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  • 1. Environmental awareness stream
  • 2.
    • 1. Innovative strategies on environmental awareness initiatives
      • Examples discussed:
      • community groups,
      • university competitions,
      • roadshows,
      • fashion shows,
      • art for the environment,
      • ecoturism,
      • rallys,
      • Eco schools initiatives,
      • mindmazes.
  • 3.
    • 2. How to target large masses of people with our message:
    • how we as young people can set a tendency and make something become popular
      • how we can target people that don´t know about this.
  • 4.
      • Study, research your audience carefully and customize your message accordingly to match their interest.
      • Shift focus from governments to the corporate world.
      • We need to be massive ! Use the media, get a celebrity to represent youth, get messages printed on products packages, use free SMS for awareness.
      • Our message has to become part of everybody´s daily lives.
      • Use resources on the internet – specially video, blogs, visuals.
      • TShirt, Bracelets, logos – something that everybody can adopt.
  • 5.
      • Marketing, marketing, marketing!!!
      • Communicate simple and clear messages that can lead to concrete actions – not only general awareness. Tell what you actually want people to do !
  • 6.
    • Things we learned:
    • keep it simple
    • make it fun
    • use symbolism
    • be original
    • make it memorable.
  • 7.
    • Challenges we find:
    • Difficult to work and involve all students in one particular school or class
    • Raise awareness amongst rural, underprivileged, uneducated audience. It requires extra creativity!
    • Hard to measure impact of our actions, as result of the difficulty to measure actitude changes at the individual level.
  • 8.
    • Proposals for action
    • Online platform to exchange and accumulate knowledge on best examples of environmental awareness campaigns and resources (similar to wikipedia) but were you can also submit, comment and vote on the best ideas and innovative strategies (like a You Tube but without the videos!)
    • For example: best awareness campaigns on climate change, water, biodiversity, policy making (specific laws), waste, best teambuilding exercises, most useful publications on environmental awareness, etc. TYAC to lead the research and promote this initiative.
    • 2. Global and simple campaigns that can be promoted over the internet through youth networks and emails , to be promoted by TYAC and all of us. Example, pledge to take your own bag to the supermarket!