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Secondary research

  1. 1. Secondary researchMagazinesAdverts come in all different forms and one of the most successful ways ofadvertising beauty products is through magazines. Through my research Ihave found out that the majority of women pay more attention to thebeauty products being advertised in magazines rather than TV purelybecause it is closer to look at into depth in comparison to TV adverts wherethey try and persuade you to buy the product through what you hear andwatch, whereas magazines influence you through what you see.As being one of these magazine readers I do personally find magazineadvertising more touching and persuasive as there are so many aspects to amagazine advertisement. One of the most common reasons why I thinkmost people buy beauty products when reading magazines are because ofthe imagery used. If there’s a thin model like woman standing there lookingextremely glamour’s wearing thousands of pounds worth of jewellery orclothes it automatically makes you want to be and feel like the model in theimage because most of the women reading that magazine most probablycouldn’t afford everything the model would be wearing. it’s almost a teaseas it captivates the reader’s attention.Although this seems like an ideal thing to do if you were to sell a beautyproduct it also has its faults as it can influence young adults into believingthat the way they are isn’t acceptable in today society. According to they believemagazines sell body dissatisfaction to their readers through unrealisticimages of women, as well as dieting and exercise information. Thirty yearsago, Marilyn Monroe, a size fourteen had the ‘ideal’ body shape and size,but today’s standard is much smaller. As the beauty idea continues to getsmaller in our society, body image within American and British womencontinues to plummet. Magazines portray and compare happiness withbeing thin or beautiful; therefore some feel they are not happy. As withwomen all ages, many college age women (my target audience) arebelieved to hold unrealistic ideals of body shape and size, which can beboth physically and emotionally unhealthy.
  2. 2. As there are many mixed opinions on this matter I do believe that it will bea few more years until magazines condone realistic women figures inbeauty advertisements as right now it has had a huge impact on severalcompanies’ success. I agree and disagree with the statements made aboveand take into great consideration of how I do really want to portray myadvert. i will make sure it’s not misleading but will also try to emphasiseand exaggerate the ‘glamour’s’ and perfect lifestyle in a healthyinspirational way.BooksAccording to ‘Advertising Media A to Z target audience is defined bymultiple demographics, (e.g., gender, age, income, education), lifestyles(e.g., participates in sports, entertains at home), specific behaviours,attitudes, and so on. These demographic and participation traits areadequately reported in various research reports. The term is often inter-changed with target market, but target market better identifies thegeographic area (s) of interest’.Advertising Media A to Z. Jim Surmanek, 2003, McGraw- Hill p (290)From looking at this book I have found the information given veryinsightful as it has clarified and made it easier for me to understand targetaudience much better.
  3. 3. JournalsI looked for several advertising journals in the library but failed to find anythat where appropriate so in this case I have found many online, one beingthe most informative one is linked below; today’s society we as people rely on the internet more than we everthought we would thirty years ago. The power of the internet has allowedpeople to communicate with each other in a un describable way. it hashelped so many companies and artists build a strong fan base byconnecting with each individual.As far as advertising goes, it has launched and made some companies whatthey are today, by in directing them through several ways on the internet.On any website you may go on you will find some product being advertisedon a tab or video on YouTube. Recently YouTube have introduced a thirtysecond advert to be played before watching any video online, this has beendone the company as they know most people are spending most of theirtime online watching videos, where they do most of that on YouTube. Thereis no escape so you are almost forced into it, which is good if your advert isunique and eye catching and will make the viewer want to watch more oreven buy the product. Because YouTube has had an enormous impact onpeople the companies must pay a percentage on income to YouTube forpromoting their product. This will be confidential and will be settledthrough an agreement which will be in writing in a form of a contract.Looking into beauty products being advertised online have many perfumeadvertisements on YouTube as well as their own official website. by havingan official website for the company it allows people to order online andread more into what the product is about. It’s trustworthy and an easy wayof buying a product.
  4. 4. Major influences will be through social networking sites like, Facebook,Twitter etc. These are the most common sites that my target audience use.Facebook and twitter pages have been made for people to ‘like’ and to‘tweet’ about, this is great as it has opened up a huge market for others tojoin in as it lets people come together who may spread on the word of theproduct to a friend. It also is updated frequently so people are fully awareof what new product will be out next, which you may not see on TV until ithas actually been produced. here is NINA RICHIE’S official website.When people view these adverts just casually browsing online they becomefamiliar with the branding colours, fonts.Internet forums are often used for audience research as fans from the samegenre or category will discuss what they hope to see in an advertisement.Internet forums are often a lot more helpful in audience research because itspecifies exactly what people want to hear and see which helps producerswhen finalising any product.Internet forums would really help in audience research as much asdifferent methods of my target audience would be using the internet so Icouldn’t find out what they wanted to see or what sort of things they allwanted to see.
