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Fourth Planning And Information Session In Smurfit
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Fourth Planning And Information Session In Smurfit


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Registration 2008 Planning and Information Sessions Fourth Meeting Smurfit School of Business August 14 th 2008
  • 2. Today’s session
    • Registration 2008 Planning and Preparations
    • Strategy for Graduate Communication and Registration & Orientation
    • Supports for Students at Registration 2008
    • Student Desk Registration Support 2008
    • Q&A
    • Contact Details
    • Note on the new Administrative Services unit in Registry
  • 3. Series of information sessions
    • Purpose of meetings
      • Include in, and information on, preparations
      • Involve in issues arising, guide directions
      • Manage: expectations, confidence and communications
    • June 4th
      • Initial picture
      • Start communications
      • Indicate current issues
    • July 1st
      • Confirmation of: approaches, preparations
      • Registration timelines
      • Issues outstanding
    • August 5th
      • Final overviews of preparations
      • The information available and where to get it
      • The key contact people for more details
    • August 14 th
      • Overview of preparations presented in Smurfit
  • 4.
    • Registration 2008
    • Planning and Preparations
    • Michael Sinnott
    • Director of Administrative Services
    • UCD Registry
  • 5. Planning and Preparations Goals for 2008
    • We will deliver the following three goals this year:
    • To achieve the efficient and timely registration of all students, including fees aspects
    • To help students engage with their programmes and make the choices they need to make
    • To get students fully registered to their modules and components
      • clear on where they are supposed to be
      • in possession of a timetable
      • with access to all the electronic services (especially Blackboard) they need
  • 6. Planning and Preparations Key points to note
    • “Registration drives everything…!”
    • Repeats and resits
    • Managing late changes to module information
    • Graduate go-lives
    • Registration changes compared with last year
    • On-line registration
    • Update on timetabling and programme verification
    • On-line timetable for general access
  • 7. Planning and Preparations “Registration drives everything…!”
    • This is a key message for all students and staff
    • ALL students (including research) must formally confirm attendance on-line
      • Signs them up to ‘terms and conditions’
      • Recognises them for the HEA
      • Provides for insurance cover etc.
    • Electronic access controlled by registration
      • To Connect
      • To Library
      • To CopiPrint
      • To on-line electronic services - Blackboard
    • Fees are triggered by registration
      • Registration information must be accurate and managed in a timely fashion
        • Particularly with reference to withdrawals and leaves of absence
      • Registration leads to fees being raised
      • Withdrawals etc. can reduce charges
      • Subsequent fees in other institutions affected
    • School and programme financial management
      • Registration information used to drive head counts/FTEs
      • RAM etc. driven by FTEs
      • External funding driven by FTEs
      • Incomplete registration loses money for Schools
    • Assessment management
      • Students appearing in Gradebook
      • Examinations timetabling and facilities management
  • 8. Planning and Preparations Repeats and Resits
    • Repeat and Resit policy is the same as in 2007/08
    • Repeats and Resits will be operated in the same way as in 2008
      • €220 fee for repeats an resits (except in the case of some substitutions)
      • Pre-registration took place in week of July 28 th
      • E-mail to students in week of August 11 th
      • Students can drop resits, on-line, during the change of mind window
      • Resit assessment information to be published on August 25 th
        • Assessment have notified Schools of this process
    • Repeat and Resits policy is currently under review
  • 9. Planning and Preparations Managing late changes to module information
    • Capacity/module places
    • Capacity changes can be made any time up to the point where places go to zero
    • Where places are at zero additional places are released on a daily basis
    • Lee O’Farrell manages this process and is the primary point of contact for it
    • Check for details on
    • Students see latest news, including extra places, on
  • 10. Planning and Preparations Managing late changes to module information
    • Module details
    • The module management page is now closed
      • If you want to make the kind of changes that can be made in this page contact
        • Your Programme School Liaison for e.g. coordinator changes
        • Lee O’Farrell for capacity/places changes
    • Major late changes
      • Removing modules
        • Urgent: we need this before registration starts in order to prevent students registering… and having to be de-registered, contacted etc.
