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  • 1. European Social Dialogue Ellen Durst Paris, 9th October 2007
  • 2. Lisbon Strategy: Objectives
    • Transforming the EU into the world‘s leading knowledge-driven economy
    • Achieving more and better jobs in a more dynamic, innovative and attractive Europe
  • 3. Three Pillars Lisbon Strategy Economic Dimension Social Dimension Environmental Dimension
  • 4. What Happens Next?
    • Autumn 2007 : next national implementation reports
    • End 2007 : next Commission progress report and proposal to the 2008 Spring European Council for revision of the Integrated Guidelines for Growh and Jobs
  • 5. Social Policy Legislation Mobility Gender Equality Working Conditions Health & Safety Open Method of Coordination Employment Social Protection European Social Fund European Social Dialogue Social Agenda
  • 6. Social Dialogue: What Forms? Sectoral Social Dialogue Committees „ Val Duchesse“ Social Dialogue BIPARTITE Autonomous TRIPARTITE EWC Transnational Agreements Cross-industry Sectoral Company Tripartite Social Summit Macroeconomic dialog Dialogue on educatio Dialogue on employme ue n nt
  • 7. European Social Partners Adequate structures to ensure effective participation Recognised social partner at national level; capacity to negociate; in all Member States Cross-industry or specific sector/category; EU level
  • 8. Possible Outcomes
    • Better understanding Consensus building
    • Better capacity to promote the sectoral interests
    • Capacity to act together in an autonomous way
    Social Dialogue Table European Commission
  • 9. Possible Outcomes
    • Agreements
      • Framework agreement
      • Autonomous agreements
    • Recommendations (standards, principles)
      • Framework of action
      • Guidelines/Codes of conduct
      • Policy orientations
    • Exchange of information
      • Joint opinions
      • Declarations
      • Tools
    Implementation Follow-up at national level Information Diffusion
  • 10. Social Dialogue in Transport Transport Civil Aviation Road Transport Air Crew Inland Waterways Sea Transport Air Traffic Management Ground Handling Public Urban Transport Logistics (?) Railways
  • 11. Sectoral Social Partners Workers Employers (IAHA)
  • 12. Work Programme Guidelines on Just Culture at company level Workplace Health Promotion; Data protection; Working time Training and qualification Implications of FABs; Engineers‘ comptence scheme Air Crew Ground Handling ATM Just Culture
  • 13. Further information
    • EUROPA website for social dialogue:
    • Report
    • „ Industrial relations in Europe 2006“:
  • 14. Catering * Hospitals Life Performance Insurance Inland Waterways Industrial cleaning Horeca Commerce Civil Aviation Banking Audiovisual Temporary Work Telecom Sea Transport Road Transport Railways Private Secutiry Postal Services Personal Services Local Government Gas * Automobile * Non-ferrous Metal * Steel Chemical Woodworking Textile/Clothing Tanning/Leather Sugar Shipbuilding Furniture Footwear Electricity Construction Mines Sea Fishing Agriculture 1 Cross-industry Social Dialogue Committee 33 (+ 4) Sectoral Social Dialogue Committees