Striking A New Balance In Effective Collaboration
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Striking A New Balance In Effective Collaboration






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  • It is my pleasure to join you here at the Open Solutions Tokyo, Japan Conference. My name is Ben Berry and I am the Chief Information Officer for the Department of Transportation in the State of Oregon, U.S.A. My presentation is Open Source – Striking a New Balance in Effective Collaboration. It moves us from Collaboration to Innovation. "Open technology is doing for mass innovation what the assembly line did for mass production. Get ready for the era when collaboration replaces command and control while improving productivity, competitive differentiation, customer intimacy, and improved business results.”

Striking A New Balance In Effective Collaboration Striking A New Balance In Effective Collaboration Presentation Transcript

  • From Collaboration to Innovation "Open technology is doing for mass innovation what the assembly line did for mass production. Get ready for the era when collaboration replaces command and control while improving productivity, competitive differentiation, customer intimacy, and improved business results.” Open Source: Striking a new balance in Effective Collaboration! Sponsored by Oregon Economic Development Department and IDG [email_address] Chief Information Officer Oregon Department of Transportation Tokyo, Japan
  • As Community Source Development efforts, what’s in it for Federal/State/ County/ and Local Governments? Government Adoption of Open Source Community Source Teams – Are groups of individuals representing very different areas of functional and geographical expertise, working interdependently on a task and do not necessarily meet face-to-face. Redistribution of Software Technical Culture Source Code Redistribute SW modifications Authors & Maintainers Collaborative Virtual Teams County Level Applications Sourcin g Free SW License License Technology-Neutral Non Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor Derived Works Non Discrimination of Persons/Groups Operating System Middleware State Level Applications Sourcing Federal Level Applications Sourcing
  • Community Source Teams Performance. High performance work as measured by faster, better responses to rapidly changing environments and input. Responsible for……… Team Connectedness. The joint use of real-time synchronous (blogs, vlogs, wikis, audio conferencing, electronic white-boarding, application-sharing and instant messaging) and persisting asynchronous communication (living virtual team rooms with document repositories and electronic discussion boards) enables community source teams to coordinate and collaborate across space and time. Brainstorming. Giving team members more time for reflection to produce quality ideas. Sub-teams. Build trust and simulate intellectual growth by pairing diverse members into sub-teams that perform highly interdependent tasks that build integrated products and services. Trust. Building trust through a planned team communication strategy and frequent in-process, team-tuning sessions (without necessarily ever meeting face-to-face). Team Diversity. Recognizing diversity early in the team’s life cycle and leveraging it throughout the collaborative process. Intensive Team Leads. Communication-intensive leadership that check in on their members frequently, mentor them, establish and communicate team norms and continuously monitor adherence to norms and adjust them as frequently as required.
  • Open Source Consideration Cost Reductions Customer wants IT solutions that are least cost and competitive, but dependable.
      • Support performance through sharing of key Open Source community resources.
    Time-to-Market Community Sourcing
      • Improving the efficiency of business operations
      • through fast-track acquisition practices.
  • “ NEW BALANCE” between Command & Control and Collaboration
    • 1970s and before – Command & Control
    • Key trends
      • Economies of scale is key driver
      • “ Structural” advantages , e.g., exclusive supplier network
    • Response
      • Division-based organizations focused on tasks, coordination
      • Command and control exerted by corporate center on distributed agencies or “field offices”
      • “ Headquarters knows best ” thinking!
