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    Fitnesse Stl Code Camp Fitnesse Stl Code Camp Presentation Transcript

    • Fitnesse and .NET Achieving Customer Zen With Fitnesse
    • Overview
      • The problem with customers…
      • Figuring out what customers want
      • Executable Specifications
      • How Fitnesse can help
      • Fitnesse Demos
      • Wrap-up
    • The Customer Problem
      • If we don’t take care of the customers, maybe they’ll stop bugging us
    • The Customer Problem
      • Customers aren’t developers
      • Developers aren’t (usually) customers
      • Customers don’t know what they want until they see it
    • What Customers Want
      • How do we show customers what they want?
        • In a way they can understand
        • In a way that elicits immediate feedback
        • In a way that allows them to explore
        • Without building entire system
    • What Customers Want
      • Mock-Ups
        • Screen grabs
        • Sketches on paper or whiteboard
        • Visio Diagrams
        • Good for initial discussions
        • Allows customer to explore in some fashion
        • Hard to keep up with the latest state of the system
    • What Customers Want
      • Prototyping
        • Make a throw away version
        • Allows customer interaction at a more concrete level
        • More expensive than mock-ups
        • Customers may not understand difference between prototype and real system
        • May be hard to keep up with the real system
    • What Customers Want
      • Frequent Releases
        • Shows customer what is finished
        • Shows customer the current state of the system
        • Hard for customer to explore with
        • Customer has to wait for release to play with new version
        • Customer can only explore GUI elements
    • What Customers Want
      • Need something between prototype and actual release
      • Ties domain concepts to code
      • Proves when feature is done – in a repeatable fashion
      • Customer-centric and developer friendly
      • Ties as closely as possible to the real system
    • Executable Specifications
      • A way of modeling specifications in a way that allows them to be executed to prove the system meets the spec
      • Abstract State Model
        • Any algorithm can be modeled at its natural abstraction level by an appropriate ASM
        • By being able to run the model, you can validate the algorithm
    • Executable Specifications
      • The appropriate abstraction level for business problems is usually a business (or domain) specific language
      • By allowing the domain language to be executable, users get fast feedback
      • Domain concepts can be translated directly into code
    • How Fitnesse Helps
      • Which is clearer?
      • This?
      [Test] public void CreateRoomAddsRoomToRoomList() { Assert.AreEqual(0, chatApp.AvailableRooms.Count); chatApp.CreateRoom(“aRoom”, “aUser”); Assert.AreEqual(1, chatApp.AvailableRooms.Count); Room room = chatApp.AvailableRooms.GetRoomByName(“aRoom”); Assert.AreEqual(1, room.UserCount); Assert.IsTrue(room.Users.Contains(“aUser”)); }
    • How Fitnesse Helps
      • Or this?
      Create user presses Basketball user enters room name of John user enters username of John 1 Basketball user list user count room name list of rooms
    • How Fitnesse Helps
      • So what is this magical Fitnesse?
        • Two pieces
          • FIT (Framework for Integration Tests)
          • Fitnesse
        • Allows specifications to be written in HTML, Excel or Wiki format
        • Can use any language underneath (runners for .NET, Java, Python, Ruby and others)
    • How Fitnesse Helps
      • Fitnesse
        • Uses Wiki format
        • Allows collaborative efforts between customers and developers
        • Is about communication first, testing second
        • Easy to use syntax
        • Straightforward to hook to the system being tested
    • How Fitnesse Helps
      • Different Types of Tables
        • ColumnFixture
        • RowFixture
        • DoFixture
        • ActionFixture
        • Custom Fixtures
        • Many others
    • How Fitnesse Helps
      • Helps solve 3 major problems
        • Communication
        • Agility
        • Balance
      • Side effect benefits
        • Regression tests
        • Domain concepts exposed
    • Chat Application Demo
      • Chat Application
        • Customer wants a simple chat application where users can create rooms and join existing ones
        • Specifications are being captured into Fitnesse fixtures and hooked to the system under test
    • Chat Application Demo
      • Specification Example
      ChatTests.Application start ChatTests.Application user list user count room name list of rooms Create user presses Basketball user enters room name of John user enters username of John 1 Basketball user list user count room name list of rooms
    • Chat Application Demo
      • Customer found a hole in the specification by writing Fitnesse tests
      • When the last user leaves, the room should be deleted
    • Chat Application Demo
      • Because the domain concepts are translated into code, the developers can quickly write the corresponding unit test
    • Chat Application Demo
      • And then get the unit test to pass by writing the code
    • Chat Application Demo
      • And because Fitnesse ties into the system under test, we can see our change meets the specification immediately
    • Business Rules Demo
      • The table based nature of Fitnesse is excellent for communicating Business Rules
      • If you can capture the concepts in a table form, you can write it in Fitnesse
    • Business Rules Demo
      • Business Holidays
        • Different businesses have different days which they may count as holidays
        • Interfacing with them may mean having to know what holiday applies to what business
        • Sounds like a good Fitnesse test!
    • Business Rules Demo
      • Fitnesse Test and Code
    • Business Rules Demo
      • Shipping Charges
        • Online store with shopping cart
        • Shipping Charges are based on order amounts
        • Customers get free shipping if they are over a set amount, or if they have preferred customer status
    • Business Rules Demo
      • We want an initial user list we can reuse throughout our tests
    • Business Rules Demo
      • Our other fixtures can now make use of our setup code
    • Wrap-up
      • Focus on using Fitnesse to communicate with your customers first
      • Then use Fitnesse as a regression testing tool
      • Having Fitnesse tests shouldn’t be an excuse not to write unit tests
    • Wrap-up
      • Fitnesse Resources
        • Fit for Developing Software by Rick Mugridge and Ward Cunningham
        • Fitnesse website ( )
        • Fitnesse mailing list ( )
        • Fitnesse tutorials ( http:// )