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National Youth Media Campaign
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National Youth Media Campaign


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Published in: News & Politics, Business
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  • Transcript

    • 1. NATIONAL YOUTH MEDIA CAMPAIGN Media Plan Recommendation April, 1998
    • 2. Table of Contents
      • I. Media Plan Development Process
      • II. Overall Media Objectives
      • III. Media Strategies
        • Target Audience
        • Geography
        • National/Local Media Balance
        • Scheduling
        • Communication Goals
        • Budget
      8 10 12-16 17 18 19-20 21 22 Page
    • 3.
      • IV. Media Tactics
        • Recommended Media Elements
        • Multi-Media Corporate Packages
          • Media Events Approach
          • Existing Media Events
          • Custom Made Media Events
          • Media Plan Elements
          • National Television
          • National Radio
      Table of Contents 24 25-29 25-29 30 31 32-36 38-43 44 Page
    • 4.
          • National Print
          • In-School
          • Cinema
          • Video Arcades
          • Local Television
          • Local Radio
          • Local Newspaper
          • Out-of-Home
          • Prototypical Online Media Plan
      Table of Contents IV. Media Tactics
          • 45-46
          • 47-48
          • 49
          • 50
          • 51-53
          • 54-55
          • 56
          • 57-58
          • 60-72
    • 5. Table of Contents
      • V. Recommended Media Plan
        • Spending Allocation/Flowcharts
      • VI. Media Plan Delivery Analysis
      • VII. Media Match Strategies
      • VIII. Conclusion
        • 74-81
        • 83-84
        • 86-87
        • 89
    • 6.
      • IX. Appendix
        • “A Day In The Life” of the Target Audience
        • Target Audience Media Usage Analyses
        • CPM Analysis
        • Planning Cost Assumptions Summary
        • Print Ranking Report
        • Sample Local Radio Ranking Report
        • Considered Media Elements Summary
        • TV Wear-out Analysis
      Table of Contents
    • 7. I. Media Plan Development Process
    • 8. Media Plan Development Process
      • Coordinated effort including input from ONDCP, Creative Media, Porter Novelli, PDFA and Campaign Design Expert Panel.
      • Innovative approach to media plan given the need to break through and stand out.
      • Conservative estimates used to allow for realistic, achievable objectives.
      • Bates/Zenith incorporated recommended media plan strategies into the planning and execution of Phase I.
    • 9. II. Overall Media Objectives
    • 10. Overall Media Objectives
      • Elevate the awareness and profile of the anti-drug campaign to levels previously unobtainable via the use of solely pro bono support.
      • Provide levels of reach and frequency of exposure which will provide an effective continuous presence for the anti-drug campaign, recognizing that drug abuse is an everyday problem.
    • 11. III. Media Strategies
    • 12. Target Audience Emphasis Youth 9-10 12.5% Youth 11-13 25% Youth 14-18 12.5% Other Adult Influencers 10% Parents 40%
    • 13. Media Buying Targets
      • Media Buying Targets
      Campaign Targets Youth 6–11 12–18 9 10 11 12 13 Parents and Other Adult Influencers Adults 25–54 14 15 16 17 18
    • 14. Target Audience
      • Marketing Targets
      • Primary: Youth ages 9-18
        • Primary focus on middle school
        • Secondary focus on high school
        • Tertiary focus on late elementary
      • Secondary: Parents and other primary caregivers of youth ages 9-18
    • 15. Target Audience
      • Marketing Targets
      • Tertiary: Other youth influentials (e.g. other adult family members, older siblings, teachers, principals, coaches, faith community, youth group leaders, mentors, health care providers, celebrities)
      • Ethnic target segments will be delivered proportionate to their representation within the population.
    • 16. Target Audience
      • The media plan is inclusive in its delivery of all ethnic segments that compose the target audience:
      29 MM (11%) 195 MM (73%) 10 MM (4%) 32 MM (12%) Source: 1990 Census 2 MM (<1%)
    • 17. Geography
      • Provide national support recognizing that drug abuse is a nationwide problem.
