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Launching A New Product


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  • 1. Section I Listening and Conversation Section II Reading Comprehension Section III Writing and Translating Unit 1 Launching A New Product
  • 2. Section I Listening and Conversation back
  • 3. Section I Listening and Conversation
    • Part I Leading in
    • Part II Putting in use
    • Part III Further Practice
    • Part IV Aptitude Test and Guidance
  • 4. Part I Leading in
    • Pre-class Work
    • 2. Warming up for the new class: Reading and acting out
  • 5. 1. Pre-class Work
    • Finding out the patterns and expressions used for making products advertisements as many as possible.
  • 6. 2. Warming up for the new class Reading and acting out
    • Present your collections
    • Refer to the data bank
    • Present new materials
    • Practice Dialogue 1 Presenting a New Toy Car and Dialogue 2 Presenting a DVD Player
  • 7. Part II. Putting in use
    • Dividing the students into groups
    • Offering m ore samples
    • Each group should choose one of the situations and work together to form a dialogue and then act out
    • 3. Acting out and comments
  • 8.  
  • 9.  
  • 10. Part III Further Practice
    • 1. Practicing and Furthering
    • 2. Listening and Completing
    • 3. Responding
  • 11. 1. Practicing and Furthering back Practice the dialogues on Page 3 of the Textbook in groups, and try to further them 。
  • 12. 2. Completing back Work in groups to complete by filling in the blanks on Page 6 of the Textbook (Exercises 1 and 3)
  • 13. 3. Responding
    • Practice Exercise 2 on Page 6 of the Textbook orally .
    • Teacher plays the tape recorder, and ask the students to answer the questions based on what they have heard , the whole class work together
  • 14.  
  • 15.
    • Customer: I’m afraid they are a bit too expensive. Do you have anything cheaper?
    • Salesgirl: Yes. Look at this one. It’s only 2360 yuan. It’s a lot cheaper.
    • Customer: But the design isn’t as pretty as the latest TCL model.
    • Salesgirl: That’s true.
    • Customer: Hey, will you show me that one? The red one on the 2 nd shelf, Which is only 2600 yuan.
    • Salesgirl: Yes, of course. Here you are.
    • Customer: Thank you. The design is pretty. And the color is pretty, too. I think I’ll take this one.
    The script for the dialogue back
  • 16. Part IV Aptitude Test and Guidance
    • 1. Judge after you listen
    • 2. Respond after you listen
    • 3. Read after you learn
    • 4. Self-assessment and Teacher’s Guidance
    • 5. Assignment
  • 17.  
  • 18.  
  • 19.  
  • 20.  
  • 21.  
  • 22. Section II Reading Comprehension back
  • 23. Section II Reading Comprehension
    • Part I Leading in
    • Part II Comprehension and Practicing
    • Part III Further Practice
    • Part IV Aptitude Test and Guidance
  • 24. Part I Leading in
    • 1. Revision
    • 2. Warming up for the new class
  • 25.  
  • 26. 2. Warming up for the new class
    • 1) ask students to answer teacher’s questions related to the Passage on page 12
    • 2) teacher makes comments
  • 27. Part II Comprehension and Practicing
    • 1. Checking and Explaining
    • 2. Retelling the story
  • 28.  
  • 29.  
  • 30.
    • purchase v. buy 购买,采购
    • Teacher’s: His father gave him some money to purchase a new coat .
    • Student’s:
    • delight n. great pleasure, joy 快乐,高兴,喜悦
    • Teacher’s: TV programs give delight to millions of people around the world.
    • Student’s:
    • sense n. perception or feeling 感觉, … 感
    • Teacher’s: Having a good sense of humor is a great asset for a person.
    • Student’s:
    • encounter v. meet unexpectedly, come upon 偶遇,碰见,遭遇
    • Teacher’s: Yesterday, Mr. Nelson encountered an old friend on the street.
    • Student’s:
  • 31.  
  • 32.
    • (Para. 2) One problem was that the pointing function was reliant upon the movement of a rubber ball located at the bottom of the mini-mouse.
    • 毛病之一是其“指向”功能得依靠转动迷你型鼠标下面的橡胶求来完成。
    • In this sentence, the past participle phrase located at the bottom of the mini-mouse is used to modify the noun ball .
    • Example: This is a public problem presented to the government.
  • 33.
    • (Para. 2) I often had to “shake” the mouse for it to function.
    • 我常常得不停地“摇晃”鼠标使其正常工作。
    • In this sentence, function is used as a verb, meaning “serve, work or perform a function”. For it to function means “so that it can perform its function.”
    • Example: A secretary may sometimes function as a receptionist or a recorder of minute.
  • 34.
    • (Para. 2) Using scroll wheel would either constantly slow down the work or it would not work at all!
    • 使用滚动轮时鼠标要么不断减慢速度,要么它就干脆不工作。
    • In this sentence, either…or… is used as a conjunction of choice, meaning “one or the other, but not both”. Constantly means “continuously or without stopping”.
    • Example: Linda was told to either finish her studies at college or find a job.
  • 35.
    • (Para. 5) …there is no doubt that its products will be of better quality in the future.
    • 毋庸置疑,未来中国的产品质量得会更好。
    • There is no doubt is a useful sentence pattern usually followed by a that-clause , which serves as an appositive to doubt and explains what the doubt is about.
    • Example: There is no doubt that the 21 st century will be an information and network age.
  • 36. 2. Retelling the story
    • Read the passage again;
    • Retell the passage in their own words.
  • 37. Part III Further Practice
    • 1. Simulating and translating
    • 2. Rewriting
  • 38. 1. Simulating and translating
    • Do exercise 6 on page 11 of the Textbook
    • Pay attention to the italicized parts in the English sentences and translate the Chinese sentences by simulating the structure of the English sentences
  • 39.  
