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Popular Culture Workshop Popular Culture Workshop Presentation Transcript

  • Be UK Hip! A Pre-Departure Orientation Program on Contemporary British Culture British Pop Culture in the 21 st Century
  • Popular Culture in the U.K.
    • Introduction
  • Popular Culture in the U.K.
    • Pop Music
    • Media
    • British Society & Royal Family
    • Rugby & Football
    • Immigrant Communities
    • Raffle Prizes
  • Manic Pop Thrill: A Popular Music Miscellany from the U.K.                                                                          
  • Music Continuum International Pop (they wish) British Mainstream British Alternative Kylie, Robbie, etc. Libertines, Stereolab, etc. Folk and Underground (punk, etc.)
  • Robbie Williams
  • Kylie
  • Music Continuum International Pop (they wish) British Mainstream British Alternative Kylie, Robbie, etc. Libertines, Stereolab, etc. Folk and Underground (punk, etc.)
  • The Libertines
  • Stereolab
  • Angelic Upstarts
  • New Musical Express
  • Music Continuum International Pop (they wish) British Mainstream British Alternative Kylie, Robbie, etc. Libertines, Stereolab, etc. Folk and Underground (punk, etc.)
  • Roy Bailey
  • Oysterband
  • Chumbawamba
  • Media: The Pulse of Pop Culture
    • Television
    • Newspapers
    • Magazines
    • Radio
  • BBC and PBS
    • BBC = British Broadcasting Corporation
      • TV and radio
      • Funded by annual TV tax of ~$229 USD
      • 10 year government charter
      • Next charter review in 2006
      • No advertisements
      • Known worldwide
    • PBS = Public Broadcasting System
      • Funded by US federal appropriations
      • Politically charged and politically dependant
  • Television
    • “ Telly” or “the box”
    • Explicit
    • Bable: SKY, NTL, ITV
    • Following celebrities & shows
  • Popular Programs
    • East Enders – evening drama, working class story
    • Coronation Street – longest running evening drama
    • Reality TV – Pop Idol, Big Brother
    • Game Shows – Weakest Link
    • West Wing, Friends, Sex in the City
  • Newspapers
  • Guardian v. Telegraph
  • Media & Social Class
    • “ Class is to the UK, what race is to the US.”
    • US v. UK characterization
    • “ Posh”
    • Media choices can tell a story
  • Tabloids
  • Radio & Magazines
    • The New Statesman
    • Economist
    • Spectator
    • Private Eye
    • TimeOut
    • Hello, OK!
  • UK News – Know before you go!
    • NU Library
    • Newsstand on Main & Chicago
    • Borders / Barnes & Noble
    • Your homepage
    • Read multiple sources
    • Know US news too!
  • British Society & the Royal Family
    • Are we subjects
    • or citizens?
  • British Society & the Royal Family
    • Headline on the BBC website: “Are we subjects or citizens?” (21 January 2005)
      • OED Dictionary: “A subject is someone ‘under dominion of a monarch...A citizen however is someone who does have rights.”
      • “While we are legally subjects because there isn’t a piece of paper that says otherwise, the sweep of history generally finds that we are citizens.”
  • Questions
    • Who are the members of the Royal Family?
    • What sort of place do they hold in British society?
    • What can we learn about British society today from the Royal Family?
  • The House of Windsor
  • Who are the British Royals?
    • Queen Elizabeth II (born 1926; ascended 1952)
    • The Queen is the Head of State and the Head of the Church of England
    • “ The Queens Speech” at Christmas
  • Queen’s Jubilee - 2002
    • Queen celebrated 50 years of rule in 2002
    • Lots of bridges and monuments throughout the country named in recognition of the Jubilee
  • Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh
    • The Queen’s husband
    • Duke of Edinburgh
    • Dour
  • Charles, Prince of Wales
    • Prince of Wales
    • Future king
    • Husband of Diana and now Camilla Parker-Bowles
    • Father of William and Harry
    • Gardens, hunts, paints
  • Andrew, Duke of York
    • Charles’ brother; Father of Beatrice and Eugenie
  • Edward and Sophie, Duke & Duchess of Wessex
    • Charles’ brother and sister-in-law
  • Order of the British Empire
    • Highest civilian honor awarded in Britain
    • Sir Elton John
    • David Beckham, OBE
  • What do British people think of the Monarchy?
    • Many, but not all, British people have frustrations with the monarchy.
    • A BBC Poll:
      • Is the monarchy out of date?
        • Yes: 41%
        • No: 57%
      • Does the Royal Family cost too much money?
