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  • 1. Video For Business
  • 2. Reasons Businesses Need Video’s
    1. Grab people’s attention instantly
    2. Tell your story in less time
    3. Bring your ideas to life
    4. Make your site stickier
    5. Create Buzz and go viral
    6 Bring your website into the 21st Century
    (Brightcove 2011)
  • 3. Why video?
    Turns a static website into a dynamic, interactive destination
    Gives your website a personal face
    Engages your market audience with your brand
    Google LOVES video – 53% more likely to receive an organic 1st page ranking (Forrester Research)
  • 4. More Reasons
    Visuals are far better in explaining or presenting information and products than plain text or still pictures and graphics.
    Video is more likely to be shared
    More signups to Optin lists 
    Grabs people’s attention instantly
    Tells your business story in less time
    Makes your site stickier
    Will It Blend – sold 5 x more
  • 5. Way more reasons…
    Most business see a 25% boost just using video
    Zappo’s saw a 50% increase in sales just using video
    45% higher click through rate using video in an email
    Up to a 400% increase in customer/client sales when used regularly
    There are over 400 tweets per minute containing a Youtube link!
    Over 150 years of video are watched on Facebook every day!
    100% increases in number of profile or page visitors, increases social media clicks by 30%
    Increases site visits by 55%
    (Borell & Assoc, research, 2010)
  • 6. Borell & Associate forecast
    “Online video spending is forecast to account for more than 1/3rd of online advertising in 5 years” (2010)
  • 7. Will it Blend?
    NetConnect by Matt Haskins
  • 8. Stats
    On average over 400 tweets per minute containing a Youtube link
    Over 150 years worth of YouTube videos are watched every day
    Increases website visitors by 55%
    Increases purchasing by 24%
  • 9. Facts
    Average attention span is measured in seconds you MUST capture their attention immediately!
    Video is seen as a warm and welcoming invitation or the firm handshake of a trusted business person.
  • 10. Your Videos MUSt…
    Zing – dynamic, fast paced and energetic delivery
    Have a Soundtrack (voice or music)– suited to your theme
    Have a Call to Action – encourage an action which is easy and delivers value for them and on your goals and objectives for the video.
    Be Emotive – take them on a journey – from here to there (The Heroes Quest)
  • 11. Telling stories – the heroes quest
    Start with where they are
    Tell them about your quest and challenge
    Tell them what you learned along the way
    Show them how you can help them get to where you are because of what you have learned along the way
  • 12. Types of Business video
    Slide Show with music
    Slide Show with voice over
    “How to” screen capture (My vids)
    First person to video
    Interview style
    Live Event – (Enlightened Goddesses)
  • 13. Ideas for business videos
    “Behind the scenes” of what goes into making a product or service
    Interview your best customer asking them about THEIR success (not yours)
    Interview your best employees who are passionate about your business offerings
    Record screencasts “How To” or other
    Create educational content that helps people better use your products/services; or that provides information in your niche
  • 14. How and where?
    On your site
    Video newsletter
    Video email
    On social media
    On your blog
    Upload to Youtube
    Video Training
  • 15. Cost of Making your video
    Education - $400 - $4,000 for a short course
    Video Editing Software - $50 - $3000
    Camera - $120 - $lots!
    Or hire professional
  • 16. What does it take to create professional video?
    1 Day of shooting with a professional crew can cost easily upwards of $100,000 by the time the video is edited and produced…
    Shooting, retakes, bloopers, travel, lighting, audio, nerves… time
    Editing – lots of time
    Putting it together, special effects, sound track editing, addition of Intro and Outro, links, etc..
  • 17. Netconnect special
    Video4Biz Editing Workshop
    Oct 25th
    Special Discount for
    Use Code: buddy1
    $50 off