      • Adding modules
        • Electives: low impact… just a question of the turnaround time
        • Options: low impact… just a question of the turnaround time
        • Core: high impact… must be in place before registration begins
      • Note: late changes are a BAD idea as they
        • put all staff involved under pressure
        • put pressure on student support and information
        • take a considerable turnaround time
        • tend to frustrate and disappoint
      • Worst of all – changing semester
        • This is the most complex change we can be asked to make
  • 11. Planning and Preparations Graduate go-lives
    • On-line registration
      • 20th of August
        • All graduate business programmes go live on the 20 th bar two in Singapore
    • Remember the following sequence
      • Apply  Offer  Acceptance  Can go on-line  Confirm attendance  Module registration  Access to Blackboard
      • If someone says “I can’t see my module in Blackboard”, first check that their admission is complete, then that they can register to their programme, then that they have registered, then registered to their module, and that their module is available in Blackboard… only then contact someone
    • Dates: http://
  • 12. Planning and Preparations Maintaining the student record
    • “ Registration drives everything…”
    • Key issues
      • All students must go on-line and confirmattendance
      • Students must pay in order to receive student card
      • Ensuring no-shows are removed in a timely fashion
      • Ensuring withdrawals are notified
      • Processing of Leaves of Absence
      • Accurate use of rate codes
      • Remove access to services from no-pays/no shows at appropriate point
    • Fees
      • On-line information on EU/non-EU status as assessed
      • More detailed breakdown of charges is provided, including guidance as to what needs to be paid and when
      • Emphasis: on-line payments or giro requests.
  • 13. Planning and Preparations General access to an on-line timetable
    • There will be general access to an on-line timetable
      • For staff and students… you will not need to be logged in
    • You will be able to check for all contact hours, or combinations of contact hours
    • You will be able to look based on programme or major, and stages within these
    • This timetabling information will be refreshed nightly
    • The URL for this timetable will be published on August 13 th
      • A link will be found on http://
      • Other sites have not yet been finalised
    • The so-called ‘jack’ timetable will still be available in SisWeb
      • This is, and has always been, intended as part of the tool set for those who manage timetables and modules scheduling/facilities
      • The module screens in the ‘jack’ timetable show up to the minute information on CMIS and Banner – only of relevance, now, where emergency changes are being made.
  • 14.
    • Strategy for Graduate Communication and Registration
    • Marian O’Connor
    • Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Training
  • 15. Strategy for Graduate Communication, Registration and Orientation
    • Graduate Studies represented on the Registration Oversight Group for 2008/’09
    • Central level support for registration will remain the same
    • Developed and integrated communications plan
    • Communication with the graduate students will involve three layers
      • University level (welcome letters)
      • Graduate School (detailed literature)
      • School (where appropriate)
    • Local based orientation for taught and research students (overall welcome event for research students)
  • 16. Strategy for Graduate Communication - 2008
    • Incoming Graduate Students (Taught & Research)
      • Hard copy Welcome Letter & E-Mail from Dean
        • Registration
        • Fees
        • Orientation etc
      • Two letters, one for research and one for taught
      • First batch of hard copy letters – from 8 th August and every Monday until 8th September
      • Sweeper email to preferred email address from 11 th August and weekly there after
    • Continuing Graduate Students (Taught & Research)
      • Welcome Back E-Mail from Dean
        • Registration
        • Fees
        • Orientation
      • Two emails, one for research and one for taught
      • 11 th August
  • 17. Strategy for Graduate TAUGHT Orientation & Induction - 2008
    • Graduate School & School based for ALL taught programmes where appropriate
    • Gives flexibility to Graduate Schools and Schools to cater to graduate student needs at a local and more focused level
    • Smurfit Business School
      • From 15/08 to 15/09
  • 18. Strategy for Graduate RESEARCH Orientation & Induction - 2008
    • Graduate School & School induction for research students, with overall university orientation/welcome event
    • Smurfit Business School
      • From 08/09 to 10/09
