LO2 my social action production video            Task 1                                                                   ...
Access issues;for anyone who is a resident of Henley On Thames will find it easy to get to as it’s near one of thelocal su...
Existing comparable work; the main competitors with this local charity are obviously the other charities built overthe UK....
Henley Townlands hospital is Henley’s only local                                                                         h...
Young addiction- Oxford                                                                      Young Addiction is the drug a...
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LO2 my social action production video


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LO2 my social action production video

  1. 1. LO2 my social action production video Task 1 Henley YMCA provides a range of facilities and activities for the community. These include housing for young people, an active living centre with a diverse set of classes, floodlit five-a-side football on a state of the art Soccer Real 60 football pitch, men and ladies senior football with provision for those with learning disabilities, plus youth events. The Henley YMCA was first introduced into the community in 1857. Over the years, its work has been located at a number of sites across the town, providing activities and meeting places for young people as well as sports and leisure activities for the wider community. In response to changing needs, in the 1990s the YMCA decided to develop part of its site to provide affordable housing for young people with a Henley connection. Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Gloucester opened the scheme of 31 self-contained studio apartments and flats in October 2000.Aims and objectives; The aims and objectives of the Henley youth centre is to encourage young people toparticipate in more social activities like sports groups as well as many other actions. As well as providing things foryoung people to do it also allows parents to have more freedom while the YMCA volunteer staff set out all theequipment in preparation for the events ahead. The YMCA estate provides housing for mainly money troubledpartners as well as single parents/guardians.Social;The YMCA in Henley was invented by George Williams who believed in this project strongly. The YMCAnowadays offers a great social life for the youngsters as the can all commute through the activities given from theYMCA. The YMCA has travelled all through Henley and many people know about it.Personal and political issues;Ethical considerations; the moral philosophy of the YMCA is to treat everyone respectably and in an appropriatemanor and so forth.Community resources and characteristics; The YMCA community provides shelter (hall) for the youths to go in and‘chill’ if it’s raining or if there are activities going on. Other resources are the playing field, the woods and tenniscourt and housing.
  2. 2. Access issues;for anyone who is a resident of Henley On Thames will find it easy to get to as it’s near one of thelocal supermarkets, Tesco. It is also in a safe area which makes it more of a small community. If people outsideof Henley wish to attend some of the YMCA events it can be accessed through busses and trains however these arenot through the YMCA community. They are public Oxfordshire transport. There is a car park at the YMCA forpeople to park their cars if they wish to drive including staff.Existing comparable work;after a lesson of research I found several other videos on YouTube on the YMCA. TheYMCA assistance is based all over the UK, but the Henley YMCA has their own official websites as do other placeswith involvement of the YMCA. RE: http://www.sueryder.org/About-us/Our-vision- values Our mission At Sue Ryder were passionate about giving people the care they want. That is why we... push the boundaries do the right thing make our future together Some people believe that once you have a life-changing illness, theres little left. We dont. We believe its the beginning of a new stage of life. A challenging one, true. Our care is personal We start with the person as an individual with their strengths, characteristics, preferences and aspirations. Then we help them to be at the centre of the process of identifying their needs. We do this, so theyre enabled to make choices about how and when theyre supported to live their lives. We are local Were in local communities across the country. Were concentrating our resources so we can find innovative ways to support people. Offering them choices about where they can receive their care. This can be in our residential centers, day centres or day clinics, in the community or in peoples own homes. Were also joining up our community of supporters, shops and volunteers to make our presence stronger than its ever been before.Aims and objectives; The Sue Ryder hospice aims to please the local community and patients by providing themwith great help from the special qualified staff. Sue Ryder treats people with serious illnesses of any age. Their aimis to raise money by hosting several events throughout the year; however Sue Ryder is part of a bigger charitywhich is plotted all over the UK not just Nettlebed/Henley alone.Social;The local community hosts several fund raising events these include: Jumble sales, cake sales, and foodsales. These occasions take part every other month. Volunteers help run this event smoothly. Anyone can go andthe jumble sale is advertised through the internet and local banners all around Henley/ Nettlebed.Ethical considerations;the moral philosophy of the Sue Ryder hospice is to treat everyone respectably andprofessionally in an appropriate manor and so forth.Community resources and characteristics;the communityprovides help and shelter for people with seriousillnesses. The community are fully aware of this charity and the charity itself has created man Sue Ryder charityshops all over the UK.Access issue;As the Sue Ryder is all over the UK the specific local one in Nettlebed is easily accessible. It has it’sown private land and is based near the woods. Anyone can easily get their via car, bus.
