Design thinking empathy.define and ideate


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Design thinking
Empathy, Define, Ideation
Assgnment 3, English speaking

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Design thinking empathy.define and ideate

  1. 1. Assignment 1 Design Thinking Action Lab Stanford University Submitted by: Anoop Sethi
  2. 2. • A young Computer science engineering graduate is looking for a opportunity into the corporate world as a JAVA developer
  3. 3. •Communication skills are not up to mark . Specifically English speaking •Relocation is eminent as most of the jobs are in in southern part of India. For instance Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai and so are the future opportunities •Updates resume on a regular basis •Approach head hunters •Approach seniors and relatives who can help him with referrals •Works on his english speaking skills by reading newspaper, watch TV etc •Competition is becoming tougher day by day as larger number of qualified engineers are coming to market •Need to work on English speaking skills •Relocation may be a challenge •Customizing resume is a big challenge •Preparing for technical questions •Practicing coding skills SAY THINK FEELDO
  4. 4. • Reliable and cost effective methods to improve a student’s communication skills in English
  5. 5. Assignment 2
  6. 6. 1. Read news paper 2. Watch English channel 3. Read ticker while watching news 4. Watch english movies with subtitles 5. Download self learning apps on smart phones 6. Take help from Rapidex english speaking course 7. Write short sentences 8. Participate in theatres 9. Think in english rather than translating 10. Migrate to english speaking country 11. Read articles online 12. Enroll yourself to an online class 13. Join a training institute 14. Invest on Wren and Martin book for improving grammar 15. Give commentary while watching anyone performing an act 16. Download translation app on your Smartphone 17. Download Lyrics of popular english songs (POP genre) and sing along 18. Keep a pet and give all instructions in english 19. Join a call center 20. Write short passage 21. Become story teller to kids 22. Video graph yourself 23. Do news reading 24. Speak without hesitation 25. Create a rule amongst fronts to speak in english 26. Gossip in english 27. Enroll yourself to ANN COOK series 28. Join British / American library 29. Join Toast maters’ club 30. Create an interaction script 31. Watch Peter Russell show 32. Watch Dora / Thomas engine series 33. Reward yourself when you feel growth in confidence 34. Enroll to Tata Interactive channel for quick learning 35. Hire a translator 36. Join an intensive personality development program 37. Teleport yourself to Canada 38. Join Elementary class 39. Copy best of the English orator 40. Imitate Jason Statham 41. Subscribe 42. Practice pronunciation with the help of 43. Slow your speed of speech 44. Carry pocket english dictionary wherever you go 45. Listen to Westlife / Robin Williams 46. Buy Barron educational series 47. Buy English guru CD pack and practice 48. Don’t hesitate no one is perfect 49. Practice makes a man perfect 50. Try singing in a pub with Karaoke series 51. Explain movie review in english to your GF/ BF 52. Take online pronunciation test 53. Ask your best buddy to rate you 54. Join domestic call center 55. Participate in group discussion 56. Ask an expert to evaluate you periodically 57. Be motivate; people might laugh at you but hey! You are improving 58. Get into reading habit 59. Pick any 5 words for the day and try implementing them the whole day 60. Use simple words
  7. 7. • Most practical idea: Give commentary while watching anyone’s performance • Most disruptive idea: Migrate to English speaking country like USA, UK • Favorite idea: Participate in Theatres
  8. 8. • English has been recognized as the mostly used business language becomes a challenging bottle neck to placement and career growth. Being a non-native language in India, people over a period of time develop a habit of thinking and then responding in the vernacular. Leading to active translation and MTI while communicating in the interview or otherwise. • To counter this, quite a number of people resort to reading newspaper and watching english programs. It has not only been my observation but experience as well that people most of the times get engrossed in the news (as in case of newspaper reading) or the entertainment (as in the case of TV watching) • Through this idea, we are trying to counter the basic reasons, because of which people translate and don’t do a genuine thinking and speaking in english • Merits: – Student have enough words in their vocabulary to create a language – They will be their best judge – Develop self confidence – Practice thinking and responding in english – Remove hesitation
  9. 9. • It is a disruptive idea, indeed; look at the merits it offers: – A Compelling environment: Best way to learn a language is to change your environment. An environment that compels the aspirant to respond in english. – Transition from Thinking in vernacular and responding in english to Thinking in english and Responding; will be much faster – Every second will be a moment of truth followed by introspection for a reality check (how well am I doing) – Faster reduction in MTI as aspirants will try to imitate the native speakers
  10. 10. • This idea emanates from the concept that the low self confidence in speaking english is due to lack of practice and self belief. That’s where theatres come in, participating in theatres is a great way to counter hesitation and building confidence. • Initially a person may cram language from the script but with practice may start creating sentences and speaking; replicating success in regular communication • While watching the recording an aspirant has an opportunity to do self reflection; can even take the recording to others’ for a feedback