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Research logo and business card






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Research logo and business card Document Transcript

  • 1. Programme format and researchThe programme I will be using will be Photoshop. This is the most ideal software as it professionaleasy to use and is a general good editing software that is provided from the college computers.To meet the requirements of a brief:To meet the specific requirements of this brief I will have to make sure all work is done on time.All three logos are follow the theme and are clearly understood.Logo must be at a standard size so that the change of resolution won’t be messed up if the client iswanted to place it onto software.This logo is very plain yeteffective. This logo uses achocolate brownbackground with a lightblue colour and a Celticfont.This logo has manyconnotations in it which can bevery appealing to the audience.A water drop is seen and theword ‘aqua’ is used which is aconnotation of water and thecolour blue. The colour blue isused to fulfil the imagery andthe location is basedunderneath in small size.
  • 2. In this logo many different colours areused, the background is a warming redto orange colour this represents heatwhich is something plumbers have todeal with especially boilers. A waterdrain is shown across the background todisplay what company this is. And finallythe colour and font is bold in capitals soit is clearly readable. At the bottom itstates ‘since 1977’ this indicates that thiscompany has been around a while and istrustworthy and successful.When I first saw thislogo I automaticallythought of where’swally? This characterhas been used sopeople can associatethis picture with thecompany as somepeople learn morevisually. Blue has beenused to carry out thetheme of water andcapitals are used forthe word ‘plumbing’.
  • 3. In this business card a lot ofimagery and text is used. I like thisone as it is all spaced out enoughfor someone to read. The font isn’ttoo small and the colours work wellagainst each other.This logo is very dull and boring, thecolours don’t fit well within the themeand there are two different types offonts being shown. The colour of thefont is faint and hard to read which issomething I will need to consider whenproducing mine for the client.The third and final business card isprobably my favourite out of thethree. A real life image has been usedwhich displays the practical side ofthe job, a small logo has been placedby the company name and a whitebackground is used so the colour ofthe font will stand out. The font issame and overall works really well. Iwill use this as a template for mine.