      • Utilize local media vehicles in order to allow for localization of advertising messages.
        • Support community-based anti-drug organizations
        • Encourage corporate partnerships at a local level
        • Maximize media match potential
    • 18. National/Local Media Balance
      • Media usage must balance the inherent economic efficiency of national media vs. the need to localize messages and connect with important grass-roots activity.
        • On average, teen-directed local media carries a 37% premium vs. national media elements
      • The communication strategy calls for the achievement of the following message delivery objectives:
      • Adults Youth 9-18
      • National Messages 90% 50%
      • Localized Messages 10% 50%
    • 19. Scheduling Strategies
      • Create high impact “Media Events” during the year (i.e., quarterly) to generate significantly higher awareness levels than would be provided by a purely continuity-based plan.
      • Build “Media Events” around high rated, high profile television events, while allowing for scheduling flexibility pending final negotiated television packages.
      • Provide effective sustaining media levels to bridge periods in between the “Media Events.”
    • 20. Scheduling Strategy
    • 21. Communication Goals
      • The media plan has been built using a “task-based” approach.
      • The combination of media elements will achieve desired communication effectiveness.
      • The stated target audience reach/frequency goal is 90/4.0 on a weekly basis.
      • During select times of year, advertising will be at even higher levels to create large spikes of awareness, visibility and impact.
    • 22. Budget
      • Develop the paid annual media plan using a budget of $150MM gross.
    • 23. IV. Media Tactics
    • 24. Recommended Media Elements
      • NATIONAL
      • National Television
      • National Radio
      • National Print
      • LOCAL
      • Local Television
      • Local Radio
      • Newspapers
      • Out-Of-Home
      Multi-Media Packages Special TV Events In-School Cinema Video Arcades Online
    • 25. The Corporate Media Partnerships Approach
      • Campaign objectives will best be served by elevating the negotiation of media components to the highest corporate levels within multi-media companies.
        • Maximizes the potential of the Media Match
          • Recognizes varying intra-company demand on media inventory
        • Leverages full marketing synergies
          • Maximizes the use of both traditional and non-traditional media components
        • Encourages the involvement and commitment of top management
          • Increases the likelihood of successful and coordinated execution
    • 26. Potential Corporate Media Partners
      • CBS TV Network
      • Nashville Network
      • Country Music Television Network
      • CBS Radio Network
      • NBC Radio Network
      • The NeXt Net
      • Westwood One Radio Networks
      • TDI
      • ABC TV Network
      • ABC Radio Networks
      • ESPN Networks
      • Disney Magazine
      • Radio Disney
      • Theme Parks
      • Home Videos
      • Fox Broadcasting
      • Fox Kid’s Network
      • Fox Sports Net
      • Fox Family Channel
      • FX
      • News America Digital Publishing
      • News America FSI
      • TV Guide
    • 27. Potential Corporate Media Partners
      • NBC TV Network
      • MSNBC
      • CNBC
      • DC Comics
      • NBA
      • Inside Stuff
      • Parenting
      • People, Teen People
      • Sports Illustrated
      • SI for Kids
      • Time, Time for Kids
      • WB
      • CNN, CNN/SI
      • TBS
      • TNT
      • Cartoon Network
      • Home Videos
      • Online
      • Direct Mail
      • Book/CD Clubs
      • Cable/Magazine Bills
    • 28. Potential Corporate Media Partners
      • Primedia
      • Channel One
      • Cover Concepts
      • Lifetime Learning Systems
      • Seventeen
      • Weekly Reader
      • MTV
      • Nickelodeon
      • Nick-At-Nite
      • VH-1
      • Blockbuster
    • 29. Potential Corporate Media Partners
      • Electronic Communication Boards in High Schools
      • Teen/Teachers Web Sites
      • Custom Events/Promotions
      • Custom Elementary, Junior High and High School Programs
      • Sampling/Distribution
      • Retailer Tie-ins (e.g., Toys R Us, Blockbuster)
      • Scholastic Magazines
      • Book Clubs/Book Fairs
      • Classroom Television/Video
      • Online Site/In-School
      • Television/Movie Production
      • Software Clubs/Catalog
      • Community Parks Association
    • 30. Media Events Approach
      • Quarterly “Media Events” will consist of a combination of existing television/media events and custom made media events developed with media partners.
