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Turkey Estonia Latvia Lithuania Friendship Week
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Turkey Estonia Latvia Lithuania Friendship Week


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Published in: Business
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  • 2. Objective
    • Meeting of the Turkish community, Estonıan, Latvian and Lithuanian commmunities and, providing cultural exchanges between these countries.
    • To promote Turkish traditions and modern Turkish people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
    • To promote Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania t raditions and modern people of these countries in Turkey
    • To strengthen commercial relations
    • To increase tourism incomes for all countries
  • 3. Purpose
    • The project of the “ Turkey Estonia Latvia Lithuania Frıendshıp Week ” has been envisioned for the benefit of Turkish Estonian Latvian and Lithuanian companies’ brand value. Cultural and artistic activities are planned to be the basis of the project. In addition, information on the economic structure of Turkish/ Estonian Latvian Lithuanian firms and import-export opportunities is provided to foreign investors and potential cooperators via commercial platforms and seminars founded with the support of Turkish and Estonian Latvian Lithuanian participants.
    • The project is envisioned in two phases. The first phase will take place in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for the Turkish target audience. The second phase will take place in Turkey for Estonian Latvian and Lithuanian target audience
  • 4. Analysis
    • In order to provide maximum utility :
      • Obtaining support of governmental institutions.
      • Obtaining support of private sector for increasing the number of participants
      • Coordination among institutions & organizations
      • Public Relations / Promotion
      • Consistent communication with the media
  • 5. Project
    • Primary PR activities to be performed within the scope of this project are :
        • Logo and slogan design
        • Press Relations
        • Internet Portal
        • Providing communication with all governmental and private institutions
        • O rganiz ing and programming the events with in the project
        • Documentation
        • Promotion materials
  • 6. Project
        • Student exchange program (long term)
        • Distant training program for university teachers (long term)
        • “ Pen-Friend” project for elementary and high school students
    • Primary PR activities to be performed within the scope of this project are :
  • 7. PR Activities
    • Logo&Slogan Design
      • The annual “Turkey Eston ia Latv i a L i thuan i a Fr i endshıp Week” will acquire an institutional identity with a logo designed in accordance with the purpose of the project.
      • The new logo & slogan will be used in all media used within the scope of the project. Printed material such as letterheads, envelopes and dossiers will be prepared using the new logo.
  • 8.
    • Press Relations
    • The aim is to sustain the right form of communication with the media consistently in order to increase participation. The following materials will be created in all languages :
      • Press kit
      • Promotional Film
      • The target audience will be reached by media such as the internet, radio and sectoral journals.
    PR Activities
  • 9. PR Activities / Internet Portal
    • Int ernet Portal
      • The internet is the right solution for the communication strategy of the project, because it is
      • Fast
      • Offers all information needed
      • Allows changes and updates to be made instantly
      • Accessible from all parts of the world.
      • Able to perform lots of applications automatically
      • Widespread
      • Able to appeal to many cultures and languages.
      • The internet portal which will be designed in official languages of Turkey, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will be used in the promotion efforts in T ELFA States . The public will be referred to the portal for detailed information.
  • 11. PR Activities / Formal & Commercial Events
    • Formal Events
      • Formal Receptions
      • Official Openings (Shall be organized as possible)
      • The Alternatives are :
        • Opening of the statue of an eminent Turkish , Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian figure
        • Official opening for a restored historical building
        • Official opening for a street or a public square
      • Visits
    • Economic and Commercial Events
      • Tourism, Industry and Trade Fair
        • Conference
        • Seminar
        • Panel
  • 13. PR Activities / Cultural Events
    • Social and Cultural Events
    • Events will be envisioned for Turkish people in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and for Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian people in Turkey. Below are the events planned within the scope of the Turkish Week in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania :
      • Art/Photograph/Caricature Exhibition
      • Live shows from the masters of Ebru (painting on water) / Glass Blowing / Rug / Pottery & sales & work shops
      • Exhibition of Atatürk’s, The Sultans’ and “Mehter” (Janissary band of musicians) costumes.
      • Documentary film screenings about Atatürk
      • Fashion Show
  • 14. PR Activities / Cultural Events
    • Social and Cultural Events
      • Folk dance performances from all countries
      • Concerts from T ELLFA Countries’ pop/classic and Jazz artist s
      • Traditional T ELLFA Countries’ food s festival (accompanied by authe ntic music f rom all countries)
      • Tournaments with the support of sport federations
      • Promotional event for tour operators with the support of TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies)
  • 15. PR Activities / Documentation
    • Documentation
      • Turk ey Estonia Latvia Lithuania Friendship Association (TELLFA) will prepare a report of the events after the Friendsip Week for the relevant corporations (sponsor corporation/s, governmental institutions etc. )
      • The report will be prepared in all countries ’ official languages.
    • Promotional Materials
      • For raising awareness of the project and perman e nce to, some promotional materials are going to be produced. These materials are going to be distributed at certain places.
  • 16. PR Activities / Educational Programs
    • Student Exchange Program
      • After interviews with relevant authorities a year-long student exchange program will begin for students studying at certain faculties.
      • T ELLFA will be the liaison between universities and students for the exchange program.
    • Distant Training Program
      • After interviews with relevant authorities university lecturers teaching in certain programs will lecture in the form of satellite conference.
      • TELLFA will be the liaison between universities and lecturers for the distant training program.
  • 17. PR Activities / Pen Friend Project
    • “ Pen-Friend ” project for elementary and high school students
    • The students from the certain schools of all around Anatolia will send their greetings to the students in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
    • Since the target audience is children, this activity is envisioned to perform on the 23rd of April which is celebrated as children’s festival in Turkey. The subject for greetings is envisioned to be “peace and friendship”
    • The web site which will be prepared in the scope of T ELLFA Friendship Week will be used for Pen Friend Project.
  • 18.
    • Turkey Estonia Latvia Lithuania Friendship Association , will assume the coordination of the project and will perform all PR activities.
    • In the scope of Turkey Estonia Latvia Lithuania Friendship Week, coordination and communication center and PR services will be provided by HY Promotion & Organization which is an experienced and professional company.
  • 19. Thank You