are the reasons for dishonesty? Changes of subjective norms The student ability indicators Students’ academic beliefs Students with higher expectations of success are more likely to cheat than students with lower expectations Students who see themselves as being on the edge of failure Impoverished students who study under poor conditions are more likely to cheat Extracurricular activities (such as partying) (Whitley 1998: 235) Ansie Minnaar 2012 Unisa 8
  • Opportunities for dishonesty “The range of dishonest academic practice is limited only by student’s ability to use technology creatively” (Underwood and Szabo 2003: 470) Ansie Minnaar 2012 Unisa 9
  • ••• Is a free site• “The Evil House of Cheat” http://www.cheathouse.comclaims more than a million hits• Papers are also sold to students at “A1termpaper” withreported sales of 1 000– 2 000 papers in the first year aftergoing online. Ansie Minnaar 2012 Unisa 10
  • ,, which charges $7 per page for $10 per page (aka This site is selling papers that were mostly written during the 1970s and which are rather pricy at $62Students could also buy custom-made papers written to their specification at, from between $17 to $20 per page, or a custom paper at $71 Ansie Minnaar 2012 Unisa 11
  • Plagiarism Detection Tools Ansie Minnaar 2012 Unisa 12
  • Ansie Minnaar 2012 Unisa 13
  • The Plagiarism Resource Centre at the University ofVirginia:EVE2 Plagiarism detection programme atGlatt Plagiarism services atiThenticate at Http:// orLexis-Nexis CopyGuard atMyDropBox Assignment Suite™ (for Blackboard)Plagiarism-Finder atWcopyfind 2.6 atEliminating Plagiarism:Electronic Plagiarism Seminar: Ansie Minnaar 2012 Unisa 14
  • Framework for addressing dishonesty in ODL Changes Safeguard against moral dishonesty in ODL obligations Changes attitude Opportunities fortowards dishonesty dishonesty behaviour Informs the Changes intention Subjective to cheat norms High School dishonesty Ansie Minnaar 2012 Unisa 15
  • Deterrents for addressing dishonestyThe literature is vague about deterrents for dishonestyDeterrents are not officially implemented for dishonesty informative assessment ??• Penalties such as reducing the grade for the piece of work or zero• Policing?• No marks• Reprimand• Disciplinary actions• Fines• Suspension• Cancellation of enrollment• Review panel to impose penalties Ansie Minnaar 2012 Unisa 16
  • Ansie Minnaar 2012 Unisa 17
  • Thank you Ansie Minnaar 2012 Unisa 18