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Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China
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Promoting Logistics Outsourcing In China


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  • Transcript

    • 1. 如何开拓中国物流外包市场 Promoting Logistics Outsourcing in China 2006 年 7 月 26-27 日 , 成都 26-27 July 2006, Chengdu 吴汉松 美国总统轮船有限公司 美集物流运输有限公司 驻中国首席代表
    • 2.
      • 中国物流发展趋势及面临的挑战 China Logistics Trends and Challenges
      • 业务流程外包( BPO ):物流业务外包 Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Logistics Outsourcing
      • 业务流程外包实例 BPO Examples
      • 结论 Conclusion
      • 美集物流简介 About APL Logistics
      议程 Agenda
    • 3.
      • 中国物流发展趋势及面临挑战: 外包的潜力及外包的必求
      • China Logistics Trends and Challenges:
      • The Potential and Need for Outsourcing
    • 4. 中国物流开支 Logistics Spend In China 年份 Year Notes: a. Logistics Spend is 20% of GDP b. Only 10% of Logistics Spend is outsourced to 3PL’s Source: National Bureau of Statistics, China Statistical Yearbook 2004; National Bureau of Statistics plan report. - Last page update: 21 May 2006 WWW.CFTC.ORG.CN Jun,2006 : Jun,2006: Mercer on Travel and Transport 注: a. 物流花费占国内生产总值的 20% b. 仅有 10% 的物流花费外包给第三方物流提供商
    • 5. 行业挑战及趋势 Industry Challenges and Trends
      • 复杂化: 更加复杂的供应链整合需求
      • Complexity: More complex integrated Supply Chain Needs
      • 竞争: 高竞争环境(世贸 / 自由贸易区)
      • Competition: Highly competitive environment (WTO/FTA)
      • 伙伴管理: 要求减少伙伴,供应商和服务商的数量
      • Partner Management: Decrease in number of partners, vendors, and service providers required
      • 采购: 以中国作为重要市场的全球采购的增加
      • Sourcing: Increase in global sourcing with China as a key market
      • 成本压力: 高成本压力,向精简型物流发展
      • Cost Pressure: High cost pressure and move towards lean logistics
      • 信息可见度: 需要在早期就有高度可见度的信息
      • Information Visibility: Early visibility of information required
      • 灵活性 : 更高的出货频率 : 小批量 ( 国内市场 ), 大批量 ( 国际市场 )
      • Flexibility: Higher Delivery frequency in smaller shipments (domestic) and larger shipments
      • (international)
      • 可预见性 : 需要更高的预测能力
      • Predictability: Better forecasting required
      • 安全性 : 更严格的保安要求以及对 上游 供应链的控制
      • Security: Heightened security requirements and need to take control of upstream supply chain
    • 6. 全球趋势及中国视角 Global Trends and China Perspective 1960-1970s 人工 , 纸头计划 Manual, paper-based planning 功能性管理 Functional Management MRP 物料资源筹划 MRP II 及时到货,低库存生产 JIT, Kanban, Lean manufacturing 内部整合 Internal Integration 减支增效 Improve cost and quality ERP 企业资源筹划 信息共享 Information sharing APS 流程应用软件 外部整合 External Integration 全球一体化供应链 Globally Integrated Supply Chains 1980s 1990s 2000 +
      • 合作 Collaboration
      Complexity 中国 CHINA 复杂性
    • 7. II. 业务流程外包( BPO ) : 物流外包 Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Logistics Outsourcing
    • 8. 何谓 业务流程外包 (BPO) What is Business Process Outsourcing
      • BPO 是一段 全部业务流程 及 支持此段流程技术 的外包
      • BPO is the outsourcing on an entire business process and the technology underlying it
      • (Outsourcing Interest Group 2002)
      • BPO 是将一段可以 通过信息科技处理的流程 交给一家拥有 , 管理且运行某种能按照 预先定义的矩阵模式 来处理此流程的 第三方 来负责
      • BPO is the delegation of an IT-enabled process to a 3rd party that owns, administer and runs the
      • process according to a defined set of metrics
      • (Greater Data Request 2003)
      • BPO 很重要 , 因之与 股东价值 息息相关 . 它关系到优化业务操作来引导价值创造 , 它关系到 企业的表现 和 结果 .
      • BPO is important because it links to shareholder value . It is about optimizing business
      • performance to drive value creation. It is about business outcomes and results.