      • Existing and custom made media events will provide strong delivery of the target segments, as well as high profile “showcase” environments.
    • 31. Existing Media Events SPORTING EVENTS AWARD SHOWS
    • 32. Custom Made Media Events
      • Themed “Touched by an Angel”/ “Walker Texas Ranger”
      • Themed Half Hour Comedy
      • Cast Member PSA’s in Program
      • News Hour/CBS This Morning
      • Sports Tags
      • Miss Teen USA
      • Music Assistance Program
      • Ask The Expert Days on CBS O&O’s
      • NCAA Tournament Tie-ins
      • Grammy Awards Tie-ins
      • Themed Interstitials on TGIF and Saturday morning
      • PSA’s using Wonderful World of Disney/ TGIF/Sport Figures/ ESPN Talent
      • Anti-Drug Program-ming on GMA, WNT, 20/20, Soaps, Sports, etc.
      • ESPN/ESPN2 “Cutting Edge Sports” Sponsorship
      • Secure Partner to Provide and Distribute Brochure
      • Mall Video Kiosks, McDonald’s and American Airlines Exposure
      • ESPN Radio Network In-Program Segments
      • ABC Radio Network Musician/Celebrity Interviews
      • National “No To Drugs” Day
      • Disney Drug Awareness Symposium
      • Online Tie-ins/Sponsorships with ABC, ESPN and Disney
    • 33. Custom Made Media Events
      • Teen Saturday Tie-In
      • Drug Awareness Day, Week or Month (Themed Line-up)
      • “ Party of Five” Episode
      • TV Guide Tie-in
      • News American FSI
      • FOX Kids Network
      • FOX Family Channel
      • PSA’s on Video Releases
      • “ Celebrity” Advertorial Series in Time Inc. Magazines
      • Customized DC Comic Books
      • NBA Tie-ins Through SI for Kids/Inside Stuff
      • US Comedy Arts Special Sponsorship
      • Book, CD and Video Clubs
      • Cable Bills
    • 34. Custom Made Media Events
      • MTV News Specials, Movie Awards, Video Music Awards, Sports and Music Festival
      • Nickelodeon News Segments, Kids Choice Awards, Nick Takes Over Your School, The Big Help
      • Blockbuster Anti-Drug PSA “Loop”, Store Locations used as Entry Point for Marketing Programs
      • “ Drug Report Card”
      • Channel One Town Hall Event
      • Pre-Prom Event in Seventeen Magazine, Weekly Reader and Channel One
      • In-School Curriculum Programs (Back-to-School and New Year’s Resolution)
      • National PTA Drug Awareness Week
      • “ Stay Cool” Summer Program with Channel One, Weekly Reader, In-School, Lifetime Learning Systems (i.e. Summer Camp Program)
      • Online Promotion
      • Drug Free World Coloring /Craft Project
      • Say No To Drugs Essay Contest
      • Say No To Drugs Pledge Program
      • What Next Traveling Tour
    • 35. Custom Made Media Events
      • Custom Comic Book Section Series and Distribution
      • Teen Poster Contest
      • Teen Anti-Drug Pledge
      • Sponsored Interactive CD
    • 36. Custom Made Media Events
      • Music Calender Series Profiling Musicians Whose Lives Have Become Affected by Drug Abuse, Speaking with Band Members, family members.
      • On Air “Fantasy Concert” and Interviews with Bands Plagued by Drug Abuse
      • Musician and Sports Figure PSA’s
      • Incorporate Drug Abuse discussion into Interview Shows/ other Relevant Programming
      • Presence at Affiliated Concert Events
      • Tie-Ins with Grammy Awards and other major events
    • 37. Media Plan Elements
      • The ONDCP paid media plan consists of a variety of media elements or “building blocks” which will most effectively deliver Anti-Drug messages to the various target segments.