  • 40. Part IV Aptitude Test and Guidance
    • Translating
    • Assignment
  • 41. 1. Translating
    • Ask the students to remember the words, phrases and sentence structures in the passage they have learned and translate the following sentences into English orally and the teacher comments .
  • 42.
    • 所有昨天在场的人都受到了警察的询问。
    • 是这位飞行员的快速反应防止了这次灾难性事故的发生。
    • 拥有稳定的经济和稳定的国际关系对任何一个政府都是十分重要的。
    • 具有幽默感是一个人的宝贵财富。
    • 要是你处在我的位置,你就不会这样想了。
    • 火车在开进市区时放慢了速度。
  • 43. 2. Assignment
    • Textbook p 27 Passage and Workbook P21 1-3;
    • Collect some advertisements.
  • 44. Section III Writing and Translating back
  • 45. Section III Writing and Translating
    • Part I Leading in
    • Part II Putting in use
    • Part III Further Practice
    • Part IV Aptitude Test and Guidance
  • 46. Part I Leading in
    • Checking the assignment
    • Warming up for new class
  • 47. 1. Checking the assignment
    • Check the answers to comprehension exercises on the workbook orally and comment
    • Answer students’ questions found in Passage 1
  • 48. 2. Warming up for new class
    • Ask the students to present their collection of advertisements
    • Put their collections of advertisements into the data bank on the blackboard
    • Make sure all the students understand the meanings of the advertisements
  • 49. Part II Putting in use
    • Dividing the students into groups ;
    • Presenting new materials ;
    • Giving the rules for an advertisement ;
    • Writing and simulating .
  • 50. Sample 1 An English Advertisement next Colorful Rugs! Add a bright brush of color to any room with these beautiful rugs! Look like hand-made ones. Wonderful in the kitchen, in the bath or in the bedroom. Perfect then you want to cover up worn spots or stains on your carpet. Made in the USA, with foam rubber backing, they are ideal for floor decoration and durable enough to place inside the front door. Available in five colors: rose, green, purple, brown and grey.   Sizes: 33 inch Wx 27 inch H 28 inch Wx 22inch H 36 inch Wx 28 inch H 44 inch Wx 37 inch H Competitor’s Price: $14.95 Our Price: $9.99 Services offered: -- a-one-month warranty -- one-week money back guarantee -- free cleaning for the first year Manufacturer: XYZ Household Co., Ltd., Shark City, USA
  • 51. Sample 2 An English Advertisement back New Toy Cars! Model XYZ-II Radio-Controlled Toy Car is the latest type of toy cars made by ABC company. Made for kids around 4-8 years old. Very popular. Have rubber covering. Safe for kids to play with. Small and light. Kids can carry them around in pockets. Order today, great profit tomorrow.
  • 52. 4. Writing and simulating
    • 1) complete the advertisement on page 17
    • 2) Write an English advertisement according to the information given
    • “ 舒适”牌皮鞋!
    • “ 舒适”牌皮鞋有限公司是 X 市的优秀企业之一,“舒适”牌皮鞋不仅在中国内地畅
    • 销,而且远销香港、澳门、东南亚、欧洲、北美及南美各地。“舒适”皮鞋设计精美款
    • 式新颖,做工精细,品种繁多,深受广大顾客的喜爱,其年销量一直名列前茅。本公
    • 司谨向顾客作以下承诺:
    • 保修期一年
    • 一个月内包换
    • 一周内包退
    • 舒适皮鞋有限公司 联系电话: 0852-6858999 地址:中国西玛市南京路 85 号
  • 53. Part III Further Practice
    • Presenting new material
    • Simulating
    • Writing
  • 54. 1. Presenting new material An Advertisement back Sewing Machine Needle Threader! No More Squinting to See the Eye! Just line up the threader with the sewing machine needle, lay the thread in the cross-wise groove and press. Threader pushes thread through the eye… and you are ready to sew!   Competitor’s price: $4.86 Our price: Only $3.99
  • 55. 2. Simulating
    • Ask the students to work in groups to write an advertisement of their own.
  • 56. 3. Writing
    • Ask the students to work together to write a short passage of about 100 words to tell a story or about an event related to the picture given. Some useful words and phrases have been provided to help.
  • 57. Part IV Aptitude Test and Guidance
    • Checking
    • Applying
    • Self-assessment and Guidance
    • Assignment
  • 58. 1. Checking
    • Read their passage;
    • Teacher comments and points out the grammatical errors of the basic sentence structure.
  • 59.
      • Complete the following sentences using the correct form of the verbs given in bracket.
      • • The 15-inch desktop computer Lily had bought _________(deliver) to her within 24 hours.
      • • The two old meeting rooms __________(change) into a big round ballroom.The two old meeting rooms __________(change) into a big round ballroom
      • • The teachers’ new residence building _________(cover) an area of about 3500 square meters.
      • • With different colors, designs, shapes and sizes, our porcelain products _________(sell ) well both at home and abroad.
      • • This lake ________(use to) be 5 meters in depth on average, but now it is only 3.5 meters deep.
    next 2. Applying
  • 60.
    • • By the end of June, they ________(complete) the construction of the 10-storey classroom building.
    • • The railway underground construction _________(say) to have a length of 2830 km.
    • • The old man _________(break) the record of javelin when at college.
  • 61.  
  • 62.  
  • 63. 4. Self-assessment and Guidance
    • 1) and 2) are printed on the paper. After the teacher checks the answers, the students can score their own paper; as for 3) the teacher can collect the paper and correct after class if time is not permitted.
  • 64. 5. Assignment
    • A. Collect information on promoting activities
    • B.     Designing a promoting activity