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  • School Collaboration

    1. 1. School Collaboration The more you give, the more you get EDUCATION IMPROVEMENT PARTNERSHIPS 3 NOVEMBER 2005 Kerry de Jager East Basildon Local Delivery Group Extended Schools Coordinator
    2. 2. Lifelong learning University Students Association Service Level Agreement Student Charter Industry Training Research and project management National Body of Industry Training Organisations Shell International Exploration and Production competence assessment, assurance, management and development Masters study Postgraduate Certificate in Public Management East Basildon Local Delivery Group Coordinator Extended Schools Coordinator
    3. 3. East Basildon Local Delivery Group Inclusive group of 23 schools within the East Basildon geographical footprint. Our members represent a number of complementary networks, partnerships and initiatives including: An Excellence Cluster Behaviour Improvement Programme Primary Learning Strategy School Sports Partnerships Creative Partnerships Children’s Centres SKITT Teacher Training Providers
    4. 4. Extended Schools Coordinator A role to support schools in developing extended services and activities. - Local, accessible, integrated services - Wraparound childcare and menu of activities - Parenting support and information - Community access to facilities Recognition that schools cannot do this alone. Expectation that schools will partner with other agencies and organisations to deliver this remit.
    5. 5. “ There has been a long history of schools and other agencies working together to improve outcomes for children and young people”
    6. 6. A new way of working East Basildon have been engaged in numerous initiatives which have brought schools together. However, the same group of Head Teachers have led these initiatives and invested their energy. History of competition between schools. Mindset not easily dismissed. “What’s in it for me?” Tensions between the immediate needs of school and wider remit of Head Teachers.
    7. 7. Multiple and complex relationships School Social Care Adult Education Children’s Centres Police Health visitors School nurses Pupil Support Service Connexions Childcare providers School Sports Partnerships Other schools Excellence Cluster Other schools Other schools Other schools Other schools Other schools BIP Project Creative Partnerships Mental Health Services Traveller Education service Youth Service Education Welfare service PCT Clubs and Coaches Other schools Primary Learning Strategy Flying Start Businesses
    8. 8. Although local voluntary and statutory agencies work with the same children and families, there is limited coordination of their work. Local services all recognise the need to - have ready access to services - increase limited provision - respond quickly to need - avoid referral - create multi-agency provision - avoid multi-agency duplication Limited coordination
    9. 9. Local capacity Coordinator role and Local Delivery Group entity provides local capacity for active support and facilitation for schools collaboration. Sharing best practice. Peer support and evaluation. Professional development. Shared partnership fund and consortium bidding for support on joint activities.
    10. 10. <ul><li>Multi-agency collaboration founded on the partnership of the 23 Local Delivery Group extended schools; </li></ul><ul><li>A single organisation providing Special Educational Needs support, social services children’s services, school nursing, health visiting (children), aspects of primary care, child and adolescent psychiatry, secondary paediatrics and crime prevention; </li></ul><ul><li>Local service delivery to refocus support services towards the child in line with the principles set out in the Government paper ‘Every Child Matters’. </li></ul>Vision for East Basildon
    11. 11. QL5 HOY DHOY DFA, Administrative Services & Educ. Services and Data Management DFA, Administrative Services & Educ. Services and Data Management Tracking by and referrals to: Learning Support, OH Study Support, Attendance Support, LSU, Mentoring, Traveller Support, Gifted & Talented, Connexions, Work Based Learning, etc… Trainee Deputy Head (QL Targets) QL4 2 STs 2 HOYs 2 DHOYs QL3 2 STs 3 HOYs 3 DHOYs Associate Head, Curriculum. & Assessment (Teacher effectiveness & Classroom Climate) Assistant Head (T/t, Assessment, Targetsetting, Depts) Monitoring student progress and performance - QT and QL Monitoring performance and progress across the curriculum Assistant Head, (Prof. Services, Behaviour, Attendance) Deputy Head, QL and Professional Services CPD and GTP (supported by ASTs and 4 ½ day week ) CPD (supported by ASTs and 4 ½ day week ) Attainment, Attendance and Behaviour Policies Attainment, Attendance and Behaviour Policies HOD HOD HOD HOD HOD En Ma Sc Dt Pe etc.
    12. 12. Core targets and delivery Education – Foundation Partnership of ‘extended schools’ Health Police Social Services Other Services Targeted tracking systems Core and local service delivery Tracking by and referrals to a single organisation providing “extended school” services, Special Educational Needs support, social services children’s services, school nursing, health visiting (children), aspects of primary care, child and adolescent psychiatry, and crime prevention . Managed, multi-agency collaboration, delivery and funding
    13. 13. Information sharing “ Confident schools want to collaborate with others … to share resources and good practice”. Regular communications targeted at Head Teachers serves a wider purpose of informing school partners about issues and priorities. Use of technology.
    14. 14. Childcare providers Active support for new establishments on school sites. Relationship characterised by respect for partnership and information sharing. Facilitate discussion between clusters of schools and providers. Increased information sharing enabling providers to support and reinforce curriculum with after school activities, single day registration system and childcare provision on teacher only days.
    15. 15. Police schools liaison Desire for positive police presence in schools. Letter of introduction from Police Schools Liaison officer. School interest Police Opened communications, define expectations, commitment and outcomes.
    16. 16. Enthusiasm is infectious The power of influence, persuasion and negotiation. - Leadership and vision - Energy - Motivation - Passion - Drive - Conviction - Optimism - Opportunities and possibilities rather than limitations Generate engagement from individuals and organisations we have no control over.
    17. 17. The more you give, the more you get