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Ken Caminiti

  1. 1. KenCaminiti Fatal Errors
  2. 2. “ Cammy” "The best way to describe him (Ken Caminiti) is that he was a warrior in every sense of the word. I can't tell you how many times I remember him hobbling into the manager's office, barely able to walk, and saying, 'Put me in the lineup.'" - San Diego Padres General Manager Kevin Towers (Barry Bloom / / October 11, 2004)
  3. 3. Union-Tribune Caminiti dives for a ball in August 1998 during the pennant drive.
  4. 4. Cammy curtain
  5. 5. temper One of Caminiti's most famous shows of temper was breaking a bat over his knee after striking out.
  6. 6. Drug abuse In November 2001, he was arrested in Houston for cocaine possession and sentenced to three years probation.  Months later, he violated his probation by testing positive for drugs and spent 4 ½ months in jail.  The last known photo of Ken Caminiti, taken with Maria Romero the day before his death.
  7. 7. ‘ Roid revelation Feb. 28, 2005: Padres general manager Kevin Towers says he knew late star Ken Caminiti was using steroids when he was in San Diego.
  8. 8. 1963 April 21, born in Hanford, Calif. 1981 Graduates from Leigh High, San Jose 1983-84 Plays baseball at San Jose City College and San Jose State 1984 Selected by Houston Astros in third round 1984 Plays with Osceola, Fla. (Single-A) 1986 Plays with Columbus, Ohio (Double-A) 1987 Marries Nancy Smith and reaches majors with Astros 1988 Spends most of year with Tucson (Triple-A) 1989 Plays first full season in majors, with Houston 1991 Daughter Kendall Marie born 1993 Spends time in rehab for addiction to alcohol, pain killers Daughter Lindsey Lee born 1994 Traded by Astros to Padres 1996 Wins National League MVP award with the Padres 1997 Daughter Nicole Patricia born 1998 Re-signs with Astros as a free agent 2000 Spends 30 days in rehab center after family intervention Separates from wife Nancy 2002 Admits to Sports Illustrated he used steroids in 1996 Is divorced from wife Nancy 2003 Violates probation by failing a drug test in January; spends 4 months in jail, receiving drug treatment. Attends final game at Qualcomm Stadium 2004 Works as part-time spring training coach with Padres; attends Petco Park home opener in April. Spends month in jail for failing his fourth drug test. Is released Oct. 5. Dies Oct. 10 in New York City The rise and fall of Ken Caminiti
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