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Sun Sun Presentation Transcript

  • The Sun (the kids’ section) TQ Team C0112425 2001
  • The Sun
    • In this chapter we will talk about
    • The Role of the Sun
    • Effect on Weather
    • The snug Earth
    • Solar Power
    • Why do we have temperature
    • How do we measure air temperature?
  • The Sun’s Role
    • The Sun is the ultimate source of heat energy of the earth.
    • All the Earth’s heat and light comes from the Sun.
  • Life Support
    • The Sun keeps the temperature of most of the Earth’s surface at 51 to 49 degrees Celsius.
    • For most living things can only survive at 0 to 49 degrees Celsius.
    • If the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth was cut by one tenth, the oceans would turn to ice and like on Earth would die.
  • Effect on Weather
    • The Sun is the key to the world’s weather.
    • Its rays filter through the atmosphere and warm the Earth’s surface which heats the air above. This makes the air move because warm air rises.
    • The movement of air causes winds which lead to weather changes.
  • The Snug Earth
    • The Earth absorbs sunlight and then releases it into the air again as heat.
    • The heat is trapped by water vapour and clouds in the atmosphere and reflected back to Earth.
    • The atmosphere acts like an enormous blanket around the Earth, keeping the warmth.
  • Solar Power
    • Solar panels are used to collect the Sun’s heat.
    • Water in them absorbs the heat and is used to warm homes. Electricity can also be made from sunlight.
  • Why do we have air temperature?
    • Air temperature tells us how hot or how cold the air is.
    • This greatly affects the weather.
    • It is important to us because we need to wear different clothes for different temperature.
  • How do we measure air temperature?
    • Thermometers are used to measure air temperature.
    • They are placed in the shade, 1.5m off the ground.
    • That is because in direct sunshine and on the ground, temperature recorded maybe much higher than that off the ground.
    • Air temperature is measured in degrees Celsius (‘C) or degrees Fahrenheit (‘F)
  • Photos I
    • Solar Panels
  • Photos II
    • A Six’s thermometer
  • ~ End ~ TQ Team C0112425 2001