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  • 1. Sabre ® CentralCommand SM with Agresso customer testimonials: Adelman Travel Group Wal*Mart Global Travel Services January 2004
  • 2. Sabre CentralCommand with Agresso
    • The first fully integrated end-to-end business information system for travel agencies
    • Reconciles travel and financial information for unparalleled capabilities to measure, understand and manage your business
    • Provides significant cost savings and improves productivity through streamlined procedures
    • Available on-site or as an Application Services Provider (ASP) solution
  • 3. Sabre CentralCommand with Agresso Financial Processing Balance Tables Ad Hoc Querying Reporting Global Capability Multi-currency processing Multi-lingual financials Multi-GDS Financial and Client Services applications Budgeting Cash General Ledger Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable Customer Statements Agent Statements Bank Reconciliation Travel applications BSP / ARC / IAR Sales Entry / Modify Interface Manager Data Parse Master Files Reconciliation Data Validation
  • 4. Sabre CentralCommand with Agresso The described benefits of using Sabre CentralCommand with Agresso were furnished by actual customers of the application. Result may vary by user. Sabre Travel Network cannot guarantee that a customer will see equivalent benefit described by other customers.
  • 5. Customer Testimonials Amy Skaar, Controller Adelman Travel Group R. Shawn McGrew ARC Manager/Corporate Travel Analyst Wal*Mart Global Travel Services –
  • 6. Customer Testimonials
    • Ranked among the Top 30 US Travel management Companies, Adelman currently services a broad range of customers ranging from $500,000 to $15,000,000 in annual air sales. In 2004 they will process in excess of 350,000 air transactions.
    • Sabre CentralCommand is able to feed their reporting system daily as well as meeting the internal needs of Adelman’s Diverse Vacations, Account Management and Meetings Divisions.
    Adelman Travel Group
  • 7. Customer Testimonials Adelman Travel Group — Transformation of a business Floundering Hey this is Cool! How did we live without it ? Installation Training Base Functionality Getting the Job done Automation of JE’s Emailing Stmts & Reports Customizing views Automated invoice approval Consolidated hotel/car Billing
  • 8. Customer Testimonials Payroll Expense Reporting NPC/ Pegasus Branch F/S
    • ADP
    • Auto entry payroll department
    • Improved confidentiality
    • Reduced time by 75%
    • 1722 lines of data!
    • Concur
    • Auto entry
    • Improved details with name
    • Reduced time by 75%
    • 1138 lines of data!
    • NPC
    • Auto import of cash receipts
    • Auto match of Southwest
    • Now at customer level
    • Better data and 50% time savings
    • Excel
    • Macro driven Process replaced
    • 70 stmts in 10 minutes
    • Reduced time by 75%
    Adelman Travel Group — How far have we come?
  • 9. Customer Testimonials
    • Adelman Travel Group — Costs saved per transaction
  • 10. Customer Testimonials
    • Monthly Agresso Savings $16,000
    • Monthly Productivity Increase $ 9,475
    • Monthly Savings $25,475
    • Adelman ’ s ANNUAL SAVINGS $305,723
    Adelman Travel Group — Aggregate $ and ¢
  • 11. Customer Testimonials
    • “ I am very satisfied with the efficiencies Sabre CentralCommand has been able to provide to Adelman Travel. As a growth oriented organization, the ability to make timely decisions is paramount to success.
    • We are constantly developing new parameters for measuring the success of our operations, and CentralCommand has been able to easily adapt to those changes. We are light years ahead of where we were before, and I envision this experience continuing. ”
    • – Amy Skaar, Controller Adelman Travel Group
    Adelman Travel Group — Customer Quote
  • 12. Customer Testimonials Amy Skaar, Controller Adelman Travel Group R. Shawn McGrew ARC Manager/Corporate Travel Analyst Wal*Mart Global Travel Services –
  • 13. Customer Testimonials
    • As part of the world's largest retailer, the Wal*Mart Global Travel Services Group is still fairly young, but is one of the fastest growing divisions. In 2004, the Corporate Travel Department will issue approx. 85,000 tickets.
    • It is absolutely critical to have efficient reconciliation processes to accurately capture data in order to provide reporting to multiple levels of management quickly. Wal*Mart executives have industry leading expectations in the quality and quantity in the data they receive.
    Wal*Mart Global Travel Services
  • 14. Customer Testimonials Wal*Mart Global Travel Services
  • 15. Customer Testimonials
    • Average - 1600 transactions per week (includes - straight sales/refunds/debit memos/exchanges)
    • Reports
    • 25 weekly reports (agents/marketshare/online bookings, etc)
    • 23 Executive quarterly reports (each with 10 components)
    • Weekly adhoc report requests Over 2300 reports annually
    Wal*Mart Global Travel Services
  • 16. Customer Testimonials
    • Security-Air
    • Pre 9/11 — relied on 3 rd party reporting (usually 2-3 weeks behind)
    • Post 9/11 — Travelbase — quicker, but not accurate (within the week, but tables complicated/confusing)
    • Post 9/11 — Sabre CentralCommand — matter of seconds (ability to run a query and export in Excel in <30 sec.)
    Wal*Mart Global Travel Services
  • 17. Customer Testimonials
    • Security-Hotel
    • Previously relied solely on suppliers for reporting
    • Travelbase helped capture more, but sometimes GK segments not included in reports
    • Sabre CentralCommand allows to capture straight from the ‘ H otel ’ tables enabling to capture more hotel bookings making them reportable
    Wal*Mart Global Travel Services
  • 18. Customer Testimonials
    • Excelerator
    • Allows pre-set templates
    • Ability to save file immediately
    • Formulas … save the day!
    • Cuts down on time/energy
    • Meet company standards
    Wal*Mart Global Travel Services
  • 19. Customer Testimonials
    • Errors
    • Minimized
    • Modifiable errors
    • Fatal errors easier to track
    • Warning messages cut back on looking for errors
    Wal*Mart Global Travel Services
  • 20. Customer Testimonials
    • Time-Saved (approximate)
    • Manual ARC reconciliation vs. Sabre CentralCommand —
    • Saved 3 hours
    • Correcting errors —
    • Saved 2-3 hours
    • Reporting
    • Saved 2 hours weekly reports
    • Saved 92 hours on Exec reports
    • Saved 15-100 minutes on adhoc reports
    Wal*Mart Global Travel Services
  • 21. Customer Testimonials
    • Help/Support Desk
    • Quick/Turn-around
    • Reliable
    • Responsive
    • Website user friendly
    • Knowledgeable
    • Willing to find solutions
    Wal*Mart Global Travel Services
  • 22. Customer Testimonials
    • “ The capabilities of Sabre CentralCommand have allowed us to move our business to a higher level. We (Wal*Mart Stores, Inc.), as a global company need the ability to implement our practices across the globe to have standard levels of not only capturing data, but also in the reporting of this data.
    • Sabre CentralCommand allows us to do this in a timely fashion while saving our company money which ultimately translates into savings for our customers worldwide. ”
    • – R. Shawn McGrew, ARC Manager/Corporate Travel Analyst Wal*Mart Global Travel Services
    Wal*Mart Global Travel Services
  • 23. Advantages of CentralCommand
    • Enable managers to understand, develop and operate their business better
    • Provide significant cost savings and maximum return on investment
    • Empower employees and decentralize responsibility
    • Improve productivity through 24 x 7 access and streamlined procedures
    • Drastically reduce end user training requirements
    • Deliver access to critical business information
    Enable + Empower + Improve + Deliver = Success
  • 24.