    • 38. Media Tactics
      • National Television
      • Use national television to provide broad reach among all target segments, and to take advantage of targeted programming opportunities.
        • Primetime will provide highest ratings and greatest visibility. ABC/FOX skew recommended due to younger skewing programming.
        • Early Morning will provide efficient delivery of the adult target segment, particularly mothers. Talk Show/News formats conducive to initiating drug abuse coverage.
        • Cable provides efficient and extremely targeted opportunities to reach all target segments.
    • 39. Media Tactics
      • National Television
        • Sports will provide exposure to all the target segments (particularly adults), and will be a high impact environment to reach the youth targets given the “role model” status of athletes
        • NBC’s Saturday Line-up provides highly targeted vehicles for reaching the teen target, as well as the younger kid target
        • Kid Network , both Monday-Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, will reach kids, and younger teens as well, in large numbers
        • Hispanic Television (i.e., Univision and Telemundo) will provide broad reach among the Hispanic community, within a mix of appropriate adult (primarily) and teen/kid programming environments.
    • 40. Media Tactics
      • Television Programming Selection Criteria
      • Advertise on programs with high ratings and/or composition of the target segments (see TV rankings in appendix), taking efficiency into account as well.
      • Seek out opportunities to advertise on “All Family” programming where parents and children are watching together: (e.g., Wonderful World of Disney, Thanksgiving Day Parade, Frosty the Snowman, The Wizard of Oz, ET, etc.)
      • Advertise on programs featuring content that would be conducive to an anti-drug message (e.g., programs dealing with teens, family or social issues)
    • 41. Representative National Television Networks Programming
      • TEENS
      • Home Improvement
      • Seinfeld
      • Friends
      • Beverly Hills 90210
      • King of the Hill
      • KIDS
      • Home Improvement
      • Boy Meets World
      • Teen Angel
      • You Wish
      • Sabrina - Teenage Witch
      • Wonderful World of Disney
      • PARENTS
      • Home Improvement
      • Seinfeld
      • Friends
      • Veronica’s Closet
      • E.R.
      • NYPD Blue
      • Touched by an Angel
      • Family Channel
      • TBS
      • TNT
      • USA
      • PARENTS
      • BET
      • CNN
      • ESPN
      • KIDS
      • Cartoon Network
      • Nickelodeon
      • TEENS
      • BET
      • ESPN2
      • MTV
    • 42. Representative National Television Networks Programming
      • Hang Time
      • Saved by the Bell
      • City Guys
      • MLB
      • NBA
      • NCAA Basketball
      • NCAA Football
      • NFL
      • NHL
      • Ultimate Goosebumps
      • Disney’s Saturday Morning
      • Eerie, Indiana
      • Sam & Max
      • Space Goofs
      • Ninja Turtles
      • Life With Louie
      • Casper
    • 43. Representative National Television Networks Programming
      • CBS This Morning
      • Good Morning America
      • Today Show
      • Telemundo
      • Univision
    • 44. Media Tactics
      • National Radio
      • National radio will provide highly efficient delivery of both the teen and adult target segments, and generate significant levels of frequency of exposure among these targets.
      • Radio is a favorite medium of teens, and teens are more receptive to advertising messages in radio than any other medium. (Source: Teenage Resource Unlimited, Marketing & Lifestyles Study 1994)
      • In addition to general market radio (e.g., ABC and Westwood One Network), ethnic radio networks (e.g., American Urban Radio Networks for African-American and LBC and Hispanic Radio Network for Hispanic) should also be purchased to help deliver these ethnic groups within relevant environments.
    • 45. Media Tactics
      • National Print
      • Print will be used to reach the various age segments, with an emphasis on adults, within targeted and relevant environments.
      • The Print Plan will include magazines from a variety of categories to accomplish this goal:
      Sports Sunday Supplements Teen USA Today Weeklies Women’s Service Educators/School Administrators/Coaches Entertainment/Hollywood Ethnic Kids Music Parenting
    • 46. Media Tactics
      • Preliminary Print Consideration List
    • 47. Media Tactics
      • In-School
      • In-school media will play a key role in the plan, delivering messages to the primary youth target in a learning environment and in a relevant, interactive manner.
