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7 case study

  1. 1. Ready, Click, Spend!CyberMonday<br />
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION<br />Sales online havesoaredovertheyears and a simple drive downthestripmallfilled Streets of Americawillexposetheghosttownsthatwere once a thrivingbusinesszone. Online shopping has exploded in recentyears as allmajorretailers as diverse as Target and Neiman-Marcus havefoughtfortheir share of theprofits. <br />CyberMonday, theMondayafterThanksgiving, isone of thebusiestdays of theyearfor online shopping. <br />
  3. 3. Ready, Click, Spend!CyberMonday<br />MostAmericanscelebrateThanksgiving. They share a festivemeal, watchfootball, and enjoyeachother’scompany. Forsomepeople, shopping is a bigpart of theirThanksgivingtradition as well. <br />Formanyyears, thedayafterThanksgiving has beenthebusiest shopping day of theyear. Manystoreshave sales onthatday. Manypeoplegotothe sales so they can savemoney. Theshoppers are lookingforbargains. Thisbusy shopping dayiscalled “Black Friday.” <br />
  4. 4. Recently, researchershavenoticedanotherbusy shopping day. Thisdayis a littledifferent. Itisthebusiestday of theyearfor online shopping. TheMondayafterThanksgiving has becomeknown as “CyberMonday.” Onthisday, more and more shoppersbuytheirholidaygifts online. <br />
  5. 5. Oneorganizationtook a survey. Thesurveyfoundthat 80 percent of Internet usersbuygifts online. Somecitieshave more online shoppersthanothers. Thesurveyfoundthatshoppers in onecitywillspendonethird of theirholidaybudget online.<br />
  6. 6. But, mostshoppersstill do notwanttobuy online. They are afraidto use theircreditcardon a Website. Theyfearthattheircreditcardnumberwillbestolen. TheyworrythatretailWebsites are notsecure. They are afraidthat shopping sitescouldbehackedinto. Their personal bankinginformationcouldbestolen. Thisiscalledfraud.<br />
  7. 7. Shopping online is a new wayforpeopleto shop. Anexpert in preventingfraudsaysshoppersshouldbecareful. He saysthat online shoppersshould use cautionwhenthey shop online. He has somehelpfultipstokeepshopperssafe. Ifyou decide to shop online, followthese rules: <br />
  8. 8. First, don’tfollowan email link to a shopping Website. The link could lead to a fakesite. Typetheretailers’ addressintoyour browser yourself. Also, makesurethatyou are shopping on a secure server. Youshouldsee a littlelock at thebottom of thescreen. Thepicturemeansyou are on a secure server and it’ssafeto shop. Onelasttipistoavoidusingdebitcards online. Creditcards are a saferchoice. <br /> <br />Thesurveypredictsthat more peoplewill shop online in thefuture. Butholidayshopperswillstill shop in storestofindgoodbargains.<br />
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Anexpert in fraudpreventionsaidshoppersjusthavetobecareful. "Ifyou are as cautious online as you are whenyou'reactuallybuyingthings in the offline world, e-commerceissafe," said Bill Rosenkranz of Symantec. "Youjusthavetobe a little more wary. It's a new channel. It's a new wayforpeopleto shop."<br />
  11. 11. Hereare some safety recommendationsfor shopping online:1. Don'tfollowan e-mail link toan e-commercesite -- that link could lead tofakesites. Typeretailers' Web addressesintoyour browser yourself.2. Makesureyou'redealingwith a secure Internet server -- such servers show a smalllock pop up at thebottom of your browser screen.3. Avoidusingdebitcards online. Creditcardsoffer more protection in theevent of creditoridentitytheft.<br />
  12. 12.
  13. 13. QUESTIONS<br />How can youtellif a websiteissecure?<br />Whyshouldshoppers use cautionwhen shopping online?<br />Whyshouldyouonly shop onsecurewebsites?<br />Whatis online fraud?<br />Whatdidthesurveystudy?<br />Whyshouldn'tyoufollowan email link to a shopping site?<br />Why do storeshave sales onthedayafterThanksgiving?<br />Why do manypeoplego shopping on Black Friday?<br />