  5. 5. Research into competitorsIn the world of advertising, distributing a product successfully leaves a verycompetitive market. Many companies try to outdo each other but creating andthinking of different ways to present their product through TV commercials,Internet, and news prints for example, beauty magazines.MagazinesAdverts in magazines are huge and have a huge impact on individuals. Before anymagazine is released the company must ensure that they have got the right targetaudience to place their advert in. It must appeal to the readers.Below are several images I have found from magazines selling perfume products?These two advertisements above represent independent women who are shown asvery feminine innocent beautiful women. In comparison to other magazine adverts I’veseen these two are very appropriate for any target audience as they aren’t as revealingas their competitors.Numerous hidden messages are exhibited in the two images above. In the firstphotograph DKNY are implying that fact that the perfume smells as good as an appletaste, which we all think of as sweet and juicy. It gives the reader and impression ofwhat to expect when they buy the product.However the image on the right emphasises the fact that the fragrance is ‘light’ anddoesn’t a strong smell that isn’t too powering.
  6. 6. From my secondary research I have looked especially into these twomagazine advertisements. These two advertisements caught my eye inparticular as they both attract different types of audiences. The imageon the left is an obvious celebrity endorsement whereas the image onthe right is a well-known company for perfume. The differences arebetween the two is that people are familiar with the perfume on theleft purely because the most iconic pop star on the planet right now ison the front cover, many young teenage fan girls will be able to relateto this as the people buying this product will be people who enjoy andlisten to his music.
  7. 7. This image on the left is a perfume advertisement found in a magazine. Thisis the product I will be advertising in my promo video. I can already tellthat in this image the main focus is about a woman who shows sign ofrebellion but is very feminine at the same time. When I first saw this imageI instantly thought of Adam and eve, when they took the forbidden fruitfrom the tree. When I think i think of what eve would have looked like Ithink of this image with natural brown wavy hair. The connotations of theimage fulfil the stereotype it brings. This image shows a sign of rebellionand stubbornness as there are numerous apples shown on the floor but sheis reaching out for the one on the tree which is supposedly the one she can’thave. This advertisement is glamourizing the life of this historical tale. Feminine, powerful, dulllighting, expensive. Ricci Fairytale, themed, confusingstoryline, rebellion Bieber - Someday Playful, sweet, friendly
  8. 8. Researching into my competitors has helped me understand how othercompanies market and sell their product. I have made it easier for me tosee and recognize how I will produce mine and what I need to do in orderfor it to be successful as theirs if not more.Market researchWhen looking into the competition in advertisement categories, I have foundout the top 3 TV adverts in the UK 2012 were; Channel No.5, Calvin Klein-Obsession and Dior’s – J’adore. Out of these three top advertisements in theUK I had noticed none of them were directly aimed at the same target audience.This had proven that most people who watch and pay attention to TV advertsare around the age of 18 – 40. This is great news as I know that my particulartarget audience is appropriate and will work well alongside otheradvertisements. In my production I will indicate to the viewers who my targetaudience is through the style and presentation of the video.I knew that this would work well for my target audience as I gained andenormous amount of feedback when I went out and interviewed several people Summery, warm, indie, free Masculine, celebrityendorsement, diverse, blackand white, wide audience asit can appeal to both genders boss Quirky, fun, plain, simple,memorable
  9. 9. in my local area, Henley on Thames. An interesting fact that came from myfeedback was that many teenagers agreed that they will most probably view andtake notice of my advert more if it is shown in places where they will see it allthe time for example, the internet.Materials neededWhen filming my production I will need to take into consideration all thematerials required in order to make my advertisement successful.I will need:Camera – Several cameras will need to be hired outTripod – To make sure the image is still and looks professionalH2 Zoom – When interviewing people I will need to make sure the quality ofthe recording is acceptable and professional and up to high standards.Props - Costumes, summer dresses, sandals, crop tops. Nina Ricci perfumebottle. Makeup, red, pink lipstick, blusher, black eye liner, fake eyelashes, andglitter stick on lips. Japanese lanterns.