Coldplay 'Fix you' analysis


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  • Coldplay 'Fix you' analysis

    1. 1. Coldplay ‘Fix you’
    2. 2. Background information on artist and song Coldplay are a British alternative rock band formed in 1996 by lead vocalist Chris Martin and lead guitarist Jonny Buckland at University College London. Achievements They achieved worldwide fame with the release of the single "Yellow" in 2000, followed by their debut album released in the same year, Parachutes, which was nominated for the Mercury Prize. The bands second album, A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002), was released to critical acclaim and won multiple awards, including NMEs Album of the Year. Their next release, X&Y, the best-selling album worldwide in 2005, was met with mostly positive reviews upon its release, though some critics felt that it was inferior to its predecessor. The bands fourth studio album, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (2008), was produced by Brian Eno and released again to largely positive reviews, earning several Grammy nominations and wins at the 51st Grammy Awards. On 24 October 2011, they released their fifth studio album, Mylo Xyloto, which received mixed to positive reviews, topped the charts in over 34 countries, and was the UKs best-selling rock album of 2011.
    3. 3. SongThe song reached number 18 in the United States Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks.Promo singles were released for the UK and US."Fix You" received positive reviews. It has been widely sampled, with different covers andsounds. The song, itself, was nominated for multiple awards in the categories of BestSong Musically and Lyrically and Anthem of the Summer. The music video was garneredas a tribute to the 7 July 2005 London bombings. The guitar solo of "Fix You" is currentlyused as the player introduction at all of the National Hockey Leagues MontrealCanadiens home gamesTaken from Wikipedia background -
    4. 4. Background information about the directorSophie Muller is a London based director who has worked with various musicians toproduce some amazing music videos as well as some spectacular film sequences.Sophie Muller attended St. Martin’s and the Royal College of art.Muller’s career began in the 1980’s where she was an assistant director of thehorror/ thriller company of wolves. She has also worked with Annie Lenox and Blurthroughout the 1990’s.Through Sophie Muller’s work I have noticed she likes each member of the band / orsolo artist to have a small amount narrative in the music video if possible as shefocuses on the band or artist performing live or in a set up room / studio.Muller has directed loads of videos and has worked with artists such as Sophie Ellis-Baxter, The Killers, Pink, Maroon 5 and Coldplay. Muller’s style is to use the band inher videos and centre the whole video around them. She rarely puts the focus onactors with the exception of “Mr Brightside” (above) where there is narrativeelement however she still focuses it on the band throughout.
    5. 5. Genre characteristicsFor any genre of any music videos there are always several characteristicsused to fulfil the theme and the idea of the genre.In this music video ‘fix you’ follows the genre of the indie rock song as itdisplays many aspects of it that people can associate with a slow movingindie rock song. For example, the footage used that was filmed from one oftheir previous concerts can make the audience feel as if they were there withthe band. Many artists use this in their music video’s as it is enjoyable towatch and entertaining. Footage used from a previous concert can also promote the band as itmakes people want to be part of that spectacular environment themselves.Although this song is a huge success the music video isn’t very memorable,instead the narrative of the video is quite basic and simple. The music videofor ‘Fix you’ follows the same theme as the bands previous music videos andsome characteristics seems to be repeated often. This makes the band aniconic figure as many people can associate their work with the meaning ofthe song.
    6. 6. Relationship between lyrics and visuals The relationship between the lyrics and visuals of this song has been thought through well as there isn’t much of a narrative. This has been done purposely to represent the meaning of the song to the audience and also so that the audience know how to feel when watching it. This is done by having Chris Martin as the main character throughout the video. In the first couple of minutes throughout the video it is slow moving and dull , this is to capture a connection with the audience as the message is being addressed through Chris’ actions.
    7. 7. As the song and dramatic state of the video narrative peaks, and the tempo gets faster, the camera movements become fasterand more stimulating (such as the fast rotation movement in the part before Chris Martin starts running down the tunnel, the drastic camera tilts during the fan concert scene) and the editing gets more exciting (because the duration between thecuts between each shot), this again is to match the faster speed of the tempo within the track.
    8. 8. As this music video does not follow a narrative the majority of the video involves a lot of solo instrumentals and lyrics being illustrated by Chris Martin (this means the artist is facing the cameraand miming the lyrics). In two separate parts of themusic video Chris Martin is singing tot the audience when he is facing us, and then in the second sings to the fans in the crowd.
    9. 9. Due to the fact that the track ‘Fix you’ changes tempo, the video pace follows this well. All the elements of the video such as the camera movement, editing (cuts), dance routines and even lighting changeswith the track (as the track gets faster the cuts and shots move alongfaster and consistently, the lighting get brighter and more complex as well as the camera moments begin to get differ and superior).“Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones and I will try to fix you” (Referring to the live performance in the video) “And high up above or down below When youre too in love to let itgo” (This refers to the beginning and ending of the music video, Chris Martin shows this in the beginning when he is walking slowly in thedark dull tunnels, to where he is engaging with the crowd at stadium arena)
    10. 10. Relationship between music and visuals (Also linked to representation) The video ‘fix you’ most definitely cuts to the beat of song towards the end, whereas before in the first few minutes it is all in slow motion for several shots. Towards the end of the music video more solo instrumental parts are played just as the music begins to build up tension. The three other band members are on stage waiting for Chris to arrive and sing, in this particular the band members are all seen playing their instruments in front of thousands in Wembley stadium. I think that Chris was the main character in this music video as he is the lead singer and would usually stand in the front when performing in front of people just like in the video when they’re all waiting for Chris to arrive and perform. Because Chris stands at the front it means his face is more recognizable to the people who watch them. The public are more familiar with his face than the other band members.
