Four scenarios group 3 huflit university_business department_kq0805


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Four scenarios group 3 huflit university_business department_kq0805

  1. 1. 1. Trần Thị Tú Trinh2. Nguyễn Thị Mừng3. Nguyễn Hồng Ngọc4. Ninh Thị Thu Nga5. Dương Thị Mỹ Kim6. Thái Tú Linh7. Nguyễn Trương Hiền Trân8. Phạm Ngọc Mai Thảo
  2. 2. Trần Thị Tú TrinhMRG HUMAN PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT improve human performancemultiple technology avenues
  3. 3. Trần Thị Tú TrinhRevenue for past year: $25 millionRevenue for the Training Solutions Division forthe past year: $10 millionWorkforce: 650 employees
  4. 4. Trần Thị Tú Trinha. A project plan and timeline for the academy’s development, including website design and launch, course development and repeat course cycles.b. Paper-based training and educational products.c. Web-based training and educational products.d. Digitized video training and educational products.e. Marketing brochures, posters and e-mail announcements.f. Event logistics plans.
  5. 5. Trần Thị Tú Trinhg. Delivery schedules for 15 courses.h. Training analyses for the first and second courses.i. Instructional design plans.j. An instructor’s guide, participant manual and PowerPoint presentation witha variety of multimedia components such as graphics, animations and videosfor the first course.k. An examination for the first course.
  6. 6. Nguyễn Thị Mừng
  7. 7. Nguyễn Thị Mừng PHASE ONE (3 MONTHS)Implement organizational structure Develop and launch web site Develop anf implement branding for the academy Develop and distribute marketing material Develop the first course Deliver the first course Begin development of the second course through the analysis phase
  8. 8. Nguyễn Thị Mừng PHASE TWO Complete development of the second course (2 YEARS 9 MONTHS)) Deliver the second course Implement developmentschedule for the next 13 coursesOffer repeat courses during last year of the contractContinue to manage the academy, maintain the web site and market the courses
  9. 9. Nguyễn Thị Mừng Executive Officer (5 employees) Financial Officer Operations Officer (12 employees) (10 employees) Training Analysis Evaluation Human Contracts Business Solutions Division Division Resourse Development (4 Division (162 (167 (16 (14 employees) employees)(12 employees) employees) employees) employees) Project Document Graphic Design MultimediaManagement Production Instructional Design Programing Logistics
  10. 10. Nguyễn Hồng NgọcNO1: INCREASING STAFF TO COMPLETETHE FIRST PHASE 1 Recruitment policies and guidelines 2 Challenges 3 Proposed result
  11. 11. Nguyễn Hồng Ngọc MRG HPI Considered before beingMaintaining a terminated duehighly qualified to lack of antalent pool. available assignment New work opportunities
  12. 12. Nguyễn Hồng NgọcVerification of the project assignment Budget to support the position Duration of the assignment Full-time position
  13. 13. Nguyễn Hồng Ngọc Company Logo New Subcon Staff Position -tractor Reassignments • Project Manager• Project manager • Branch Chief •Branch Chief• Branch chief • Vice President of •Vice President of• The vice TSD the TSDpresident of the • Vice President of •Chief OperationTSD Contracts Officer• Chief Operating • Chief Operating •CFOOfficer Officer •Vice President of• CFO • CFO HR• Vice president of • Vice President Of •CEOHR HR
  14. 14. Ninh Thị Thu NgaRecruitment Strategy NeedsApproach The
  15. 15. Ninh Thị Thu Nga Prepare a development scheduleAssign experienced employees familiar with the project to project work teams
  16. 16. Ninh Thị Thu Nga Project manager Task Editors managers Logistics Graphiccoordinator artists Narrator Programmers Instructional Interviewers designers
  17. 17. Ninh Thị Thu Nga
  18. 18. Ninh Thị Thu Nga
  19. 19. Ninh Thị Thu Nga Begin training academy program developmentDevelop First the Developsecond phase web sitecourse tasks Develop and deliver the 1st course
  20. 20. Ninh Thị Thu Nga Time • 160 hours Begin training academy Position • Technical writer programdevelopment • Develop comprehensive Task “Knowledge Capture and Training” plan to launch the academy
  21. 21. Ninh Thị Thu Nga Positions Team members Tasks Web programmer • Seasoned veterans • Well-equipped GraphicConduct a requirements analysis to define their artist Web site understanding of Theinitial scope of the work Technical • Courses: delivered through writer • Students: register online • Available & functional well before the end of 1st phase Develop a plan for • Additional content & features:the web site’s design Database programmer added as available • Not only user-friendly but also easy to update & expand
  22. 22. Ninh Thị Thu Nga • CapturePositions Tasks • Instructional designer • Technical writer knowledge • Analyze training • Graphic artists needs & identify • Logistics coordinator course content • Subcontracted subject • Design & matter expert develop course materials • Document specialist • Market the • Videographer course • Subcontracted audio • Coordinate technician logistics for the course • Deliver & evaluate the
  23. 23. Ninh Thị Thu Nga
  24. 24. Ninh Thị Thu Nga Hire a subcontractor  Identify a quailedAssemble a team provide SMEs with project manager- combination of technical  lead value & experience in the curriculum experience general subject development matter of the efforts courses
