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3 teaching perspective 3 teaching perspective Document Transcript

  • Ana Mercedes García. English Major Year 2011 Management of Technological Resources for the Teaching and Administration of the English Language (Part III) TEACHING PERSPECTIVEThe Teaching Perspective Inventory (TPI) was designed by Daniel Pratt andAssociates to assist educators in collecting and summarizing their ideas aboutteaching and learning. This is a powerful tool that presents five differentperspectives on teaching and learning based on ones actions, intents andbeliefs. This was a useful mechanism for me when developing my ownPhilosophy of Teaching and Learning. With the help of the TPI I have been ableto determine my dominant perspective as Nurturing and back-up perspectivesas Apprenticeship, Developmental and Transmission.According to my results on the Teaching Perspectives Inventory, I have onedominant, three back up, and one recessive perspective. My dominantperspective is the “Nurturing” perspective. According to the “Summary of FivePerspectives on Good Teaching,” the nurturing perspective is a framework onmy philosophy of teaching and learning. I have always stressed the importanceof hard work and effort. The three back-up perspectives are transmission,apprenticeship, and developmental. I agree with Pratt and Collins that aneffective teacher needs to have a mastery of the subject matter/content as wellas convey enthusiasm to their students. My recessive perspective is the socialreform. I agree with Pratt and Collins that “the object of teaching is the collectiverather than the individual.” As a teacher, my goal is to educate the entire classone student at a time. From the results, I learned that I need to pay more attention on the issues ofsocial reform in the classroom setting. That is, I have to engage students onlevel where they need to think for themselves and how they can apply theirknowledge to personal, social issues. The profile is very accurate as describingmy style as nurturing. Since my philosophy has always been dependent on theamount of effort and result, I know realize that I need to pay attention otherareas personality to effectively become the best teacher I can be.