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Each of experienced administrators used (to some extent) what is called Maintenance Plans - Plans of Conservation. During this session, I'd like to discuss what can be useful for us to provide …

Each of experienced administrators used (to some extent) what is called Maintenance Plans - Plans of Conservation. During this session, I'd like to discuss what can be useful for us to provide functionality when we use them and what to look out for.

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Ad-Hoc Maintenance Plans for Beginners Hungarian Microsoft SQL Server User Group | November 2013 Meetup
  • 2. Lengyel-magyar két jó barát, együtt harcol s issza borát
  • 3. SELECT {BIO} Polish SQL Server User Group Leader Microsoft Certified Trainer MCP, MCSA, MLSS, MLSBS, MCTS, MCITP, MCT SQL Server MVP from 2010 Friends of RedGate PLUS PASS SQL Azure Virtual Chapter Co-Founder Blogger, Influencer, Technical Writer Last 8 years (living) in Data Center in Wrocław Generally about 14 years in IT/banking area GITCA Technical Lead & Vice-Chair EMEA Board Speaker at SQL Server Community Launch, Time for SharePoint, CodeCamps, SharePoint Community Launch, CISSP Day, InfoTRAMS, SQLSaturday, SQLBits, CarreerCon, SQL Rally Autor of few articles on TechNet (PL) and portal Deep Dives Co-Author: High availability of SQL Server in the context of Service Level Agreements (Chapter 18th) Technical reviewer: Exploring MDX in SQL Server 2012 Working for Microsoft Subject Matter Expert and Terminology Community (Windows 7, 8 & Visualstudio 2010,2012) 3
  • 4. AGENDA Maintenance Plans – what are you talking about? Maintenance Plans – how, where, when? • Methods, tools, right (?) ways What Maintenance Plans can do you You • Back Up Database • Verify Integrity of Database • Maintain a Database Indexes • Maintain Index & Column Statistics • Remove Older Data from msdb • Remove Old Backups Examples Q&A Budapest | November 27th, 2013 4
  • 5. Maitenance Plans – what are you talking about? Budapest | November 27th, 2013 5
  • 6. MAINTENANCE PLANS – WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? • • • • Clean Environment Silence Knowledge about environment Productivity / Performance DEFINITION: A database maintenance plan is a set of specific, proactive task that need to be performer regularly on databases to ensure their adequate performance and availability Budapest | November 27th, 2013 6
  • 7. Maintenance Plans – how, where, when? Budapest | November 27th, 2013 7
  • 8. MAINTENANCE PLANS – HOW, WHERE, WHEN? HOW: • Maintenance Plan Wizard • Maintenance Plan Designer • T-SQL Scripts • PowerShell Scripts WHERE • SQL Server Management Studio from Standard and above • See you in… Express WHEN: • BEFORE: problems / service windows • AFTER: maintaining / clients back to home Budapest | November 27th, 2013 8
  • 9. HOW: MAINTENANCE PLAN WIZARD • • • • • Very simple (although advanced) wizard Providing possibility for creation simple task in dozens of seconds Enough in many cases, environments Limited but huge number of options Limitations: • number of databases • granularity • single tasks / no multitasking • no scripting for another instances • some known problems in previous version of SQL Server o SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 o SQL Server 2008 Budapest | November 27th, 2013 9
  • 10. HOW: MAINTENANCE PLAN DESIGNER • • • • More flexible and advanced tool (not on this session) Graphical user interface with SSIS Most often used for „really DBA” Increased features • Workflow for specified tasks with execution plan • Multitasking • Two additional Maintenance plans o Execute T-SQL Statement o Notify Operator Budapest | November 27th, 2013 10
  • 11. LIMITATIONS: MAINTENANCE PLAN WIZARD & DESIGNER • Limitations for both tools / those ideas are not possible • Identification and removing fragmentation for physical files • Identification abandoned, duplicated, forgotten indexes • Providing backup on demand • Werification good quality of backup • Werification succesful restore • Monitoring of performance • Monitoring of SQL OS • Monitoring of Windows OS • Monitoring available space Budapest | November 27th, 2013 11
