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Pre production fmp

  1. 1. Final MajorProjectUnit 4Planning andProductionName:Annie Rose
  2. 2. Production Title:Seasonal Advertisement for Nina RicciSubmission of Production:Monday 24thJuneLength of production:My production will be a minute and a half. I think this is an appropriate time length as it willallow my audience to become familiar with the fragrance. I am making this advert this longpurely because it can be shown online and TV. The advert will be shortened for TVpreferably around 30 seconds, whereas the online promotion video will be one minute.Crew names:Annie RoseGeorgina NelsonActors names:Georgina NelsonProduction roles for crewName RoleAnnie Rose Director and editor
  3. 3. Annie RoseCharlie McCartherCameraMusicDeadlinesCrew responsibility Deadline for completionAnnie Rose - Camera manAnnie Rose - editingCharlie McCarther- Music18thJune24th June1st JuneAgreed contentIn this promotional advert you will expect to see scenes of Gee Nelson playing someonewho feels confident about themselves when wearing the Nina Ricci scent. All scenes arevery summery which will indicate the idea of a season fragrance.Final Proposal / detailed outline of productionAs I have been studying the creative media diploma for nearly two years now, I thought Iwould be able to present my abilities in advertising as I hope to further these studies later atSouthampton University in September. I wanted to produce a fun advertisement that isdifferent to competitors that are out today.
  4. 4. I wanted to ensure my audience that they knew who this advert was target at. I focused alot on my research to make sure I could do the most I could possibly to in order for theaudience to feel that this product is ideal for them. I felt there was a niche in the marketand was a great opportunity to display this advert.Total budget came to £8,700 which would be invested from Vibe Productions for 10%equity. The money covered costs of several cameras, crew, makeup artist, lightingequipment, outfit changes, camera accessorizes and transport costs.I will try to capture a friendly environmental advertisement that is welcoming andpersuasive. I hope people who will view this will want to go a buy the product forthemselves or others.Shots from the shoot can be used for magazine articles as well as news prints etc.Although this advertisement isn’t very informative I feel the body language from this shootis enough to make the audience connect with characters or even relate to it.I feel that I can produce a good enough advert as I I’m personally interested in this area andwould be able to enjoy filming as well as being professional. As I am also the age of mytarget audience I can input all my ideas which most young adults would agree with.I want this advertisement to be seen as something that is an essential and a luxury but alsoaffordable. My advertisement will not be stereotypical and I will try to appeal it to all thedifferent types of people.
  5. 5. Team meetings, meetings with actors and crewDate Location Attendees outcomeFriday 14thJune16thJuneHenley Rother fieldroadBrighton beachAnnie RoseGeorgina NelsonMake sure allequipment is readyto use and film.Discussing what theywant to say in theinterview.All shooting doneEquipment requiredEquipment Date neededCameraTri-podPremier proMonday 17thJuneMonday 17thJuneThursday 21stJune
  6. 6. Locations usedLocations Date To filmBrighton beachHenley Rotherfield road16thJune14thJuneGee at the beach, alongthe pier.The woodsContingency / back up plansIf my actress cannot attend any of the dates I have reserved for filming I will think aboutcompleting voice overs or any sound effects using Cubase. If the weather is awful I was alsoreconsidering shooting inside at the photography studio at college which I can reserve datesfor.
  7. 7. Risk assessmentTripping over leads L Make sure leads are all cleared away when shootingGetting seaweed caught up M Be extra careful when in the seaCutting foot open H Wear appropriate shoes when in the seaProduction management (Detail how you managed each stage)Managing the pre-production rolesManaging the production phase
  8. 8. The production phase went well, was quite stressful as interviewees had other courseworkto do, and so struggled on keeping to production schedule, as sometimes they were notavailable.Post production phaseFilming and editingUse of software – Premiere proDetail how you solved problemsA lot of the time the software shut down un intentionally which altered my timetable but Iovercame these problems by bringing in my MacBook and working from it in class and I hadeverything all backed up on a memory stick.
  9. 9. Prioritising (How and what did you prioritise during your producing)I made sure that I had a strict schedule and followed it throughout the whole process. I
  10. 10. Modifications (Why did you modify your work and what was changed during post-production)I modified my work to see how well I was doing throughout the duration of this production.A lot was changed that was not originally planned for example a change of day for filmingdue to bad weather conditions.Additional informationNone
  11. 11. Storyboard
  12. 12. Nina RicciEXT. Birds. DAYBird flies over the beachEXT. GEE. DAYGee is seen sitting on the pier with the sea underneath herHe hair blows in the wind and she smiles.EXT. BRIGHTON PIER. DAYGee is seen walking along Brighton pier looking cheerful and happyEXT.SEASIDE. DAYGee walks along the beach, bubbles are shownEXT. CAROUSEL. DAYGee riding a horse on the ride at the beach, everyone watchesEXT. MARKET. DAYGee is given a free head band from someone who is selling them at themarket.EXT. PEBELS. DAYBottle shown up against the beach pebbles and two deck chairs.
  13. 13. Sound table: Sounds needed for my advertBirds tweeting: for start of advert.EVE all should obey RemixLaughterWaterProp Reasonbubbles entertainingEditing studio For filmingCameras For filming (to be filmed)Computer To show students completing work on