    Pendulum Swing
  • “ NEW BALANCE” between Command & Control and Collaboration 1970s and before Command & Control
    • 21 st Century Collaboration
    • Key trends
      • Technology, globalization, deregulation and e-economy
      • Customize global brands to local markets
      • Focus on performance; cost cutting
    • Response
      • Reduce support services duplication
      • Consolidate non-core activities into shared services, outsourcing
      • Foster entrepreneurship via disaggregation into lean, nimble business units
      • Push decision-making closer to customers and markets
      • Give middle managers authority to deliver on performance targets
    Pendulum Swing
  • Government is Setting Sights Beyond Basic Infrastructure
    • Proxy
    • Caching
    • VPN
    • Firewall
    • WAP
    • VoIP
    • Gateway
    Desktops Client Devices
    • Databases
    • Consolidation on zSeries
    Internet Access Line of Business Enterprise Data Data/Content Server/ Warehouse Business Application Server Compute Clusters Financial, R&D, biotech, geophysical, energy, visualize Infrastructure Server/Blade Network Edge Servers
    • ERP
    • SCM
    • CRM
    • HR
    • Directory
    • Security
    • Load balance
    • File/print
    • Web
    • E-mail
    • NAS
    Solidly entrenched Emerging Embryonic Niche Linux deployment evolution Basic Infrastructure Embedded OSS
  • Open Source Software Adoption in Selected Software Markets OSS Alternative Maturity Level — 2005 Content Management Collaboration Presentation Enterprise Applications Search Process Management Development Tools Integration Services Enterprise Service Bus Application Servers Directory Services RDBMS Security Server Operating System Virtualization Embryonic Emerging Growing Maturing Most Mature
    • Expect to see more and more public-sector organizations around the world utilizing open source software!
    • Benefits gained from increased use of OSS within the typical IT portfolio, includes industry tailored critical core mission Vertical Software that
    • Reduces total cost of ownership
    • Provides higher stability
    • Provides increased security
    • Gives greater overall control
    • Horizontal Software represents utility software used across industries and includes, messaging, e-mail, collaboration tools and generic business application toolsets shown below.
    Open Source in Government Government Adoption of Open Source Vertical Software State Agency Technology Maps Agriculture | Consumer and Business Services | Corrections | Education | Environmental Quality | Fish and Wildlife | Geology and Mineral Industries | Human Services | Land Conservation and Development | Public Safety Standards and Training | Revenue | Transportation | Veterans' Affairs | Vertical Software County Agency Technology Maps Board of County Commissioners | Financial Services | Information Management | FREDS | Library | Sheriff | Labor Relations | Auditor | Transportation & Land Use Planning | Emergency Mgt. | Assessment & Taxation | County Counsel | Risk Mgt. | Facilities | Animal Control | District Attorney | Budget & Quality | Employee Services | Affirmative Action | Public Defenders | Juvenile & Adult Community Justice | Juvenile Justice | Community & Family Services | Aging Services | Horizontal Software Utility and Middleware Software Apache | BIND | Sendmail | BSD | Gnome | KDE | Gnu | Samba | Linux | Open Office | MySQL | Perl | XFree86 | CPAN | PHP | Gimp | 100+ Oregon Agencies 36 Oregon Counties
  • Government Technology Mapping “Looking for OSS Opportunities”
  • Assessment & Taxation Division Transportation & Land Use Planning Division Application Strategy Technology Bridge - Open Source SW Opportunity- Application Map
  • govSource Potential Open Source Opportunities Commercial Source Existing Open Source
  • Shared Vision Oregon’s Open Source Business Cluster Human Resources Venture Capital R & D Technology Licensing & Policy Dev. Educational Resources Open Source Cluster Model Career Development – Life-Long Employment – Business Value – Economic Dev . Business Cluster Infrastructure Suppliers and Essential Networks Leading Firms or Core Services Economic Foundations
  • Oregon’s Open Technology Business Cluster
    • Linux Foundation (formerly OSDL)
    • Supported by a global consortium of established Linux & Open Source leaders
    • Accelerating the worldwide growth & adoption of Linux in the Enterprise
    • Growing importance of Linux in embedded devices
    • Linus Torvalds, Creator of Linux, is leading Linux development efforts from the Linux Foundation.
    • IBM Linux Technology Center (IBM LTC)
    • IBM’s headquarters for Linux testing & development
    • Strong collaboration with Intel, Linux Fdn, OSU OSL & OTBC to drive Linux growth
    • Open Technology Business Center (OTBC)
    • Only center for incubating Open Source start-ups
    • Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSU OSL)
    • Largest university-based applied Open Source research & commercialization lab
    • Host, distribute &/or mirror >40 Open Source projects including: Mozilla’s Firefox; OpenOffice, MySQL; Apache; KDE; Debian Linux; Gentoo Linux; Ark Linux; Ximina Linux; Yellow Dog Linux; Netwinder Linux ; & CPAN Perl libs.
    • Home to the Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON) and other leading Public Sector initiatives
    • Intel
    • Linux is a key investment area for Intel.
    • Run their Linux strategies from Oregon.
