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  • 1. Just Play, Rate, and ShareAmazing Digital Interviewshirevue.com
  • 2. 2WASTEDTIME &MONEYNo Scheduling. No Bad Interviews.★★ THE PROBLEMBut when it comes to filling jobs andhiring new employees, you don’t havethe time, let alone the money, to waste.Unfortunately, most companiesinterviewing candidates today areexpending countless hours and millionsof dollars on needless travel costs – justto determine the applicant is not rightfor the job. The inefficiencies are mindboggling. And mind numbing.You have jobs to fill and no time to waste.People are the life blood of any business.We decide who to bring in during acritical interaction- an interview. Yetthere’s very little structure, consistencyor transparency into this imperativecommunication. It’s also extremelyinefficient. Companies waste severalhours and thousands of dollars in timeand travel costs for each interview. Mostresult in a “no thanks, not a good fit” andunnecessary time, costs and hassle foreveryone involved.HireVue is a new, modern way tointerview - digital! It’s up to 10X faster,9X cheaper and 100% better than non-digital interviewing. You can reach morecandidates, much faster and providea much better experience for all. Savemillions in time and travel costs alone.It’s time to modernize and go digital!There’s a business axiom that goes like this:“There’s never enough time to do it right, but there’s always time to fix it.”Companies waste millions of hours anddollars in valuable time and travel costsinterviewing. Most result in aand unnecessary time, costs and hassle foreveryone involved. It’s time to do more...a lot more, for less!“no thanks, not a good fit”“no thanks, not a good fit”
  • 3. 3★★ SO, WHAT IS HIREVUE?HireVue also includes an amazing new wayto interview – on demand interviews™!Simply email expert questions and have candidates record responses via webcam – whenever, wherever.Then just watch, rate, share & compare the ones you want – anytime. You can even watch them on thego using your favorite mobile device. It’s just like streaming your favorite movie. Take control - saygoodbye to wasteful phone screens and bad interviews!A Digital Interview Platform™ with:Drastically improve interview:✪✪ Speed✪✪ Consistency✪✪ Quality✪✪ Transparency✪✪ Candidate Experience✪✪ Manager ExperienceThis single platform works with interviews of all types – including:✪✪ In Person✪✪ Video Interviews✪✪ Phone✪✪ On Demand Interviews(TM)✪✪ Interview Guides✪✪ Questions & Probes✪✪ Ratings & Feedback✪✪ Comparison Tools✪✪ Sharing & Collaboration✪✪ Reporting & AnalyticsGo Digital! Up to 10X faster,9X cheaper, and 100% better!
  • 4. 4 Shhhh! My Favorite Interview Is On.★★ WHY HIREVUE | SAFE, SIMPLE, AWESOMESAFEBuilt for Business Designed with theserious business in mind, HireVue wasbuilt for HR, by HR technology experts. It’ssafe, secure, compliant, internationalizedand enterprise-ready.★★ Enterprise-Ready★★ Proprietary Technology★★ Safe, Secure & Scalable★★ Mitigates Risk★★ Technically Reliable★★ Financially Viable★★ ScalableSIMPLEUnlike Complex HR Software, HireVueis quick to turn on and simple to use.We’ve designed it for end-users and haveeverything pre-packaged so that we can getyou up and running in no time!It’s time to “WOW” managers, recruiters andcandidates... and your CFO! HireVue savesso much time, money and hassle – thateveryone will love it.★★ Quick to Setup★★ Effortless to Use★★ Pre-Integrated withCommon HR Applications★★ Expert Customer Care★★ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)★★ Interview ExperienceManagementAMAZING★★ Managers Love It★★ Candidates Love It★★ Recruiters Love It★★ HR Loves It★★ Executives Love It•AMAAMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDATE•SHARE•PLAY•RATE•SHARE•PLAY•RATE•STERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDRVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITAL•AMAZINGDIALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAN•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS“Hiring Manageradoption for thisis very high. In arecorded interviewwith a hiringmanager, she askedthem to please nottake this tool awayfrom them. I’veseen this type ofbuy-in from hiringmanagers only ahandful of times inthe HR Technologyspace. Verypowerful stuff!”- ERE.NET“On DemandInterviews give usanother methodof sifting throughto make sure weadvance only thediamonds to ourcandidate prospectlist. With HireVueour recruiters aren’tspending their timedoing less work;they’re spendingtheir time doing theright work.”- Erik HildebrandtDirector of Staffing andHuman ResourcesWarner Chilcott
  • 5. 5★★ WHO USES ITHireVue offers solutions for organizations of all sizes,industries and locations - basically, anyone who interviews!Used in more than 100 countries, companies like Starbucks, Nike, Walmart – and hundreds of othersaround the world - are rapidly turning to HireVue to modernize and improve the way they interview. It’ssafe, simple and amazing.•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITAEMANAZINGDATE•SHARE•PLAY•RATE•SHARE•PLAY•RATE•SHARE•PLAY•RATE•SHARE•PLAY•RATE•ITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS • OMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AAMAEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS •
  • 8. 8 Make Any Interview Movie Night!★★ HOW IT WORKSSuper FastSave MoneyWhereverSafe &SecureWheneverAll InterviewTypesHireVue’s on demand digital interviewsmean you can interview only thecandidates you want, whenever youwant – just like streaming your favoritemovie. Bored? You can even fast-forward through the slow parts.Many companies spend over a thousanddollars per interview in time and travelcosts – and ultimately hire less thanhalf of interviewees. What better wayto win over your managers and CFOthan slashing millions of dollars inunnecessary time, avoidable travel andneedless administrative costs?Are you spending thousands of dollarsper interview for candidate andinterviewer travel? You’re not alone.HireVue’s On Demand Interviews™eliminate the need for costly travel,making life better for candidates,managers and your CFO.Serious businesses trust HireVue.Enterprise-class security, media storage,data and compliance management tools,all sitting on top of a world-class globaltechnology infrastructure make HireVuethe trusted choice of Fortune 500 leaders.We’ve made smart investments so yourorganization’s HR, legal and technologyleaders can sleep well at night.HireVue’s On Demand Interviews™mean candidates can take interviewswhenever they want. No “sick days” or“PTO” required. Managers and recruiterscan stick to their day jobs and watchinterviews on their own time. Time ismoney, let’s save some!It’s not just On Demand Interviews™!Use HireVue’s question, evaluation andreporting tools to better manage andimprove ALL interview types includingvideo interviews (live and recorded),phone screens and even in-personinterviews. Delivered on a common,simple to use platform, now you can stickto one tool you love.THE PERFECT ESCAPE...FROM BAD INTERVIEWSSAVE MILLIONS,BE A CFO HERO!NON-STOP TO NOWHERETRUSTED. THE “SAFE” CHOICE.TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE…BUT HIREVUE DOES!ALL-IN-ONE PLATFORM(LET’S KEEP IT SIMPLE)
  • 9. 9★★ HOW IT WORKSAmazingfeedback!BetterQuestionsPowerfulInsightsMitigateRiskInterviewStudioEmployers get an in-depth preview ofthe full-feature candidate. ON DemandInterviews™ allow candidates to shine,impacting multiple hiring managers withjust one interview. HR in turn improvesquality and consistency, while thebusiness saves millions in reduced time,travel and administration costs.Digital question tools, templates andlibraries help make interviews better, notto mention faster, cheaper and easier.Close the feedback loop with real-timereporting tools that provide muchneeded visibility into interview status,evaluations, feedback and results.Going digital streamlines interviewprocesses and allows faster, better andmore objective decisions with moretransparency and consistency.Now good interviewing can becontagious! Interview and workflowauthoring tools let you build anddeploy enterprise-wide interviewingbest practices.A “WOW” EXPERIENCE,ALL THE WAY AROUND.STOP SEARCHING...START ASKING!STOP GUESSING...START KNOWING!BETTER CONSISTENCY,TRANSPARENCY,OBJECTIVITY, & CONTROLCREATE A WINNER.Share &CompareHireVue let’s you digitally share andcompare interview responses, feedbackand evaluations in real-time for betterdecisions in record time.BIGGER, BETTER,FASTER DECISIONS.
  • 10. 10 Stop Talking. Start Watching.★★ HOW IT WORKSMobile AppsEnterprisereadyInterviewExperienceQuick & EasySetupHireVue works where your workforcedoes – anywhere!On Demand Interviews™ can bewatched, replayed, rated and shared onApple iPhones™ and iPads™.HireVue works on Blackberry too.Coming soon… support for Android.HireVue was designed for HR, by HRexperts. Enterprise configuration,data management, integration andcompliance management toolssupport even the most complex globalorganization.Leading employment brands considerthe interview a powerful brand touch-point. They want to “wow” candidates,sell them on their value proposition andensure they have a great experience.Unlike complex HR software, HireVue isquick to turn on and simple to use.INTERVIEWS... TO-GOHIREVUE FOR IPHONE & IPADHIREVUE FOR BLACKBERRYHIREVUE FOR ANDROIDDESIGNED FOR USERS... BUILTFOR BUSINESSSTRENGTHEN YOUREMPLOYMENT BRANDSUPER EASY TO GETSTARTED... TODAY!•AMAAMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDATE•SHARE•PLAY•RATE•SHARE•PLAY•RATE•STERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDRVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITAL•AMAZINGDIALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAN•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS“HireVue’s solutionhelps us to find topperforming channel salesmanagers that knowhow to bring in revenuein their territories. WithOn Demand Interviews,we are able to comparecandidates’ salescompetencies, patternsof performance andpresentation skills. Italso helps us to see howpassionate they are aboutchannel sales; you justcan’t see passion in aresume.”- Tracee ComstockDirector of Human ResourcesStorageCraft“We’ve had zero pushbackfrom our managers. Infact, they’ve been sograteful for the easeand automation of theinterview process now.HireVue alleviates theburden for them whileensuring that we’remaking the best hiringdecisions.”- Kirk GinnU.S. Human Resources ManagerCalfrac
  • 11. 8% reduction inannual turnover.: Calfrac :.38 candidatesinterviewed in90 minutes.: Walmart :.★★ AWESOME REESULTS$1200 percandidate savedin travel cost.: StorageCraft :.30% increase inquality of hire.: Warner Chilcott :.17 hourssaved per hire.: Austin ISD :.164% annualROI.: Dow Jones :.100% of recruiters decreasedinterview time.: ConocoPhillips :.$1400 per candidatein travel costs.: Cincinnati Children’s :.77.2% costsavings.: Rio Tinto :.11•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITAEMANAZINGDATE•SHARE•PLAY•RATE•SHARE•PLAY•RATE•SHARE•PLAY•RATE•SHARE•PLAY•RATE•ITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS • OMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS•ONDEMAND•AAMAEMAND•AMAZINGDIGITALINTERVIEWS •
  • 12. 12 No Scheduling. No Bad Interviews.Save Trees.Kill Resumes.+1.801.316.2910 | hirevue.com