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Lonworks Applied To Textile   Dyeing
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Lonworks Applied To Textile Dyeing


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Transcript

    • 1. L ON W ORKS Lunch & Learn
    • 2.
      • L ON W ORKS networks are designed to transform everyday devices...
    • 3.
      • ...into intelligent, interoperable, networked devices that communicate on a peer-to-peer basis using open standards...
    • 4. ... accessible from anywhere in the world LonWorks Control Network Dimmer/Switch Human Machine Interface Security Camera Motion Sensor Thermostat HVAC Valve Electronic Ballast Over the Internet… From your browser…
    • 5. LonWorks at Work or Play everyday
      • Chances are you’ve already experienced the power of LonWorks at home, work or play without realizing it.
      • Seen a Broadway play? LonWorks lighting systems light many Broadway stages
      • Been to Las Vegas lately? LonWorks devices control the fountain show each night at the Bellagio Hotel
      • Got Milk? LONWORKs devices run the largest milk distribution facility in Greece
      • Ridden the New York City Subway? The New York City transit Authority has adopted LonWorks as the standard to control device throughout its subway cars
      • Received a parking ticket in Amsterdam? LonWorks technology keeps Amsterdam's parking meters working
    • 6. LonWorks Applied
      • Where does LonWorks get used and by whom:
      • Automotive manufacture - parts pull, testing paint spaying
      • Electro-pneumatic braking on trains
      • Food Processing
      • IC manufacture - gas distribution and tools
      • Material handling
      • Paint booths
      • PCB Manufacture
      • Printing
      • Pulp and Paper mills
      • Textiles - dyeing
      • Water and Waste water treatment
      • Building Automation Control systems
      • Home Automation
    • 7. Who is Echelon?
      • Echelon is a networking company that provides a common infrastructure called L ON W ORKS for networking everyday devices
      • Echelon is the leader in networking everyday devices
        • 30,000,000 devices shipped
        • 4,000 OEMs worldwide producing >16,000 different products
        • 90+ authorized network integrators
    • 8. A LON Story
      • Local Operating Network
      • Echelon founded in 1988 by AC ‘Mike’ Markkula
        • CEO of Apple Computer
      • First Neuron chip created in 1991
      • Echelon is global
        • 200+ employees
        • Nasdaq listed ELON
        • 100+ products
      • LonTalk is an open protocol
        • ANSI/EIA
    • 9. Echelon is focused on four primary markets Building Automation Industrial Automation Home/Utility Automation Transportation Automation
    • 10. Echelon makes tools for building end-to-end solutions... Power Line & Twisted Pair Transceivers, Controllers, NICs Development Tools Network Management Software Routers, Internet Servers
    • 11.
      • The i .LON TM Internet Server family enables millions of existing L ON W ORKS products to be accessed via the Internet
      ...and for connecting everyday devices to (and over) the Internet i .LON 1000 i .LON 100 i .LON 10
    • 12. L ON W ORKS Network Design L ON W ORKS Technology Review
    • 13. Kinds of Control Algorithms
      • Master/Slave
        • a single controller making all the control decisions
        • Single point of failure
        • Difficult to expand
        • Costly to install – more wiring needed to connect sensors and actuators
        • Proprietary programming
        • Proprietary solutions
    • 14. Kinds of Control Algorithms
      • Peer-to-Peer
        • Distributed control intelligence
        • No single point of failure
        • Easy to expand and add more devices
        • Less costly wiring installation
          • No home I/O wiring runs
    • 15. Open and Independent
      • Robust, reliable, proven device networking protocol on a chip
      • Manufacturers of smart devices can get to market quickly
      • End users no longer locked into single supplier
      • Integrators can choose best of breed devices
      • LonTalk is media independent
      • LonWorks tools operate on multiple platforms
      • Multi-industry standards group ensure interoperability
    • 16. Look for the L ON M ARK Label 300+ members from 17+ countries ensuring plug-and-play operation
      • Non-profit industry association
        • Includes manufactures, integrators, application developers, and end-users
      • Establishes technical guidelines
        • Industry specific task groups
      • Promotes the L ON M ARK standard and certifies product conformance
      • Provides a resource of device information
      • Governed by board of directors made up of industry members
        • Includes sponsor members and elected representatives
        • All members have a vote
    • 17. Networking Technology
      • Allows integration of device information across network of any size including the internet
      • Requires the assignment of a logical identity for each device called the Domain/subnet/node address
        • Assigned by the network management tool
      • Allows message packets to be isolated or forwarded by intelligent LonWorks routers
    • 18. L ON W ORKS Network Elements
      • Channel
        • Media to which devices are connected
      • Device
        • Actuator, sensor, controller, or combination
        • LonMark Certified
      • Network Tool
        • Installation tool
        • Human machine interface (HMI)
      Channel Network Tool Device
    • 19. LonTalk Protocol
      • Globally recognized standard ANSI/EIA 709.1
      • Designed for control applications – not data applications
      • Includes all 7 layers of the ISO standard model for network communication
      • Implemented on the neuron chip or equal processor
      • Is media independent
      • Is an open and published standard available to anyone
      • Physical Connection
      • Media Access
      • Addressing & Routing
      • Message Service
      • Network Management
      • Network Variables
      • Neuron C Program
      Physical Media 7 Application 6 Presentation 5 Session 4 Transport 3 Network 2 Data Link 1 Physical
    • 20. Network Variables
      • The dynamic data sent or received by network devices
      • Signal-type independent – temperature, pressure, volume, flow, etc.