    • 16,000 employees in Oregon
    • Portland State University (PSU)
    • Linux & Open Source are rapidly permeating the CS Dept., Business School curriculum.
  • With Partners Everywhere IBM LTC OSU OSL HP Intel Top Ten Open Source Start-Ups & Private Firms SpikeSource CollabNet SleepyCat Virtual Iron Software mySQL Compiere SugarCRM BakBone Software OpenLogic XenSource OSDL Oracle Compiere Sun Microsystems OTBC Top-Tier Open Source Communities Eclipse Foundation Apache Software Foundation KDE Mozilla Foundation GNOME Foundation Free Software Foundation Debian Project Gentoo Linux ObjectWeb Consortium Wine Top Ten Established Firms in the Linux/Open Source Ecosystem Novell Red Hat Red Flag Wind River Xandros Hewlett-Packard IBM Intel Sun Microsystems Oracle
    • DURATION. OSL at OSU is now three years in operation
    • SERVICES. Providing platform stability and support for the world’s largest community-based Open Source applications
    • HOSTING: over 140 servers, 40 major projects including Mozilla, Firefox, Apache, OpenOffice, OLPC, Linux Master Kernel. Host, develop and distribute open source software (4 million downloads a day)
    • DONATIONS from Industry in support of community-building
      • Google - $350K in 2005, again in 2006
      • Real Networks - $500,000 in 2006
      • Hardware donations IBM • Sun • Intel • Others
    • Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON) now its third year attracted senior government IT management and open source industry leaders from 13 states and 5 countries.
    Open Source Lab Facts
  • GOSCON: Returns for its Third Year October 15 - 16 at the Portland, Oregon Hilton Government Open Source Conference More info:                                   Diamond
    • Education & Discussion for Senior Public Sector Information Technology Management
    • Brings together public and private sectors
    • Many open source industry leaders live in Oregon or travel here often to do business
  • Open Technology Business Center (OTBC) Ventures in Residence Blueleaf Collectability Earth Class Mail GoSeeTell Network Infinity Softworks Insight GRM Klassic Corp. Lumencor Remote Technologies SeniTech Global Corporation TSSI Validy Virtualosity Solution Help for Startups OTBC is a non-profit corporation that helps startup companies succeed with office infrastructure and coaching, advising, networking, entrepreneurship education, and consulting services. As a technology-focused business incubator, OTBC's goal is to provide participating entrepreneurs and small start-up companies with access to industry leaders and coaches, extensive education programs, and office facilities designed to nurture the next wave of technology-driven companies in the region. At OTBC, startups are in the center of it all. How we Do It OTBC leverages the rich knowledge base of Entrepreneurs in Residence, partners, and Board of Advisers to fill in the gaps often faced by individuals or small teams. Whether it be legal services, go-to-market planning, business-plan financial modeling, or marketing communications, OTBC's community and network of executive advisers can provide the services and expertise startups need to accelerate their market entry. http:// /
  • Collaborative Software Initiative
  • CSI: Supporting Broad Sets of Customers Brokerage Firms to Capital Management Regional Banks Insurance Companies Exchanges
    • Access and use of the software created by the core team
    • Fully supported released software
    • Fully supported Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted at industry approved sites
    • Availability of additional services
      • CSI
        • Training
        • Installation
      • Partners
        • Customization
        • Enhancements
  • Linux Foundation - Open Source Software Model Formerly: Open Source Development Lab Linux Kernel
  • The data gleaned from the participating agencies provides a partial view of information that is indicative of “real” usage of open source software products within State of Oregon agencies. Participating Agencies 52% Non-Participating Agencies 48% Oregon Agencies Use of Open Source Products Shared Vision Open Source in Oregon State Government 16 15
  • Oregon’s Open Source Software Inventory Project Open Source Inventory Capture & Correlate Event/Exception Integrated Services Composite Events Virtualization Application Services Communication & Collaboration Content Management Process Management Development Environments Enterprise Applications
  • Start Oregon State Government Open Source Inventory Process Map End Determine list of products for search Search for Open Source inventory Produce report; , send to Project Team for collection Project to report to CIO Council Yes Agency has network scan tool such as SMS ? No Acquire tool or formulate other way of doing inventory CIO Council Approves Project