      • (Thom Mead, Senior VP, Spherion Outsourcing 2005)
    • 9. 何谓 物流外包 (BPO) What is Logistics Outsourcing (BPO) 成本节约 Cost Saving 效率提高 Productivity Gains 技术改善 Technology Improvement 流程重新整合 Process Reconfiguration 着重在核心业务流程 Focus on Core Business & Process
      • 物流外包是基于以下原因而选择专业物流服务提供商。
      • It is the selection engagement of specialized logistics service providers for the following reasons:
      • 降低成本 Reduce costs
      • 获取技术 Acquire Technology
      • 运用及获取专长和特别的技能
      • Leverage and obtain expertise/specialized skills
      • 获取其欠缺的管理流程
      • Obtain management process they don not have
    • 10. 物流外包 – 一个连续的概念:没有适合所有情况的单一模式 Logistics Outsourcing – A Continuum: No One Single Size (Model) Fits All 第三方 / 第四方物流公司 / 整合商 3 PL/4PL & Integrators 国内 / 区域内专攻某行业或某块市场的第三方物流公司 Domestic/Regional 3PL specializing in an industry or market segment 卡车运输公司 A trucking company 商业种类 Business Types 全球 Global 国内 / 区域内 Domestic/Regional 国内 / 多国 Domestic/Multi-country 地域 Geographic Spread 货物,文件,信息流用不同的运输模式整合在一起 Physical/Docs/Info flow integrated across different transport modes 货物,文件,信息流 Physical/Docs/Info flow 货物流,很少交易信息流 Physical, limited transactional info flows 流程 Flows 依结果定 Outcome-based 依结果定 Outcome-based 每笔交易 Per transaction 指标组合 Metrics 合同期限 Contract Duration BPO 模式 BPO Model BPO 类型 BPO Types 3-10 年 3-10 years 3-5 年 3-5 years 1-2 年 1-2 years 使功能更加有效, 引入最佳方式 Make functions more effective, introduce best practice 使流程更加高效,降低成本,提高服务水平 Make process more efficient- reduce cost,Raise service level 使用供应商的软件 Offload transactions from buyer, use provider’s software 综合型 Comprehensive 专一市场型 Niche 交易型 Transactional
    • 11. 业务流程外包指标组合 BPO Metrics
      • 双方必须在服务协定开始前先对 指标组合达成共识
      • Metrics must be mutually agreed before even the start of the service agreement
      无用的 指标组合: 衡量所有可以衡量的 Useless Metrics: Measure Everything that can be measured
      • 可产出 Deliverable metrics
      • 用户满意度 User satisfaction
      • 收入及成本冲击 (收入增长,成本减少或控制) Revenue & cost impact metrics (revenue generation, cost reduction or containment)
      业务结果(以衡量结果) Business Outcome Metrics (Measure Results)
      • 事件里程碑 Event Milestone
      • 人员流动 People Turnover
      • 风险管理 Risk Management Metrics
      • 战略冲击 Strategic Impact Metric
      • - 可靠性 Reliability metrics
      • 能力 Capacity metrics
      • 效率 Efficiency metrics
      • 服务支持 Service maintenance metrics
      变化(衡量计划中有关应对变化的进展) Transformation Metrics (Measure progress of planned change management) 服务(流程是否正常) Service Metrics (Health of Process)
    • 12. 业务流程外包中的不良做法 Bad BPO Practices
      • 不了解自身服务水平 not knowing own service levels
      • 提供一个不佳的商业案例 (低估目前成本)
      • presenting a very poor business case (underestimate current cost)
      • 在合同后外包管理投资不足 under-invest in post contract sourcing management
      • 单一外包 (无竞争) sole sourcing (no competition)
      • 不使用外部有经验的顾问 not using external experienced advisors
      BPO 中客户的不良做法 Bad BPO Practices of Customers BPO 中服务商的不良做法 Bad BPO Practices of Providers
      • 认定生意会永远持续 assume business is forever
      • 报价过低,影响业务运营 buying the business with low price quoted
      • 没能派出在此供应链中彼此了解的最佳人选 failure to assign best people in the supply chain that understand each others’ role
    • 13. 运营成本 周转资本 收入 股东价值 利润率 投资 固定成本 改善的订单周期 提高的产品质量和供应率 降低的运营成本 物流管理的专长 持续提高 加快到达市场的速度 减少的物流及 IT 投资 增加全球市场覆盖 通过物流外包创造价值 – 从交易关系向伙伴关系发展
      • 运用在供应链设计和整合方面的专长
      • 全球网络覆盖
      • 海关规定及快速且可预见交货方面的知识
      • 通过整合供应链伙伴的信息,以达到快速决定
      • 例外管理
      • 通过单一节点界面降低整合及交流成本
      • 运用物流公司的基础设施和知识
      • 将规定成本变为变动成本,或反之
    • 14. Operating Cost Working Capital Revenue Shareholder Value Profitability Capital Investment Fixed Capital Improved Order Cycle Enhanced Product Quality & Availability Reduced Operation Costs Logistics Management Expertise Continuous Improvement Improved Speed to Market Reduced Logistics IT investment Increased Global Reach Value Creation in Logistics BPO – Moving from Transactional Relationships
      • Leverage expertise in providing supply
      • chain design and
      • integration
      • Global network coverage
      • Knowledge of customs
      • regulations and speedy &
      • predictable delivery
      • Quick decision making
      • thru’ integration of supply
      • chain partners information
      • Exception management
      • Reduce integration and
      • communication cost
      • through single point of
      • interface
      • Leverage on IT infrastructure and knowledge of logistics companies
      • Change fixed to variable costs & vice versa
    • 15. BPO 物流外包不应包括什么 What is NOT BPO/Logistics Outsourcing BPO 不是将全部流程交托出去。 BPO is NOT about handing over an entire process. 管理控制,政策设定,决策及在流程背后的战略部分应该保留。 Governance, policy –setting, decision-making and the strategy behind the process has to be retained.
