Analysis of idea development after feedbackAfter choosing which advert I wanted to follow I developed a mockup of my ideas...
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Analysis of idea development after feedback


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Analysis of idea development after feedback

  1. 1. Analysis of idea development after feedbackAfter choosing which advert I wanted to follow I developed a mockup of my ideaso it would give people an insight on how I want my advertisement to look like.After that was completed I created a survey for my fellow class mates to gathertheir opinions on my idea. I created this survey on word which consisted of tenquestions on several topics I thought needed answered in order for my advert towork and be a success. I asked many questions on my target audience and whatthey thought of my initial idea. I had asked five people in my class, three beingfemales and two being males, I asked three females in particular as I knew thatmy advert would appeal to them more than it would to males, however I did asktwo males in my class as I feel it would help me understand my target audiencemore if I got feedback from different peoples perspective.The feedback I received was very helpful as there were many mixed opinions onsome questions which I may need to alter during my production and marketresearch. The majority of the feedback I got back thought that my targetaudience was too much of a wide range gap and that I should either focus moreon young adults (teenagers) or elder people in their twenties. From thisinformation I have decided to market my advertisement at young adults as Ibelieve that when I film it will be easier as I am around that age and can relate toother people at this age. I also received a lot of negative criticism on how peoplewill recognize that my beauty advert is actually selling perfume and not anyother beauty product, from this data I now plan to reevaluate how I was going toshow the perfume bottle in each shot. I think I will most probably include moreshots of the bottle so people are familiar with the packaging and logo of theproduct and also the model so when people view my advert they will be able totell what company it is and what product is being advertised without making ittoo obvious.I can honestly say that at first I did not agree with some of the comments thathad been made up until now. After listening to what people had to say about myidea it has really shook up how I want my advertisement to look like and whatmessage I want to deliver to the audience. I will change how I will market thisadvert, what signs I can input to show it’s a beauty product so maybe look intomore depth on iconography and emotion.