      • In-school media will also be used to encourage and solicit the involvement of parents, teachers and other key influencers.
      • The in-school Program will likely include the use of the two or more major in-school media companies (i.e., Market Source, Primedia and Scholastic), although other in-school media applications are possible as well.
    • 48. Media Tactics
      • In-School
      • The In-School Program would likely consist of some or all of the following elements:
        • Channel One In-School TV
        • Weekly Reader/Scholastic Magazines
        • Curriculum Programs
        • Book Covers/Bookmarks
        • Locker Room Gymboards
        • Online Applications (e.g. S.T.E.P. Program)
        • Electronic Messaging Boards
        • High School Newspapers/Magazines
    • 49. Media Tactics
      • Cinema
      • 202 markets, 10,050 screens, 30% U.S.
      • Movie theater advertising will deliver the anti-drug message to all three target segments with tremendous “Big Screen” impact.
      • Moviegoers tend to skew younger, with the highest attendance being among young adults, as well as teens and kids.
      • Provides the opportunity to showcase “special creative,” as well as the ability to rotate commercials by geography and/or movie rating (e.g., G, PG, R, etc.).
      • Provides the opportunity to extend the message into theater lobbies, distribute information and take advantage of other added value opportunities.
    • 50. Media Tactics
      • Video Arcades
      • 125 locations, 66 major markets, 64%U.S.
      • Advertising in video arcades will reach predominantly teens 12-17 (47% of audience), and kids 6-11 as well (12%), within a favorite leisure time environment.
      • Message delivery likely to be well timed, given the arcades highest usage on weekends and after school.
      • Provides opportunity for high impact creative synergistic with video game type graphics.
    • 51. Media Tactics
      • Local Television
      • Schedule support in the top 75 markets (approximately 80% U.S.) to allow for greater localization of messages, as well as greater local matching and corporate sponsorship activities.
      • Structure an “early fringe unwired network” to reach primarily kids and teens, but moms as well, during the after school/ pre-dinner time period.
      • Timely message delivery will potentially spur dinner conversation on the subject.
      • Schedule weight during the primetime access daypart to deliver high ratings among teens, adults and to a lesser degree, kids.
    • 52. Media Tactics
      • Representative Early Fringe Programming
      • TEENS 12-18
      • Ninja Turtles
      • Goosebumps
      • Power Rangers
      • Spider Man
      • Life With Louie
      • Sweet Valley High
      • Oprah Winfrey Show
      • Judge Judy
      • Ricki Lake
      • Home Improvement
      • Dr. Quinn-Medicine Woman
      • Geraldo Rivera
      • Sally Jesse Raphael
      • KIDS 9-11
      • Ninja Turtles
      • Goosebumps
      • Power Rangers
      • Bobby’s World
    • 53. Media Tactics
      • Representative Prime Access Programming
      • TEENS 12-18
      • Home Improvement
      • Simpsons
      • Seinfeld
      • Mad About You
      • Frasier
      • Home Improvement
      • Simpsons
      • Seinfeld
      • Mad About You
      • Frasier
      • Entertainment Tonight
      • Jeopardy
      • Wheel of Fortune
      • KIDS 9-11
      • Home Improvement
      • Simpsons
    • 54. Media Tactics
      • Local Radio
      • Schedule support in top 75 markets (approximately 80% U.S.) consistent with local television support.
      • Local radio will be used predominantly to reach teenagers by partnering with the dominant teen station(s) in each market
      • Local radio accounts for the differences in musical preferences across markets, and teens often have a strong association with a local station and its personalities.
    • 55. Media Tactics
      • Local Radio
      • Local radio provides tremendous opportunities to tie-in a local station(s) as a partner in the anti-drug effort and to expand the campaign beyond on-air support:
      • High School Partnership
      • High School Concert Promotion
      • Local Celebrity Tie-in
      • Concert/Local Market Events
      • Poster Contest
      • Anti-Drug Pledge
      • Sponsor Interactive CD
    • 56. Media Tactics
      • Local Newspapers
      • Newspaper plan provides the flexibility to select key markets (estimated 10-20 markets, 20% U.S.) to receive support depending upon current local market issues/priorities
      • Newspapers will provide broad coverage of the local markets and deliver the message within a newsworthy environment.