        • Yes: 44%
        • No: 54%
  • British Opinion Continued…
    • Monarchy seen as a source of international good will and a traditional symbol
    • Also a lasting tradition
      • As recently as January 2005, the government faced down a proposal to change the 18th century Act of Settlement
    • Value of traditions in Britain most likely higher than in the United States
  • But... Tradition or Trash?
    • Royal blunders in the tabloid press
      • E.g. Prince Harry caught wearing a Nazi costume
  • Blurring the Line with Celebrity Culture
    • “ American” royalty are usually thought of as our celebrities, our richest people
    • But this is starting to happen in modern Britain, too.
    • E.g. “Posh and Becks”
  • The Hooligan’s Game Played by Gentlemen Rugby Union
  • Rugby Rules!
    • 2 nd sport of England and Scotland – “middle class” – 1 st in Wales and played by all.
    • England current world champions (Wilkinson and Woodward in press).
    • 6 Nations championship involves Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy. Perfect Day
    • No forward passes!
    • Rugby Union’s rules at http://www.334notout.com/rugby/rules.htm
    • Britain’s Pastime
    Football Britain’s Pastime         
  • Cultural Quiz
    • You and your mates decide to have a game of football in the park. What do you need to take?
        • (a) A ball
        • (b) A ball and 2 coats
        • (c) A leather egg, 50 crash helmets, 4 tons of body armour, 20 cheerleaders, a marching band with a grand piano on a trolley, and a team of orthopaedic surgeons.
  • Enormous Popularity
    • The “pick-up game” (adults and children).
    • Popularity of amateur game (excuse to booze?).
    • The pub subject.
    • Importance of local teams and derbies (Tottenham Vs Arsenal, Rangers Vs Celtic, Cardiff Vs Swansea).
  • The League, The Cup and Europe
    • Premiership and three other “divisions”. 3 up, 3 down tradition, points system.
    • All-encompassing English FA Cup.
    • European Champions’ League (4 from England).
    • Differing “national leagues”.
  • Other Considerations
    • Importance of local teams and the “gear” (compare to high-school games in USA).
    • Ubiquitous cultural icons (Beckham, Ferguson, Wenger, Keegan, Thierry Henry!)
    • Importance of England’s national side.
    • Minor possibility of hooligans and racism.
  • Familiar Faces of Football
  • SOME OTHER LONDONERS Immigrants & Multiculturalism Art work developed by UK multicultural group of young adults for a project dealing with issues of culture and identity, commonality and difference in an inner city area fraught with racial tension.
  • The First Black Londoner? John Blanke, African Trumpeter, at Westminster Tournament (1511)
  • Ignatius Sancho (1729-1780) Writer and musician from portrait by Thomas Gainsborough
  • Mary Seacole (1805-1881) Nurse during Crimean war, wrote memoir
  • Hindu Tract Seller
  • Joe Clough London Bus Driver (1908)
  • Indian Suffragettes
  • African Pygmies in Westminster (1905)
  • West Indian arrivants in Clapham Air Raid Shelter
  • Louise Bennett
  • “ To Let” Sign (Notting Hill)
  • S.S. Empire Windrush, with passengers
  • West Indians arriving at Waterloo Station
  • Lord Kitchener (2 nd from left) and Band in London Session; singing “London is the Place for Me” (1951)
  • Jamaican immigrants perusing the tube map
  • Linton Kwesi Johnson performing “Inglan Is a Bitch” (1980)
  • Sikhs sheltered in crypt of Christ Church, Spitalfields during the Blitz
  • Christ Church, Spitalfields
  • East End
  • Stencil Graffito (Spitalfields)
  • Brick Lane
  • Spitalfields Market
  • Pub, Brick Lane (Spitalfields)
  • Still from Hanif Kureishi’s London Kills Me
  • Popular Culture in the U.K.
    • Are you UK HIP?
    Quiz & Raffle
    • The Guardian and The Times share the same political viewpoint. True or False.
    Are you UK HIP? FALSE The Times is conservative and the Guardian is left wing and less traditionalist.
    • What type of tax do British citizens pay to fund the BBC?
    Are you UK HIP? TV Tax TV owner pay an annual tax of $150US which supports the BBC.
    • Who are Posh and Becks?
    Are you UK HIP? Victoria and David Beckham (Formerly) Posh Spice and England’s football star, a.k.a. celebrity royalty
    • According to the 2001 census, approximately what percentage of the population in London is made up of ethnic minorities (non-white)? How about in the UK overall?
    Are you UK HIP? 28.9% and 7.9%
    • The Welsh love a good game of __________?
    Are you UK HIP? Rugby (rules)!
      • Please join us for the next ‘Mind the Gap’ session:
      • Hogwarts & Oxbridge?
    • British Education from A to Z
    • Wednesday, May 4
    What’s Next? Same time & place