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Mi Dag3

  1. 1. MI dag 3 2008-12-15 Annika Lidne www.disruptivemedia.se
  2. 2. Grundläggande sökmotoroptimering www.disruptivemedia.se
  3. 3. 1 <h1>Rubrik</h1> Sökmotorer måste <p>Brödtext</p> begripa ditt innehåll = <ul> <li>Lista</li> </ul> korrekt html-kod www.disruptivemedia.se
  4. 4. 2 ‣ INGA Flash sajter ‣ INGA frames ‣ INGA javascript i navigation www.disruptivemedia.se
  5. 5. 3 Sökmotorer gillar sajter som är byggda med webbstandards. www.disruptivemedia.se
  6. 6. 4 Sökmotorer älskar sajter med färskt, ofta uppdaterat innehåll www.disruptivemedia.se
  7. 7. 5 Innehåll måste vara fokuserat, nischat & baserat på en nyckelordsstrategi www.disruptivemedia.se
  8. 8. 6 Sökmotorer räknar relevanta, INKOMMANDE länkar www.disruptivemedia.se
  9. 9. 7 a good article ...men också bra ... our partner, UTGÅENDE who ... länkar We work with ❖ Boverket ❖ DN ❖ Ericsson ...som en artighet ❖ Electrolux www.disruptivemedia.se
  10. 10. Sammanfattning 8 Skapa bra, användbart innehåll som folk vill läsa – och låt dem veta att det finns. Marknadsföringstugg hjälper sällan. www.disruptivemedia.se
  11. 11. Sanningens ögonblick... www.disruptivemedia.se
  12. 12. Företagssajten Bloggen Semantisk kodning nej ja SEO-vänlig navigation nej ja Byggt med webbstandards nej ja Ofta uppdaterat innehåll nej ja Nichat, fokuserat innehåll ibland vanligtvis Bra, inkommande länkar sällan ofta Utgående länkar sällan oh ja! Bygger relationer med publiken sällan absolut! www.disruptivemedia.se
  13. 13. Den sociala media pressreleasen
  14. 14. Varför behöver vi en ny typ av pressrelease? 1. För att anpassa den till dagens teknik och innehåll. 2. För att öka den virala spridningen av företagsnyheter. 3. För att göra journalisternas jobb enklare. 4. För att underlätta sök.
  15. 15. Pressreleasens funktion har förändrats förr p R p Pressrelease Redaktion Journalist Mediekanal - U B B nu också Y L R Pressrelease Internet I Å K N
  16. 16. 51% av alla amerikaner i IT-industrin läser pressreleaser via Google News och Yahoo News.
  17. 17. Det betyder att ha en nyckel- ordsstrategi för att kunna nyckelordsoptimera din text för att sökmotorerna ska hitta din nyckelordsstinna pressrelease via nyckelorden och driva trafik till den sajt det gäller där produkterna med alla dessa nyckelord kan hittas.
  18. 18. Internet rationaliserar bort mellanledet.
  19. 19. Olika målgrupper. Olika metoder. ‣ Traditionell media / Journalister ‣ Pressinformation mot bloggare ‣ Kvalificerad PR mot bloggare ‣ Relationsbyggande med bloggare ‣ Direktinformation till allmänheten
  20. 20. Tiden för envägskommunikation är över
  21. 21. Du måste vara överallt.