      • Creative messages can be placed within sections of the newspaper dealing with family (e.g., Home Section) or other pertinent editorial.
      • Newspapers will help to deliver the message to thought leaders and other key influential groups.
    • 57. Media Tactics
      • Out-of-Home
      • Out-of-Home plan provides the flexibility to select key markets (estimated 10-20 markets, 20% U.S.) to receive support depending upon current local market issues/priorities.
      • Out-of-Home will be used to target all three target segments, and provide a consistent reminder message to these targets:
        • 30 Sheet Posting offers total market coverage plus targeting of schools, playgrounds and parks.
        • Shopping Malls provide an excellent opportunity to reach 15-44 age group, which represents 65% of the mall audience. In addition, over 95% of all teens frequent shopping malls 4-6 times per month.
    • 58.
      • Out-of-Home
        • 8 Sheet Posters provide good coverage of schools and neighborhood coverage of after school activity areas in concentrated ethnic population areas.
        • Bus Shelters provide supplemental coverage in many markets, and are the primary vehicle in some markets due to geographic efficiency.
        • Basketball Backboards in school playgrounds will reach kids and teens in urban markets.
        • Subway Car Cards/Urban Panels (New York) are highly used by the target segments and are located in close proximity to urban school.
      Media Tactics
    • 59. Prototypical Online Media Plan
    • 60. Online Objectives - Overall
      • Build additional awareness of ONDCP campaign.
      • Provide anti-drug information and resources.
      • Drive traffic to PDFA and ONDCP sites.
    • 61. Online Media Objectives
      • Target Audience
        • Primary : Internet-enabled Kids 9-11 and Teens 12-18.
        • Secondary : Internet-enabled Parents and Educators
          • Demographically defined as Adults 25-54.
    • 62. Online Media Objectives
      • Geography
        • National imperative
        • Consider emphasis/specific messaging to areas of regional use patterns
      • Timing
        • Schedule advertising to coincide with start of ONDCP general media campaign
        • Recognize seasonal usage patterns (e.g., school access — .edu domains — declines in summer)
    • 63. Online Media Objectives
      • Budget
        • Develop conceptual sketch plan at $2.7MM level.
    • 64. Online Media Strategies
      • Use a mix of highly-visited navigation sites for reach & targeted content areas to build frequency
        • Leading navigation sites include AOL, MSN, Netscape, and search engines such as Yahoo!
          • Navigation sites are characterized by many, many single visits of short duration = reach.
        • Target-rich content areas appealing to kids, teens and parents/educators
          • Content areas typically host smaller, more loyal audiences who visit frequently.
    • 65. Online Media Strategies
      • Use a significant portion of the budget to develop custom package buy on AOL
        • Leading commercial online service with 11MM+ subscribers.
        • Leading means of Internet access — 40% of all U.S. web users access the Internet via AOL.
        • Approximately $1.0MM net to develop 12-month program with custom ONDCP content, teen chat areas, monthly “town hall meetings,” plus ad banner rotation, and so on.
    • 66. Online Media Strategies
      • Use keywords and targeted topic-area buys on the leading search engines
        • Most targeted use of these vehicles
        • Deploy keyword “interdiction” strategy — when user types in drug-related term, ONDCP banner is returned at the top of the search results page.
        • Use topic areas appealing to kids, teens, parents and teachers
    • 67. Online Media Strategies
      • Select content areas on the basis of target audience coverage and composition
        • Use @Plan, Media Metrix to estimate audience delivery by site
      • Use banner response data to refine the online plan and drive the lowest cost-per-click
        • “ Pulse” scheduling pattern allows two-weeks in-flight, one week off, to assess results
        • Initial benchmark — cost-per-click under $1.00
    • 68. Online Media Strategies
      • Utilize network buys such as Doubleclick to test other buy variables
        • Time of day, domain, geography, affinity
      • Work with content sites to develop co-branded and custom content as part of media match for the buy.
