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Podcasts student version

  1. 1. For Students @ Mt Alvernia College
  2. 2.  A podcast is a series of recordings available on the internet that are intended for use with a digital media device.  The name is a combination of two words – iPod and broadcast although it is technically inaccurate (you do not need an iPod).  The difference between a podcast and an mp3 is the way in which the user receives the file (through an RSS feed for podcasts).  Technically, today we’re learning to make mp3s.
  3. 3. Methods to record a sound file: Using a microphone or headset Using a sound recording device You can also use a mobile phone although getting the files off may require a little fiddling ◦ Eg iPhone – email to yourself; download; open in Adobe Soundbooth; Save as type mp3. ◦ http://media-convert.com/ (converts online for free)
  4. 4. Hold power button down to turn on or off Use the record and stop buttons Slider on the back to push out USB
  5. 5.  Insert the USB into the computer  Locate your file  Copy the sound file to your user drive  If you used your phone and need help see me  You’re ready to edit
  6. 6.  Do delete a portion ◦ Use the select tool ( I ) to select what you don’t want ◦ Hit delete on your keyboard  To Move a selection ◦ Use the time shift tool to drag it into place ( )  To rearrange the order of parts ◦ Select the part to remove ◦ Edit > Cut ◦ Project > New Audio Track > Click in new track > Paste (Time shift to move things around)
  7. 7.  Add a song ◦ Project > Import Audio ◦ Select the part you want > Cut ◦ Project > New Audio Track > Paste ◦ Press the (X) on the song you no longer want to remove it  Fade Out ◦ Select from where you want the fade to start to the end of the clip ◦ Effects > Fade out
  8. 8.  File > Export as MP3 ◦ NOTE: if you are using Audacity on the computer for the first time it will ask you for the LAME encoder.  You can now upload your mp3 file to Moodle
  9. 9. You are only limited by your imagination
  10. 10.  Sorry but you droning on about a topic for 10 minutes probably isn’t going to excite anyone  Instead, prepare some questions and have someone else ask them (then edit in your answers – like you were interviewed)  Get a peer who knows about the topic to sit and have a professional conversation with you  Interview someone
  11. 11.  Atomic Learning ◦ www.atomiclearning.com ◦ Your username is your school email address ◦ Your default password is 123456 (please change this after you log in the first time) ◦ Student username: mtalvernia password: college  A Short Teacher Tube Video ◦ http://www.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php? video_id=127652&title=Creatign_a_Basic_Podcast_Using_Auda city&vpkey=  Paper Instructions ◦ http://www.slideshare.net/Marcus9000/how-to-use-audacity- guide-handout