Systems of government
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Systems of government



Systems of Government

Systems of Government



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    Systems of government Systems of government Presentation Transcript

    • American Government Unit 1 – Lesson 4
    •  SWBAT compare confederate, unitary and federal forms of government in order to identify the advantages and disadvantages of how power is distributed in each.
    •  Welcome/Opening Objective/Agenda Review Warm Up Review Draw It Out- How is Power Divided in Your Household? Intro: How is Government Power Divided?
    • The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers home loans at low interest rates to low-income borrowers who live in rural communities. What is most likely the purpose of this government program?A. to increase ownership of propertyB. to regulate the lending industryC. to encourage people to moveD. to raise tax revenues
    •  Describe who has power in your family? On the bottom of your warm up sheet, draw a chart/symbol to represent the power structure of your family and who actually has the power.
    •  Complete a Gallery Walk in order to learn the following information: • What are the three main systems of government. • What are the pros and cons of each system. • A graphic orientation to help you remember each. When you have finished the gallery walk, return to your seat and answer the following summary question at the bottom of your page: • If you were creating your own country, which system of government would you choose? Why?
    • On the front of the flap: Draw a symbol for Draw a symbol for a Draw a symbol for a Unitary system Confederate system Federal system Directions: Create a foldable following these directions in order to help you remember the three systems of government. Systems of Government Under the flap: Under the flap: Under the flap: Under the flap: UNITARY CONFEDERATE FEDERAL (Unitary Definition) (Confederate Definition) (Federal Definition) Systems of Government
    •  Dundalk High School is an example of a ___________ (unitary, confederate, or federal) system of government. ) Explain why….