    • 16. III. BPO 实例 (将于讲演时提供) BPO Examples (to be introduced at presentation)
    • 17. IV. 总结 Summary
    • 18. 我们谈到 : We Have Covered:
      • 不同程度的物流外包
      • Logistics BPO in varying Degrees
      • 越复杂,收益潜力越大
      • The more comprehensive, the more potential for benefits
      • 指标组合 是重要的
      • Metrics are important
      • 物流外包的实例
      • Logistics BPO Examples
    • 19. 如何给中国带来更多的物流外包 How Do We Bring More Logistics Outsourcing to China
      • 从世界的其他地方把物流外包移到中国的 两个领域
      • 2 Areas where we can move logistics outsourcing from other parts of the world to China:
      • a). 第四方物流机会 4PL opportunities
      • b). 区域管理中心 / 电话中心类工作 RAC/Call Center Type activities
    • 20.
      • 挑战 Challenges:
      • 如何宣传中国作为 物流和供应链的最佳中心?
      • How do we promote China as a center for logistics & Supply Chain Excellence ?
      • 如何通过教育和培训系统创造此方面专长? 大学应尽量加办物流管理和工业工程方面的课程
      • How do we create expertise through education system and training ?
      • (more courses in universities on logistics management & industrial engineering training)
      • 如何促进很多本地公司的 思维模式从交易型物流外包向合作型物流外包转变 ?
      • How do we facilitate a mindset change from transactional to collaborative & comprehensive
      • logistics outsourcing for many local firms?
      • 减少政策性阻碍 (市场阻碍,货币条规,执照等)
      • Reduce regulatory barriers (domestic trade barriers, currency rules, licensing)
      • 改善在主要物流中心周边的信息和通讯技术 Improve information and telecommunications technology
      • outside of the main logistics centers
      • 改善基础设施, 减少地区不均衡 ,转移采购重心 , 向 二线城镇发展,由此也可以降低高运输成本
      • Improve infrastructure and reduce regional imbalance with the shift in sourcing focus to second-tier
      • cities, thereby reducing high transport costs as well
      • 发展国内物流工业 (高度分散,企业管理水平和硬件设施有待提高)
      • Develop domestic logistics industry (highly fragmented, poor facilities and management)
      如何给中国带来更多的物流外包机会 How Do We Bring More Logistics Outsourcing to China
    • 21. V. 美集物流简介 About APL Logistics
    • 22. 海皇轮船集团 NOL Group 工业 Industrial 高科技 Hi Tech 汽车 Automotive 零售 / 服装 Retail/Apparel
      • 海皇轮船集团 建于 1968 年
      • NOL Founded in 1968
      • 全球运输和物流集团
      • Global Transportation & Logistics Group
      • 在新加坡上市 Listed in Singapore Stock Exchange
      • 2005 年营业额 72.7 亿美元
      • Total Net Revenue USD 7.27 billion
      • 美集物流创建于 1980 年 APLL established in 1980
      • 全球性的第三方物流企业 Global 3PL
      • 在亚洲和美洲拥有强大的业务网络
      • Exceptional strength in Asia & Americas
      • 2005 年营业额 72.7 亿美元 2005 Total Net Revenue USD 1.29 billion
      进口物流 Inbound Logistics 出口物流 Inbound Logistics 售后物流 After Sales Logistics 反向物流 Reverse Logistics
    • 23. 业务发展 Business Development 物流工程 Logistics Engineering 特种货物 Special Cargo 信息科技 Information Technology 客户服务 Customer Service 操作管理 Operations Management 运输管理 Transportation Management 人力资源和财务 Human Resource & Finance 5,000 雇员 I 2120 万立方米运输量 I 271 个办公室 I 2600 万平方英尺仓库面积 I 172 个城市 I 55 个国家 5,000 Employees I 21.2 m Cbm Turnover I 271 Offices I 26 m ft2 Warehouse I 172 Cities I 55 Countries 组织结构 Organization United States of America Canada Mexico Argentina Brazil Chile Columbia Costa Rica Dominican Republic El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Jamaica