  22. 22. Sociala verktyg vi kan använda
  23. 23. Use Social Media tools to do what each is best at Blog platform publishing RSS feed publishing Search tags Social bookmarking viral del.icio.us links Flickr images YouTube video SlideShare slides
  24. 24. SOCIAL MEDIA PRESS RELEASE TEMPLATE, VERSION 1.0 CONTACT Client contact Spokesperson Agency contact INFORMATION: Phone #/skype Phone #/skype Phone #/skype Email Email Email IM address IM address IM address Web site Blog/relevant post Web site NEWS RELEASE HEADLINE Subhead CORE NEWS FACTS ! Bullet-points preferable LINK & RSS FEED TO PURPOSE-BUILT DEL.ICIO.US PAGE The purpose-built del.icio.us page offers hyperlinks (and PR annotation in “notes” fields) to relevant historical, trend, market, product & competitive content sources, providing context as-needed, and, on-going updates. MP3 FILE OR GRAPHIC VIDEO PHOTO PODCAST LINK e.g., product e.g., brief e.g., product e.g., sound bytes schematic; product demo picture, exec by various market size by in-house headshot, etc. stakeholders graphs; logos expert MORE MULTIMEDIA AVAILABLE BY REQUEST e.g., “download white paper” PRE-APPROVED QUOTES FROM CORPORATE EXECUTIVES, ANALYSTS, CUSTOMERS AND/OR PARTNERS Recommendation: no more than 2 quotes 5.3quot; per contact. The PR agency should have additional quotes at-the-ready, “upon request,” for journalists who desire exclusive content. This provides opportunity for Agency to add further value to interested media. LINKS TO RELEVANT COVERAGE TO-DATE (OPTIONAL) This empowers journalist to “take a different angle,” etc. These links would also be cross-posted to the custom del.icio.us site. BOILERPLATE STATEMENTS RSS FEED TO CLIENT’S NEWS RELEASES “ADD TO DEL.ICIO.US” Allows readers to use the release as a standalone portal to this news TECHNORATI TAGS/“DIGG THIS”
  25. 25. Exempel Sergeant’s: http://www.prnewswire.com/mnr/ftmlo/26434/ Anasoft: http://www.urlwire.com/news/103006.html FordFocus: http://www.media.ford.com/products/focus08/ index.html
  26. 26. Social Media Newsroom
  27. 27. Ogilvy PR’s Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics (Beta Version) We reach out to bloggers because we respect your influence and feel that we 1 might have something that is “remarkable” which could be of interest to you and/or your audience.
  28. 28. Ogilvy PR’s Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics (Beta Version) We will only propose blogger outreach as a tactic if it complements our overall 2 strategy. We will not recommend it as a panacea for every social media campaign.
  29. 29. Ogilvy PR’s Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics (Beta Version) We will always be transparent and 3 clearly disclose who we are and who we work for in our outreach email.
  30. 30. Ogilvy PR’s Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics (Beta Version) Before we email you, we will check out your blog’s About, Contact and 4 Advertising page in an effort to see if you have blatantly said you would not like to be contacted by PR/Marketing companies. If so, we’ll leave you alone.
  31. 31. Ogilvy PR’s Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics (Beta Version) If you tell us there is a specific way you 5 want to be reached, we’ll adhere to those guidelines.
  32. 32. Ogilvy PR’s Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics (Beta Version) 6 We won’t pretend to have read your blog if we haven’t.
  33. 33. Ogilvy PR’s Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics (Beta Version) In our email we will convey why we 7 think you, in particular, might be interested in our client’s product, issue, event or message.
  34. 34. Ogilvy PR’s Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics (Beta Version) We won’t leave you hanging. If your contact at Ogilvy PR is going out of 8 town or will be unreachable, we will provide you with an alternate point of contact.
  35. 35. Ogilvy PR’s Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics (Beta Version) We encourage you to disclose our 9 relationship with you to your readers, and will never ask you to do otherwise.
  36. 36. Ogilvy PR’s Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics (Beta Version) You are entitled to blog on information 10 or products we give you in any way you see fit. (Yes, you can even say you hate it.)
  37. 37. Ogilvy PR’s Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics (Beta Version) If you don’t want to hear from us again, 11 we will place you on our Do Not Contact list – which we will share with the rest of the Ogilvy PR agency.
  38. 38. Ogilvy PR’s Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics (Beta Version) If you are initially interested in the campaign, but don’t respond to one of 12 our emails, we will follow up with you no more than once. If you don’t respond to us at all, we’ll leave you alone.
  39. 39. Ogilvy PR’s Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics (Beta Version) Our initial outreach email will always 13 include a link to Ogilvy PR’s Blog Outreach Code of Ethics.