  • 19. Support Materials – Graduate Communication, Registration and Orientation - 2008
    • Structured PhD leaflet (Hard Copy and PDF)
    • UCD Official Student Guide - Graduate Studies Section (Hard Copy)
    • Guide to Graduate Orientation (PDF Only) online soonest
    • Guide to Graduate Registration (PDF Only) now online
    • PhD regulations (Hard Copy)
  • 20. Supports for Smurfit Students at Registration 08 Student Registration Support
    • Supports for Students at Registration
    • Colm Small
    • Administrative Services, UCD Registry
  • 21. Supports for students at registration 2008 Student Registration Support
    • Support Info. for Students
      • Orientation info. online
      • Student Guide and Diary ‘08 is complete (online version)
      • Online Guide to Graduate Registration is complete
      • Incoming ‘08 web site in place
      • Current students web site up-dated and ongoing up-dates
      • Grad. Students web site
      • Online advice (e.g. S. Desk FAQs and Fees/Grants FAQs)
      • Reg. Latest News – shifting focus (e.g. Reg. dates to increased places in modules after go live)
      • Useful Urls:
    • Student Cards (done locally in Smurfit)
  • 22. Student Desk support services & PSL Staff Support Registration Support
    • Student Desk Location
      • Ground Floor –Open Plan – Tierney Building
    • Opening hours
      • 9.30 to 5.00
      • 9.30 to 8.00 week of 1st September
    • Services
      • Registration Support at a higher level
        • Resits & Repeats queries
        • Check module registration
        • Programme Structures
        • First level support for fees queries
        • Unlock SIS accounts
      • Telephone and email support
    • e – mail: [email_address]
    • Tel: 01 7161555
    • PSL (Jamie Wells) [email_address] ext. 1524
  • 23. Contacts
    • Registry
      • Kevin Griffin, Director of UCD Registry
        • Email: [email_address] Phone: 716 1451
      • Michael Sinnott Director of Administrative Services
        • Email: [email_address] Phone:716 1634
        • Colm Small Head of Support - Student Registration Support
          • Email: [email_address] Phone: 716 1559
        • Mary O’Neill Head of Fees and Grants
          • Email: [email_address] Phone:716 1434
        • Caroline McTeigue - Student Registration Support
          • Email: [email_address] Phone: 716 1556
        • Mary Bradley - Registration and Student Records
          • Email: [email_address] Phone:716 1678
        • Caroline Barrett - Online Registration
          • Email: [email_address] Phone: 716 1567
        • Catherine O’Brien - Information Capture & Timetabling
          • Email: [email_address] Phone: 716 1473
        • Lee O’Farrell - Capacity Management
          • Email: [email_address] Phone: 716 1534
  • 24. Contacts Continued
    • Deborah Kavanagh Director of Planning and Operations Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Training
      • Email: [email_address] Phone: 716 1506
      • &
    • Marian O’Connor Email: Phone: 716 4044
    • Marie O’Flanagan Communications Officer UCD Registry
      • Email: [email_address] Phone: 716 1278
    • Colleen Blaney, Student Adviser Orientation Planning
      • Email: [email_address] Phone: 716 1875
    • Student Desk -
    • IT Services -
    • Registration 2008 - Planning & Operations website:
  • 25. Registration 2008 Quick note on Administrative Services
    • Michael Sinnott,
    • Director of Administrative Services, UCD Registry
    • UCD Registry began a transition at the start of summer 2008
      • Transitions in progress
      • Formal launch etc. in autumn 2008
    • Administrative Services
      • Registration and Records Management
      • Fees and Grants
      • Capacity Management
      • Student Desk
      • Business Support / Staff Desk
      • Curriculum Management
      • Programme School Liaisons
      • Systems development
      • Transcripts
      • Training and Support
    • Please contact your colleagues in the usual way
      • No changes have taken place, yet, to website, phone numbers, ‘who does what’ etc.
      • Whoever used to do ‘it’ still does ‘it’.
      • We will publicise change when it can be comprehensively articulated
  • 26. Registration Implementation Oversight Group
    • Registration Implementation Oversight Group (RIOG):
    • Objectives of group:
      • coordinate the activities surrounding registration planning and operations
      • ensure the dissemination of information to relevant stakeholders
      • agree the requirement and ownership of tasks and acts as a mechanism for group decision-making
    • Areas represented include:
      • Programme Deans
      • Programme Offices
      • School Offices
      • Graduate School Directors
      • Graduate School Offices
      • Office Of The Dean Of Graduate Studies And Post Doctoral Training
      • UCD IT Services
      • UCD Registry