Nicaragua Peru Venezuela 美洲 Americas United Kingdom Germany Netherlands Czech Republic France Italy Portugal Spain Turkey Sweden Finland Norway Denmark Belgium 欧洲 Europe Singapore Indonesia Malaysia Thailand Vietnam Cambodia India Sri Lanka Bangladesh Pakistan Japan Korea Philippines UAE Australia 亚洲 / 中东 Asia / Middle East Brunei Fiji Mauritius South Africa Lesotho Swaziland Madagascar Kenya Oman Bahrain Egypt Qatar Myanmar Saipan 大中华区 Greater China Hong Kong China Taiwan Macau
    • 24. 在中国的实力 China Capabilities Shanghai Dalian Tianjin Shenyang Yantai Shijiazhuang Beijing Jinan Qingdao Lianyungang Nanjing Zhengzhou Xian Shuzhou Wuxi Nantong Ningbo Hefei Chongqing Chengdu Changsha Fuzhou Xiamen Shenzhen Guangzhou Harbin Changchun Zhangjiagang Hong Kong Hangzhou
      • 美国总统轮船和美集物流在中国 APL and APLL in China :
      • 区域总部在上海
      • Regional Office in Shanghai
      • 中国有 40 个办公室 40 Offices
      • 1150 名员工 1150 Staff
      • 外商独资企业 Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE)
      • 空运代理执照 Air Forwarding License
      • 无船承运人执照 Non-Vessel Operated Common Carrier License (NVOCC)
      • 美集物流的合资子公司长安民生物流有限公司在香港上市 Changan, Minsheng, APL Logistics Company (CMAL) Automotive JV
      • 志勤美集科技物流有限公司拥有进出口权和拖车执照 APLL–Zhiqin Technology Logistics Ltd (Import & Export Business License and Trucking Operation License)
      APL APLL Wuhan
    • 25.
      • Vendor Mgmt
      • Pdtn
      • Compliance
      • PO / Doc Mgmt
      • Tpt Mgmt
      • Tpt Mgmt
      • Cross-dock Mgmt
      • Warehouse Mgmt
      • Distribution Mgmt
      • Bookg/Doc Mgmt
      • Value Added Svcs
      • 出口报关管理
      • 运费管理
      • 分运管理
      • 仓库管理
      • 增值服务
      货物流 Product Flow 速度 Velocity, 灵活性 Flexibility 可预测性 Predictability 信息流 Information Flow 增加可见度,提高决策速度 Increase Visibility & Accelerate Decision Making 单据流 Document Flow 准确且及时 Accuracy & Timeliness 供应链可见度 Supply Chain Visibility 多个商店 Multiple Stores 产品出运 Product Shipped 多个供货商 Multiple Vendors 分拨中心 DC 清关 Customs Cleared 港口 Port APLL Office APLL CFS/ WH 拖车 Truck 拖车 Truck 整箱货物 Full Container Load 全球门到门定时国际物流运输服务 Global End-to-End & Time Definite Int’l Logistics & Transportation Services 眼光和战略 Vision & Strategy
      • 供应商管理
      • 生产
      • 遵守与符合
      • 订单 / 单据管理
      • 仓库管理
      • 配送管理
      • 订舱文件管理
      • 增值服务
      • Export
      • Customs Mgmt
      • Freight Mgmt
      • Import
      • Customs Mgmt
      • Deconsol Mgmt
      • Warehouse
      • Mgmt
      • Value Added
      • Svcs
      港口 Port 清关 Customs Cleared 零售店 Retail Outlet
      • 运输管理
      • 运输管理
      财物流 Financial Flow 交易速度及节省 Transactional Speed & Savings
    • 26. 相互关联的程度 Level of interaction 松散 Loose 紧密 Tight 供应链增值 Supply Chain Value-Add 销售产品 Sell Product 提供重要贡献 Make Important Contributions 从交易关系到成为客户向外延伸的物流机构 From Transactional Relationship to Being a Customer’s Extended Logistics Organization 按规定运送产品 Deliver commodity that meets specifications 提供好的产品和服务 Deliver “good” products & services 提供好的客户服务和支持 Provide good customer service & support 为客户商务问题提供解决方案 Articulate solutions to customer business issues 按客户的组织问题整合方案 Integrate solutions to customer organization issues 我们的志向 Our Aspiration
    • 27. 谢谢! Thank You !