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Pearl Academy Of Fashion

  1. 1. PEARL ACADEMY OF FASHION Slide 1 of 23
  2. 2. Pearl Academy of Fashion Founded in 1993 A unit of Little People Education Society (LPES) Sponsored by Pearl Global Limited Slide 2 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  3. 3. Vision Statement The Pearl Academy of Fashion’s core purpose is to provide education and service for the development of society. The Academy is committed to excellence, innovation, customer satisfaction and development through self and shared efforts. Slide 3 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  4. 4. Quality Policy Pearl Academy of Fashion is committed to provide professional services associated with education and training in the fields of design, business and technology by adhering to international standards, which are reviewed continuously for improvement to accomplish consistent customer satisfaction. Slide 4 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  5. 5. Quality Assurance Each facet of the Academy – curriculum, teaching methodology, resources, relation with other academic institutions, industry and community – are constantly subjected to objective evaluation. Critical evaluations and monitoring is a continuous process at the Academy. There is focus on faculty development and commitment of individual faculty to quality. 25 faculty are currently registered in a PGCHE programme towards the same objective. Slide 5 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  6. 6. Fact Sheet New Delhi 2003-2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 600 Students 850 Regular 850 Regular Students approx. Students approx. 33 Regular 36 Regular 45 Regular faculty faculty faculty 15 Guest 25 Guest 30 Guest faculty faculty faculty Total 32,500 Total 50,000 Total 50,000 Sq. ft. area Sq. ft. area Sq. ft area + Hostel Facilities Slide 6 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  7. 7. Jaipur 2005-2006 64 students 14,250 Sq. ft. area
  8. 8. Affiliations Nottingham Trent University (NTU), UK LDT Nagold, Germany International College of Professional Photography, Australia Slide 7 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  9. 9. Networking Hong Kong Polytechnic University Amsterdam Fashion Institute International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes Netherlands Management Cooperation Programme German Development Corporation London Center for Fashion Studies Apparel Export Promotion Council India Trade Promotion Organization Fashion Design Council of India National Retail Federation Centrum for Internationale Migration Indo German Export Promotion Project Export Promotion Council For Handicrafts National Institute of Design Slide 8 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  10. 10. Undergraduate Programmes (Validated By NTU) 4 - Year B.A (Honours) Degree Programmes Fashion Design & Technology Textile Design & Management Communication Design Jewellery Design & Technology Fashion Merchandising & Production Fashion Retail & Merchandise Management Slide 9 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  11. 11. Post-Graduate Programmes 11/2 -Year M.A Degree in Fashion Design (Validated by NTU) 2-Year Diploma in Fashion Design (Indian Wear) 2-Year Diploma in Apparel Management 2-Year Diploma in Fashion Retail Management Slide 10 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  12. 12. Certificate Programmes 12 Months Applied and Professional Photography Fashion and Media Make Up International Fashion Business (Starts in 2006) 6 Months Apparel Merchandising Graphic Design Clothing Foundation (Intermediate) Clothing Foundation (Basic) Computer Aided Design Fabric management Fashion Entrepreneurship (Starts in 2006) Slide 11 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  13. 13. Short Term Workshops Social compliance Garment washing / finishing Trims & Accessories Fit and fall of garments CAD Quality Assurance for textiles and apparel Merchandising Systems Spa & Beauty Therapies Fashion & Media Make up Slide 12 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  14. 14. Annual Events & Promotions Portfolio Pearl Utsav Fabric Folio Photography Exhibition Synthesis Continuum Sports Fiesta Slide 13 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  15. 15. Students Activities National and international contests Interaction with eminent personalities In-house exhibitions, shows, and displays Plan Clan competitions and festivals (Valentopia, Holi festival, X-mas Carnival) Slide 14 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  16. 16. Student Support Services Scholarship Placement Internship Exchange Programme Study Tours Slide 15 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  17. 17. Outreach Activities Pearl Academy of Fashion India Limited Images Pearl Retail Solutions / Indian Retail School Pearl Business School NGO’s/ Government Organizations Slide 16 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  18. 18. PAF Branches New Delhi (India) Jaipur (India) Chennai (India) PAF Franchises Ludhiana (India) Sharjah (UAE) Dhaka (Bangladesh) Slide 17 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  19. 19. Expansion Plans Mumbai Kolkatta Slide 18 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  20. 20. PAF- New Delhi : Financials Year 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 Rs. (in lacs) Rs. (in lacs) Rs. (in lacs) Revenue 500 667 927 Net Profit 32 58 179 Projections for FY 2005-06 : Revenue : INR 1058 lacs Net Profit : INR 219 lacs Slide 19 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  21. 21. PAF- Jaipur : Financials Year 2005-2006 Rs. (in lacs) Revenue 82 Total Expenses 152 Estimated Loss 70 Depreciation, pre-operative & interest included Slide 20 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion
  22. 22. Investment plans Proposed Centers Proposed Investment Rs. (in lacs) Chennai 200 Kolkata 200 Mumbai, own investment in land, building & equipments 1500 Own building in Jaipur (Kukas industrial area) 1000 Pearl Business School & PAF 4350 Slide 21 of 23 Pearl Academy of Fashion