  • 12. MAINTENANCE PLAN: T-SQL & POWERSHELL SCRIPTS • Functionality for „Real *Tru* DBA” • Necessary for working with multiple databases, instances, server farms • Feauters for scripting: • Access to OS • Posibility of moving • Scripts sharing One of the best examples and tools for free: HTTP://OLA.HALLENGREN.COM/ Budapest | November 27th, 2013 12
  • 13. What Maintenance Plans can do you You Budapest | November 27th, 2013 13
  • 14. MAINTENANCE PLANS: AVAILABLE TASKS • Check Database Integrity • DBCC CHECKDB • Shrink Database • NEVER, NEVER, NEVER • Reorganize Index • ALTER INDEX , and next Update Statistics • Rebuild Index • ALTER INDEX, Update Statistics are not necessary • Update Statistics • Sp_updatestats • History Cleanup • Using msdb, don’t do that too much frequently • Execute SQL Server Agent Job • Providing scrip using wen You work with agent • Back Up Database (Full) • Executing BACKUP DATABASE with FULL option, and next Transaction Log • Back Up Database (Differential) • Executing BACKUP DATABASE with DIFFERENTIAL option • Back Up Database (Transaction Log) • Executing BACKUP LOG, frequency... • Maintenance Cleanup Task • Most complicated feature ? BAK, TRN, TXT Budapest | November 27th, 2013 14
  • 15. FUNCTIONALITY: VERIFY INTEGRITY OF DATABASE YOU SHOULD REMEMBER • using DBCC CHECKDB • Daily • Weekly • Monthly • DBCC CHECKDB (’database_name’) WITH NO_INFOMSGS • Suppresses all informational messages. • DBCC CHECKDB (’database_name’) WITH NO_INFOMSGS, ALL_ERRORMSGS • Displays all reported errors per object. All error messages are displayed by default. Specifying or omitting this option has no effect. Error messages are sorted by object ID, except for those messages generated from tempdb database. • In SQL Server Management Studio, the maximum number of error messages returned is 1000. • DBCC CHECKDB (’database_name’) NOINDEX • Specifies that intensive checks of nonclustered indexes for user tables should not be performed. This decreases the overall execution time. NOINDEX does not affect system tables because integrity checks are always performed on system table indexes Budapest | November 27th, 2013 15
  • 17. POSSIBILITIES: MAINTAIN INDEX & COLUMN STATISTICS YOU SHOULD REMEMBER Automation: • AUTO_CREATE_STATISTICS • AUTO_UPDATE_STATISTICS • Executing automatically after: INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE • UPDATE STATISTICS table_name WITH FULLSCAN When: • Never… • Just after Index Reorganization • On the days when we’re not using Index Rebuild or Reorganize Index Important options (UPDATE STATISTICS): • All existing statistics • Column statistics only • Index statistics only Budapest | November 27th, 2013 17
  • 19. POSSIBILITIES: HISTORY CLEAN UP (MSDB) Choosing the data (right data) for deleting: • Backup and restore history • SQL Server Agent job history • Maintenance Plan history Budapest | November 27th, 2013 19
  • 20. Summary Budapest | November 27th, 2013 20
  • 21. • We should remember about: • Task sequences • Task execution • Task priority • Documentation • Using: daily / weekly / occasionally • Better expoloration of our environment • Monitoring (partially) of performance • Standard and above (sorry) • Maintenance Plan Wizard • for beginners and small installations • Maintenance Plan Designer • Adult  , more complicated, wide environment Budapest | November 27th, 2013 21
  • 22. LINKS • Brad McGehee | Brad’ Sure Guide to SQL Server Maintenance Plans „My new eBook, Brad’ Sure Guide to SQL Server Maintenance Plans is now available as a free, 269 page PDF eBook. The book is designed for part-time or novice DBAs who want to learn how to properly create Maintenance Plans using the tools that come with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) in SQL Server 2005/2008. LINK: • Ola Hallengreen | Maintenance Plans Scripts PASS slidedeck „The SQL Server Maintenance Solution comprises scripts for running backups, integrity checks, and index and statistics maintenance on all editions of Microsoft SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012. The solution is based on stored procedures, sqlcmd utility, and SQL Server Agent jobs” LINK: Budapest | November 27th, 2013 22
  • 23. AFTER HOURS • • • • MAIL: MSG: SKYPE: tjkoprowski TWITTER/FACEBOOK/LINKEDIN: KoprowskiT BLOGS: ITPRO Anorak’s Vision: [PL/EN] Volume Licensing Specialites: [PL] My MVP Blog: [PL/EN/ES] 23
  • 24. THANK YOU AND DON’T FORGET ABOUT 1ST MARCH 2014 Budapest | November 27th, 2013 24