      • SNVT’s are standard network variable types as defined by the LonMark organization
        • Known and documented structure, size, range, etc.
      • UNVT’s are manufacturer defined
        • Tools may require resource files to document data format
    • 21. Configuration Properties
      • Define device behavior such as setpoint, high limits, throttle, etc.
      • SCPT’s are standard configuration property types as defined by the LonMark association
        • Known and documented structure, format, range, etc.
      • UCPT’s are manufacturer defined
        • Tools may require resource files to present values in a meaningful way.
    • 22. LNS  is LonWorks Network Services
      • Network management platform
      • Foundation for open & interoperable networks
      • Provides a core set of management tools and connectivity options
      • Client/Server architectures
      • Supports configuration tools from multiple vendors
      • Provides access to any point of network information from any point on the planet
    • 23. LonWorks is about Distributed Control Intelligence
      • Many small devices – sensors, actuators, controllers
        • Each containing a microprocessor that implements the LonTalk protocol
      • Each device subdivides control functionality into objects called functional blocks
        • Could be I/O, controller, or system wide functions
      • Each device sends/receives small message packets that contain control data
      • Can create large, powerful, and flexible networks across LAN’s and WAN’s
    • 24. LonWorks Network Program
      • The network image is a collection of configured devices and their associated connections (aka network variable bindings)
      • A network management tool is required to configure device behavior and to define the network variable connections
        • When the tool is finished it can go away!
      • LonWorks uses an event driven control process
    • 25. Demonstration: A Simple L ON W ORKS Network
      • Create a simple L ON W ORKS network
      • Review basic L ON W ORKS terminology
    • 26. LonWorks Architectures
    • 27. Simple Device Network
      • Devices communicate with each other directly
      • No network tool required after commissioning the devices
      • Tool is required to perform network maintenance such as adds/moves/changes or device replacement
      Portable Network Management Tool
    • 28. Local Client Applications
      • LNS database resides on same PC as the network tool
      • LNS communicates to devices via network interface hardware and/or software
        • Twisted Pair, Powerline, IP
      LNS Application and LNS Server PC LNS Application and LNS Server PC Internet
    • 29. Remote Client Applications
      • Remote client is an application that runs other than on an LNS Server PC
        • LNS Database is accessed over the network media or over IP
      • It can be attached to any L ON W ORKS channel, including a L ON W ORKS /IP channel
      • Requires the LNS Server application running at the PC where the LNS database resides
        • The LNS Server application supports up to 100 clients and 255 LNS databases opened simultaneously
      LNS Remote Client Application LNS Server PC LNS Server PC Internet LNS Remote Client Application
    • 30. Web Based Monitoring and Control Clients
      • Any PC that can support a standard web browser interface
        • Internet Explorer, Netscape, Etc.
      • Network data served up as HTML web pages from LonWorks webserver device
        • ILON100, iLon1000, Plexus, etc…
      • Can perform monitoring and control of network variables but cannot perform network management functions
      Netscape or Internet Explorer running at remote client Internet
    • 31. Internet/Intranet IP Backbone
      • Internet to LonWorks routers ( i .LONs) can be used to create one network by connecting remote locations over L ON W ORKS /IP channels
      • LNS Server is not required for day-to-day operation
      • up to 40 i .LON routers per L ON W ORKS /IP channel
      • Time server may be required to synchronize message delivery across wide area networks
      Devices in London i .LONs Intranet 1 (IP) Intranet 2 (IP) i .LONs Time Server (SNTP) Devices in Los Angeles Devices in Lisbon Devices in Hong Kong Internet
    • 32. LonWorks Topologies
    • 33. Bus Topology
      • A physical routing of the communication channel that includes a distinct beginning and end
      • Must be doubly terminated at beginning and end
      • Device to device wiring or short stubs
      • Easiest to troubleshoot
      • Difficult to expand when you need to add more devices
    • 34. Free Topologies
      • A flexible wiring structure of the communication channel that includes a ring, star, loop, or combination
      • Can have long stubs to devices and tools, tap in anywhere on the channel
      • Difficult to troubleshoot
      • Easy to expand
      • Easy to exceed media limits
      • Requires one terminator installed anywhere on the channel segment
      T T
    • 35. Backbone Topology
      • Connects routers to a common backbone channel
      • Typically installed in a bus topology and includes mostly routers, network tools, and systemwide control devices
      • Can be high speed twisted pair – XF1250
      • Can be high speed IP channel
      • Reserves bandwidth for network tools
    • 36. Demonstration: LonWorks Architectures & Resources
      • Demonstration – LonMark website & Echelon Website
      • Demonstrate LonWorks Case Studies
      • Show product database, interoperability guidelines, SNVT/SCPT master list
    • 37.
      • L ON W ORKS Integrator Training Courses
        • Introduction to LONWORKS Systems – 1 day
        • Specifying Open Systems – 2 days
        • L ON W ORKS Network Design – 3 days
        • Using the LonMaker Integration Tool – 2 days
        • Internet Connectivity – 2 days
        • Using the iLON100 – 2 days
        • L ON W ORKS Network Troubleshooting 2 - days
      LON Training
    • 38. How and where to learn more….
      • [email_address]
      • [email_address]
    • 39. Contact Information Echelon Corporation 550 Meridian Ave. San Jose, CA 1-888-ECHELON 408-328-3800 Fax Email: [email_address] Join our New List-Service, for monthly newsletters and new course Announcements. WebSite: Join the lively conversations on L ON W ORKS training in the “Education & Training” forum at:
    • 40. Time for your Questions