  25. 25. Ninh Thị Thu Nga -Develop the course Make all decisions for MRG HPI Project - Define instructional regarding contract execution manager methodologies - Identify course Report to content, media - Write course Ensure materials knowledge Deputy -Develop student Task manager capture portion project manual, instructor be successful manager guide, train-the-trainer documents - Provide support in knowledge capture Lead Media SME instructional Support team -Communicators with instructors designerCapture, edit rawaudio, video Video Graphic Technical Team A Team B producer & artists Webmaster writers Videographer - Develop, maintain 1st course 2nd course - Produce Produce transcripts, graphics, animation brochures, train-the- web site sequences trainer materials, - Make the final Subcontracted SMEs - Develop instructor guides, audio, video clips brochures, web site student manuals index accessible materials -Integral members -Report to and receive daily and direction from project manger and team leads
  26. 26. Ninh Thị Thu Nga
  27. 27. Dương Thị Mỹ Kim SCENARIO 2: THE EFFECT OF FIRING THE PROGRAM MANAGER ON STAFFING FOR THE SECOND PHASE OF THE PROJECTwrite to articulate the scope for conducting at each project phase A Taskdo within the first month of the project start Managementdate Educational Planhire a new program manager from outside to oversee the new project
  28. 28. Dương Thị Mỹ Kim Divisions TASKS TASKS design & launch web site Course development delivery the first course at thetwo months the project start start of the fourth month date review & rehearsal thedesign A marketing plan & Marketing course two months after thebranding campaign before project start date web site can launch Web site start analysis work for the distribute marketing development second course two months products at the same time after the project start date web site
  29. 29. Dương Thị Mỹ Kim Program Program Manager Manager Clientconduct weekly status Conduct meetings quality assurance reviews immediately tocommunicate through e mail & telephone calls keep the schedule on time meet established deadlines for product delivery
  30. 30. At the end of the thirteen has nothas not said a miss the deadline make theleaded dozen for client not the words in delivery pleased the past 8 team weekly the TMEP
  31. 31. • Promote Deputy PM to PM position Dương Thị Mỹ Kim• Reorganize the team & fill the openposition•Lead ID was assigned to assist withteam A•Hire new Lead instructional designer tolead team B
  32. 32. Thái Tú LinhDifferent expectations about the complexity of graphics in course development and course materials Different opinions about the level of marketing required instances where instructors had rescheduled on multiple occasions or cancelled Concerns about the subject matter experts (SMEs)
  33. 33. Thái Tú Linh Dvideotaping requirement during analysis phaserepeat courses that were going to be offered
  34. 34. Thái Tú LinhMaintain a staff to meet thecontractual changes? Ensure a quality product? Retain your employees?Instill confidence that the program isstable?
  35. 35. Thái Tú Linh MRG HPI had organized all three development teamsTeam A Firstcourse Team B Second course Team C Third Course
  36. 36. Thái Tú Linh In order to not lose staff To lay off To lay off To lay offReassigned one one oneto existing document technical programmer work specialist writer
  38. 38. Nguyễn Trương Hiền Trân PRESSURE Struggling after the termination of the program manager. The three-month work stoppage. A change to the workload and schedule requirements. The loss of co-worker. Development and delivery schedules were tight and required a great deal of commitment and hard work. The team’s moods have run the gamut from devastation to euphoria.
  39. 39. Phạm Ngọc Mai Thảo
  40. 40. Phạm Ngọc Mai Thảo
  41. 41. Phạm Ngọc Mai ThảoAnalysis 3 weeksAnalysis meeting 1 weekAnalysis report 2 weeksDevelopment 8 weeksReview 1 weekCourse rehearsal and review 1 weekProduction Before Class 2 weeksDelivery 1 weekPost Delivery 8 weeks (Evaluation report/ Onlinecourse/ Promo DVD)
  42. 42. Phạm Ngọc Mai Thảo A full- time project manager A full- time webmaster•Updating the website•For : _ Registering _ Listing the courses•Adding more file/ materials to the e-library
  43. 43. Phạm Ngọc Mai Thảo 1 Developing new effective workplace 4 Job stability 2 Inspire company philosophy & culture 5 Sitting down with the staff 3 Training & Growth Opportunities 6 Gaining Commitment
  44. 44. Phạm Ngọc Mai Thảo Target group1.Setting job description Recruit2.Vacancy identificationProcesses ment Sources3.Arranging interview4.Candidate assessment/ interview/ selection5.Job offer6.Hiring process APPROACH (negotiation, contra ct, training,…)
  45. 45. Phạm Ngọc Mai Thảo HR Communication Plan Prepare Declare to Communication internal staff External Internal Communication Communication HR manager Local Papers Send Provide Legal Define Open House Task Internal key which Job centers messages Issue Leads issues teams is to potential (timeline, priorAdvertisements budget) allocated Website candidates
  46. 46. Phạm Ngọc Mai Thảo Posting the recruitment  Conducted by HR Recruiting methods  Quick staffing and announcement 1. By Advertisements manager Interviewing process (1 month) By Database search  Interviewed by the 3. By Employee Referral  Up to quality standardTraining new staff members 4. By Job Fair task lead appropriate
  47. 47. Phạm Ngọc Mai Thảo
  48. 48. Define Recruitment Determine Recruitment Policies A recruitment needs Guidelines strategy HR Develop a communication planSKILLs to implement the recruitment strategy