    11. 11. The record label are looking to sell this track by presenting a different type of feel and theme to their previous music videos. In this particular music video there is live footagetaken from one of their concerts, this is one of the first music videos Coldplay themselves have done of this. I believe that the record label are trying to sell the musical experience rather the song throughout the music video. Through my research a lot of Coldplays videos are quite similar within camera and editing techniques. A lot of thevideo’s share the same amount of solo instrumental parts. I have also noticed that in all of there others music video’sthey all follow a strong narrative, compared to ‘fix you’ it is very different in style.
    12. 12. Camera work A lot of the camera work used in the ‘Fix you’ music video is mainly slow motion right up until the last forty five seconds. Numerous shots were filmed on a dolly to create a tracking shot effect. This causes an effect and makes the audience feel like they are walking and follow Chris Martin on his journey. Chris’ facial expressions during the video portray sadness and hurt. As the tempo of the song picks up as does the editing anddifferent camera shots. Chris then starts to run as there is a build- up and the footage is no longer in slow motion. As the speed of the song is gradually increasing the camera shots change rapidly from Chris walking slow so the audience were looking directly at him, to following him as he’s running ahead in front. Establishing shots are used to create the concert feel as Chris makes his way to the stage. At this point extreme close ups are used on the crowd and instruments. Although these camera shots are basic a lot of editing techniques have been used as shots jump from one to another like a pan to make the video follow better and so also the viewers can capture the whole experience of a Coldplay concert without actually being there. The camera zooms out at the end of the video to show and exaggerate the amount of people who were there to witness their music.
    13. 13. Narrative ‘Fix you’ does follow a narrative but isn’t seen as a story as such, it’s more a reality.The video was filmed at the end of two concerts on 4 and 5 July 2005 at Wembley stadium in Bolton England. In the first half of the video the bands lead singer, Chris Martin, wanders the streets of Londonstarting at Toole Street under London bridge station , while the slogan “Make trade fair” is projected onto the Royal national theatre, using the same color scheme on the cover of X&Y. The tunnels that Martin is seen wandering within are located both in and around St. pancreas and king’s cross railway stations, and thefilming for the video took place during the time of the redevelopment and expansion of London St. Pancreas international. Martin is thenseen walking across Waterloo Bridge, which crosses the River Thames, connecting the Southbank with The Strand. As soon as the electric guitar kicks in, Martins walk turns into a run as he darts through streets until finally reaching the Reebok Stadium, where he joins therest of the band for the songs finale. Here the audience can be clearly heard singing along, and at the end of the video Martin thanks them for their support and wishes them goodnight.
    14. 14. Video style / iconographyThe style used in the ‘fix you’ music video is a narrative and as ‘live footage’. These two styles make the music video more interesting and enjoyable towatch as a viewer. The ‘fix you’ video is captivating and memorable as there are two completely different scenes merged into one. As a band, Coldplayhelp and do a lot of charity work in their free time. They work closely with Oxfam and have shown it through their video very briefly. In the images below are screenshots found in the video. This is called Iconography.
    15. 15. Mise en scene Is a French term meaning ‘what is put into a scene or frame’ and what is seen. Moreover it can also be defined as thearrangement of scenery and properties to represent the place where a film is enacted. The elements of Mise en scene arepointers of what the genre would be and as an audience what we would expect to see in that genre
    16. 16. 1) Lighting and colour - The lighting and colour used in the music video makes it easyto identify what kind of video it is going to be.Low key lighting is used to create a mysterious or suspense like atmosphere. This is used in the beginning of the music video when ChrisMartin is running through the tunnels. Colour is also a key convention for mise en scene as we associate emotions and thoughts with different colours, red can be associated with love, rage and blood.
    17. 17. 2) Costumes and makeup / hair - In ‘Fix you’ no makeup is used as there is not a strong enough narrative to pretend or glamourizesomeone for what they look like. It’s not what the song represents so the music videoshouldn’t be miss leading. h How the artist / bands presents themselves will be the way the audience perceive them in real life.
    18. 18. 3) Setting and props - The setting can relate tolocation, where the scene is being taken place or where the scene is set. This can be an outside location or inside. With the music video ‘fix you’ the typical conventions of setting would be several musical instruments as well as glow sticks shown in the crowd.
    19. 19. 4) Facial expressions and body language - By the use of these elements we are able to see the emotion of Chris (the main character) in the music video. This includes the gestures, postures and facial expressions by which a person can make clear by various physical, mental, or emotional actions. With the non verbal communication with audience is ableto assume characteristics about the characterand how they’re feeling by being directly told.
    20. 20. 5) Position of characters and objectives in a frame - The way characters are positioned within a frame can tell the audience a lotabout the character, levels of supremacy can be identified, how characters are centered and angled. In this particular video Chris isseen walking slowly as if he has given up, tothen running and being on stage performingto thousands being on top of the world and happy.
    21. 21. Intersexuality/Voyeurism Coldplay are a well known appreciate British band how have millions of fans around the world. Their music is adored by millions of different types of people and can be viewed in several ways. Coldplay are not like many other bands as they make sure there music videos are still visible to anyone whereas some artist feel the need to expose themselves to grab attention from specific female / male fans. Coldplay keep their music free from explicit language and imagery, which is why this music video doesn’t consist of any intersexuality or voyeurism.