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Sesu Manager Training Presentation
Sesu Manager Training Presentation
Sesu Manager Training Presentation
Sesu Manager Training Presentation
Sesu Manager Training Presentation
Sesu Manager Training Presentation
Sesu Manager Training Presentation
Sesu Manager Training Presentation
Sesu Manager Training Presentation
Sesu Manager Training Presentation
Sesu Manager Training Presentation
Sesu Manager Training Presentation
Sesu Manager Training Presentation
Sesu Manager Training Presentation
Sesu Manager Training Presentation
Sesu Manager Training Presentation
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Sesu Manager Training Presentation


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  • 1. SES-U Questionnaire Presentation to Managers August 2007
    • SES-U or Simple Effective Solution University is the job evaluation system agreed to by the University and Union to evaluate all USW jobs.
    • System assigns points to a number of factors related to a job.
    • Ontario’s Pay Equity Act requires jobs to be assessed based on skill, effort, responsibilities and working conditions.
    • The SES-U plan covers these 4 factors through 17 sub-factors.
  • 3. What are the Sub-Factors?
    • Previous Education
    • Previous Experience
    • Interaction Skills
    • Movement Skills
    • Decision Making
    • Responsibility for Information
    • Responsibility for Materials, Equipment & Outcomes
    • Responsibility for the Safety of Others
    • Financial Responsibility
    • Responsibility to Manage or Direct Others
  • 4. What are the Sub-Factors (cont’d)?
    • Mental Effort
    • Physical Effort
    • Temperature, Noise and other Environmental Conditions
    • Hazards
    • Stress
    • Work Interruptions and Distractions
    • Social Disruption required by Work Schedule
  • 5. Role of Questionnaire
    • Pay Equity Commission recommends that managers and employees utilize a joint questionnaire to obtain additional information about jobs that may not be captured in the job description.
    • Questionnaire helps to gather data in a consistent fashion.
    • Gives employees the opportunity to provide information about their jobs and managers the chance to provide feedback.
  • 6. Questionnaire Format
    • Electronic questionnaire
    • Includes a field where an employee can indicate disagreement with position title and a field where managers can include their comments about position title.
    • User-friendly for employees completing questionnaire.
    • Manager screens less user-friendly, therefore strongly recommend that you print the employee’s PDF version and have alongside when you are inputting your comments.
  • 7. Distribution Waves
    • 1 st wave – August 1, 2007
    • 2 nd wave – August 15, 2007
    • 3 rd wave – September 5, 2007
    • 4 th wave – September 26, 2007
    • 5 th wave – October 17, 2007
    • 6 th wave – catch up wave TBD
    • Note - All dates are tentative
  • 8. Questionnaire Process
    • Employees will receive an email , copied to managers, advising that they have access to the on-line questionnaire. If no email address, employee will receive a letter with a “project key” to use for log in purposes.
    • Questionnaire will include a copy of the job description on file.
    • Employees are to be allowed 3 hours to complete questionnaire.
    • Union will contact employee to arrange an interview if they have not already done so.
    • Employees are to provide one week’s notice of the interview time. Manager can request that it be re-scheduled if operational needs require.
    • Employee can decline an interview with the Union
    • Employees have 3 weeks to complete questionnaire.
  • 9. Questionnaire Process (cont’d)
    • Manager will receive an email 1 to 2 days following the employee’s submission of the questionnaire.
    • Manager then has 4 weeks to review and comment.
    • Manager can review employee’s responses with HR office. May also want to print a copy of employee’s submission for your records.
    • Employee then has 3 days to review manager’s comments and add any further comments.
    • Employees & managers will receive email reminders to complete questionnaire.
  • 10. Eligibility Requirements
    • Employee must be in position for a minimum of 6 months to complete questionnaire.
    • If a new position that incumbent has been in for less than 6 months – will complete the questionnaire during the 6 th wave.
  • 11. On Leave Provisions
    • If employee on maternity, parental or union leave:
      • Replacement incumbent will complete questionnaire if in position for 6 months.
      • If no replacement or replacement in position for less than 6 months, questionnaire will be completed later.
      • If employee on leave contacts the Union or University expressing a wish to complete a questionnaire, he/she will be able to do so.
      • Where 2 questionnaires completed, both will be considered during rating processes.
  • 12. Moratorium on Job Classifications
    • Union and University have agreed that all requests for reclassification of USW positions received after the 1 st wave of the questionnaire will be held in abeyance until December 31, 2007.
    • No adverse impact on possible retroactive payments.
    • Classification of new positions will continue with current system.
    • Revised positions resulting from an organizational change will be handled on a case by case basis.
  • 13. Employees’ Responsibilities
    • Carefully review their job description and questionnaire prior to completion.
    • Accurately reflect their duties & responsibilities in the questionnaire.
    • Seek out assistance with any questions.
    • Notify their manager of their interview time at least one week in advance.
    • Complete the questionnaire within the 3-week timeframe.
    • Contact the Union if they are going to be away and want to change their “wave”.
  • 14. Managers’ Responsibilities
    • Provide employee(s) up to 3 hours to complete the questionnaire and meet with the Union.
    • Carefully review the job description & questionnaire prior to commenting.
    • Accurately reflect the employee’s duties and responsibilities in their comments.
    • Complete all comment boxes in a clear & concise manner.
    • Seek out assistance from HR with any questions.
    • Complete questionnaire within 4 weeks.
  • 15. Tips on Reviewing Questionnaires
    • Managers should ensure that:
      • The information puts the job in the appropriate context in the department.
      • The information provided reflects the true duties and responsibilities of the job.
      • The education and experience requirements are realistic in relation to the responsibilities (and not just a description of the individual’s background or the preferred requirements).
  • 16. Technical Tips
    • Print out the PDF version of the employees’ questionnaire so that you can read their responses while inputting your comments.
    • Remember that if you indicate that you “agree” with your employee’s responses, you will not be able to provide comments.