  3. 3. Existing comparable work; the main competitors with this local charity are obviously the other charities built overthe UK. Other comparable work would be charities like Cancer research, Oxfam and Caffod. Camp Mohawk is a multi-functional day center for special needs children, set in 5 acres of beautiful countryside, just outside Wargrave, Berkshire. Throughout the year the center provides a range of activities, facilities and natural space to encourage children with a variety of special needs to play, socialize and learn in a secure and caring environment.Aims and objectives;camp Mohawk has five acres of land just outside of Berkshire. The aim of the camp is toencourage young children to learn and socialize. Camp Mohawk is for children with special needs who would findit extremely hard to participate in any other regular day. The camp is a well thought out and is a secure andcaring environment for children to learn in.Social;only kids with a special disability can go to camp Mohawk. Camp Mohawk welcomes anyone to join fromwherever you may live. There are several children between the ages of 4 – 15 who join. The children who areinvolved with the camp get a chance to socialize and become friends with everyone there. The carers are alsofriendly and stay with the children the majority of the time.Ethical considerations;the moral philosophy of the Camp Mohawk is to treat everyone respectably andprofessionally in an appropriate manor and so forthCommunity resources and characteristics;camp Mohawk provides working material facilities and activities forthe children. The local community (wargrave) is roughly about 2 miles away from Camp Mohawk. The Camp is avery friendly warm welcoming camp that doesn’t judge anyone. Any child is at ease no matter what theirdisability is. The camp is set out to be a camp where the children can enjoy themselves and have fun but alsodevelop fine gross motor skills these are basic things most people can do by the age of seven.Access issue;Camp Mohawk has a bus where they take the children out for day outs. Other than that CampMohawk is quite easily accessible, however it is just outside the Wargrave. The camp is stretched over five acresof land involving numerous activities within the camp.Existing comparable work;Camp Mohawk has many competitors however that aren’t really competitors as suchbecause each camp for special needs people is different in so many ways. The camps want the best for theirchildren and try to remain at a professional standard. Wargrave Camp Mohawk is the most local social action,camp closest to Henley – On –Thames.
  4. 4. Henley Townlands hospital is Henley’s only local hospital. It has been feared that it would be shut down for many years! As locals have strongly protested about this matter the Hospital is now being feared that the locals will no longer have a space for their parked cars as the council/ hospital plan to build a bigger car park on the main road which will disturb all the local residents. Community hospitals often act as a bridge between hospital and home, particularly for elderly patients who may need rehabilitation to help them regain their independence as they recover from an illness. The hospital offers: A 16 bedded unit comprising of seven side rooms and two bay areas on a single ward. Older Adult and Adult Community Mental Health teams. Dental services. Out patient clinics. Occupational Health services. Physiotherapy. Podiatry. X-ray services (part time). Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) –open between 9.00am-8.00pm daily, Tel: 01491 637435. Out of hours service (this is an appointmentAims and objectives; their aim is extend the hospital car park so that it is a share of the main road where locals only service).live. The council have decided they are going to build a four story car park and extend more of the hospital. Not Speech and language therapy.only will this mean the ambulances will constantly be going off outside people’s houses but the Nettlebed SueRyder is also being moved just behind the hospital on the green.Social;Hospital is welcome to anyone. The locals of Henley Townlands hospital have very strong opinions on thismatter as do the staff that operate the hospital.Ethical considerations;the moral philosophy of Townlands hospitalis to treat everyone respectably andprofessionally in an appropriate manor and so forthCommunity resources and characteristics;the hospital has been around for many years and Henley locals takepride in the small hospital. Many people would agree that the hospital has many characteristics and greatcommunity resources for such a small hospitalAccess issue;The Townlands hospital is easily accessible to people who live in Henley as it is five minutes from thetown centre.Existing comparable work;Most patients are sent to Royal Berkshire hospital if the treatment cannot be dealt with at Townlands hospital, so theircomparable work would be Reading.
  5. 5. Young addiction- Oxford Young Addiction is the drug and alcohol treatment service for young people in Oxfordshire. Young Addiction provide a confidential service for young people needing information, advice, support or treatment. Young Addiction also offers support and advice to young people affected by other peoples drug and alcohol use. On this site you will find information on drugs, their effects and risks and the law. You will also find contact details for support, whether you want a quick question answered or want to talk to someone who can help.Aims and objectives; Young addiction support in Oxford aims to please the general public whom have problemswith alcohol and drugs. The company wants to help anyone at any age with drug and alcohol addiction. They aretalked one on one either confidentially or in public about their issues by a professional specialist.Social; many different types of people can commute for help via phone call email or in person. No one is judgedupon and anyone from any age can go there for advice or help.Ethical considerations;the moral philosophy of Young addictions in Oxford is to treat everyone respectably andprofessionally in an appropriate manor and so forthCommunity resources and characteristics; Oxford is known for having a lively nightlife and recently over theyears drug and alcohol use has gone up frequently. This company is not the only one around the world there areseveral companies like this e.g., Talk to frank, however local people in oxford may feel this is better to talk tosomeone in their local area privately.Access issue;Based in Oxford. Can be reachable via Train, bus or phone call and email.Existing comparable work; other existing comparable work would be companies such as Talk to frank. I have decided to make my social action video on young addicts in Oxford. It is local easily accessible and has a lot of filming opportunities. This company is raising awareness to others as well as helping people with disturbed addiction behaviours. It is national and has many competitors throughout the UK but, I would like to focus more on why addiction is such a problem.