    • 69. Sample Site Selection
      • Target: Kids
      • Disney Blast
      • Nickelodeon
      • Yahooligans!
      • Target: Teens
      • Music: AudioNet, MTV, Addicted to Noise
      • Movies: Mr. Showbiz, E! Online, Movielink
      • Chat: Liveworld
      • “ Free-mail:” Juno, HotMail
      • Videogaming: HappyPuppy, GameSpot
      • General: Suck, Tripod, The Hub, Swoon
    • 70. Sample Site Selection
      • Target: Parents/Educators
      • Parent Soup
      • Parenting topic areas on search engines
    • 71. Online Media Plan Overview Broad- Reach Sites Search Engines Keywords Targeted Content Areas ONLINE MEDIA SUPPORT ONDCP Site Adults Kids 9-10 Primary: 11-13 Secondary: 9-10, 14-18 PDFA Site Adults
    • 72. Prototypical Online Media Plan
    • 73. V. Recommended Media Plan
    • 74. Recommended Media Plan Spending Allocation
      • Total Plan — $150MM
      In-School 9% Radio 8% Television 64% Online 2% Cinema 2% Print 10% Newspaper 1% OOH 4%
    • 75. Recommended Media Plan — $150MM
    • 76. Recommended Media Plan Spending Allocation
      • Teens (12-18) — $77MM
      Radio 14% Television 61% Online 2% Cinema 1% Print 4% OOH 4% In-School 14%
    • 77. Recommended Media Plan — $150MM
      • Teens 12-18 — $77MM
      Television Radio Print Video Arcades In-School Cinema Online OOH * Note: GRP figures reflect delivery among 12-17 “media buying” target audience.
    • 78. Recommended Media Plan Spending Allocation
      • Kids (9-11) — $33MM
      In-School 4% Television 82% Online 3% Cinema 3% Print 3% OOH 5%
    • 79. Recommended Media Plan — $150MM
      • Kids 9-11 — $33MM
      Television Print Video Arcades In-School Cinema Online OOH
    • 80. Recommended Media Plan Spending Allocation
      • Adults (25-54)— $40MM
      Radio 7% Television 60% Online 2% Cinema 2% Print 23% Newspaper 4% OOH 4%
    • 81. Recommended Media Plan — $150MM
      • Adults 25-54— $40MM
      Television Radio Print Cinema Online OOH Newspaper
    • 82. VI. Media Plan Delivery Analysis
    • 83. National/Local Impressions — $150MM Plan Local 51% National 49% Local 11% National 89% Adult Target Youth Target 9 - 18
    • 84. Recommended Media Plan — $150MM
      • Weekly Reach/Frequency Delivery
      * Delivery among 18 year olds will be comparable to that of 12-17 “media buying” target audience.
    • 85. VII. Media Match Strategies
    • 86. Media Match Strategies
      • Use media match impressions to ensure that there will be available inventory for other Public Service Advertisers.
      • Leverage the need to obtain media match impressions in order to make the program a success, during the negotiation process.
      • Maximize the percentage of the media match delivered as quantifiable on-air advertising messages, establish minimum acceptable level (e.g., 50% of target audience impressions must be matched in this manner)
    • 87. Media Match Strategies
      • Maximize the percentage of the on-air media support delivered in targeted dayparts/programming.
      • Consider forms of matching in addition to on-air support, which will enhance the impact of the advertising campaign.
    • 88. VIII. Conclusion
    • 89. Conclusion
      • Creates a strategic blueprint that achieves established communication level objectives.
      • Breaks through clutter through the use of high impact media events followed by strong periods of sustaining activity.
      • Utilizes targeted, high-interest program environments that would never be made available as PSA’s.
      • Incorporates an innovative approach of enlisting key media partners to create and execute multi-media corporate packages.
      • Provides a tremendous head start for buying agency to pursue custom targeted media applications.
      • Creates a bridge between the “paid advertising” and “entertainment industry” communication initiatives.
    • 90. IX. Appendix