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Smart Materials Will Start To Come Into Their Own, Moving From Textiles And Sporting Equipment To Revolutionize Other Industries
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Smart Materials Will Start To Come Into Their Own, Moving From Textiles And Sporting Equipment To Revolutionize Other Industries



Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1.  
  • 2. Nanotechnology is what happens between Newton and Einstein. What Is Nanotechnology?
  • 3. In the 1960s Feynman starts looking at the ultimate scale of miniaturization and predicts its importance within 40 years. He was right. Plenty of Room At The Bottom
  • 4.
    • The scale of nature
    • The smallest physical devices
    • Convergence of physics, chemistry, and biology
    • Small is better
    • Small is different
    The Ultimate Length Scale
  • 5. Trouble ahead? Moore’s Law in 2010
  • 6.
    • “ When the length of the gate gets below 5 nanometers, tunneling will begin to occur.”
    • Paolo Gargini
    • Director of Technology Strategy
    • Intel
    Trouble Ahead at Intel…And AMD "At 5-nanometer gate dimension, I would have to agree with [Intel].” Craig Sander VP of Process Technology Development AMD
  • 7. Moore’s 2nd Law in 2010
  • 8. We Need New Electronics Prediction: By 2010, molecular electronics will be core components in some consumer devices.
  • 9. Another Form of Molecular Electronics: OLED
  • 10. Not Your Father’s Flat Screen Prediction: Between now and 2010, the displays market will undergo a revolution similar to the storage market for the last 10 years.
  • 11. "GE should invent a new light bulb every hundred years or so.” Greg Chambers GE OLED lighting group Shedding Some Light
  • 12.
    • Energy Efficient
    • Compact Size
    • Low Wattage
    • Low Heat
    • Long Life
    • Extremely Robust
    • Backwards compatible with existing lighting
    • Form factor independent
    • Compatible with Integrated Circuits
    “ White light LED technology will change the lighting landscape as we know it.” - GE Lighting Bright Future Prediction: By 2010, OLED lighting will be mainstream. By 2025, it may be dominant.
  • 13. Materials World Prediction: Smart Materials will start to come into their own, moving from textiles and sporting equipment to revolutionize other industries.
  • 14. Get Energized Prediction: Nanotech-based soft materials will make solar cells efficient for some commercial uses by 2010. “ Distributed energy” will become major initiative.
  • 15. … you’ll see it at the Nanotechnology Alliance / Nanobusiness Alliance tradeshows. May 17-19, 2006 NYC www.nanobusiness.org And If Any Of This Happens…
  • 16. Dan Ratner Chairman Nanotechnology Alliance [email_address] 888-382-7058 Thank You!