  • The Open-Source Stacks: Growing Up Products Maturity SugarCRM, Compiere, Ohioedge Enterprise Applications Zope, phpBB, Nukes, PostNuke Collaboration Linux, FreeBSD Operating System Security Snort, Nessus Virtualization Xen OpenLDAP Directory Services MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Ingres RDBMS JBoss, JonAS, Application Servers Enterprise Service Bus Celtix, ServiceMix Openadaptor Integration Services Eclipse, NetBeans, PHP, Perl, Struts, Hibernate, Spring Development Tools Openflow Process Management Lucene, ht://Dig Search Jetspeed, Gluecode, Zope, uPortal, Liferay Presentation Midgard, OpenCMS, Lenya, Typo3, Red Hat Content Management
  • Open-Source SW Instances by Oregon Reporting Agency Gartner Open Source Categories
  • Open-Source SW Instances by Agency
  • Open-Source SW Instances by Category Type Oregon Reporting Agencies
  • Open-Source SW Instances by Type
  • State of Oregon Open-Source SW Products
  • State of Oregon Open-Source SW Products
  • Hype Cycle for Open Source Software 2007
  • The Future: From Open Source to Open Technology Manufacturing Ok, why enter the ‘ AirShip ’ in the Automotive X-Prize ? Shared Vision (OTI) Open Technology Innovation Manufacturing
  • Open Technology Innovation Use Case Determination Decide which Technology Projects to Host! Life Science / Bio-Tech Software Development Automotive Propulsion Smart Apparel Hologramology Electronics Geo-Physics Nano-Technology Oceanography Clean Technologies Telecommunications Identity Security Space Science
      • Technology Capabilities Use Cases
    OTI Technology Criteria Transformational Virtualization Global Market Trends Innovation Cross Use Ability eVote DNA Messaging Magnetic Propulsion AirShip Technology Smart Apparel GPS Aware eVote govSource
      • Technology Capabilities Use Cases
      • Vertical Capabilities
    Marketplace Vertical Projects Industry Vertical Distribution Open Technology Development and Test Activities OTI Products OTI Services Community Projects
      • Global Capabilities
    Global Projects Global Distribution Open Technology Program Management Management Use Cases Derived from the OSDL Open Source Model OTI Program Management Production Acceptance Mainstream Member Program Management Worldwide Community Maintainers Global Distributors OTI Worldwide Member Firms -- Industry Events -- Forums -- Open Technology Symposiums -- Individuals Communication Link Communication Link eVote DNA Messaging Magnetic Propulsion AirShip Technology Smart Apparel GPS Aware eVote OTI Program Management govSource
  • AirShip Use Case Competition AIRSHIP TECHNOLOGIES GROUP
  • Open Technology Innovation Model AirShip Aggregate Components Electric Motor Controller Fuel Cell Stack Solar Fabric Skin Hydrogen Compressors Electric Track-Ball Drive Train Tank Track Ball H 2
  • Open Technology Innovation Model AirShip Aggregate Components Power Plant Drive Train External Body Mainstream Alternative By Make By Vehicle AirShip Vehicle Versioning Component Attribute Groupings Power Plant Drive Train External Body By Vehicle AirShip ( with complexity ) AirShip Components Overall Valuation Cube Model -Sub Component Aggregates OTI Use Case Components Attribute Dimension Complexity Dimension OTI Valuation
  • Open Technology Innovation Use Case Cube Model OTI AirShip Use Case Cube Model Components AirShip Use Case Components By Valuation By Complexity By Attribute OTI Valuation Dimension Complexity Dimension Attribute Dimension
  • OTI AirShip Distributed Components
  • OTI Cube Model Valuation
  • Open Technology Manufacturing Innovation Resource Map
  • Future of Open Technology Summary Manage Global Open Technology Community Manage Cross-Entity Open Technology Model Governance Bodies Technical Experts Stakeholders Open Technology Manufacturing Bind together across organizational and individual artificial boundaries. Promote common subject areas for technology advancement. Share different perspectives on single or multiple related issues. Unite technical peers. Identify knowledge networks of common identity and objectives. Fundamental understanding of and support for OT collaboration. Promote that which can integrate world technology development. Promote functioning across enterprises and governments. Focus resources for a “world technology development” core model. Deliver demonstrated value Act as the three-way link Establish virtual development
  • Questions and Answers From Collaboration to Innovation Striking a new balance in Effective Collaboration