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Customer Advisory Council
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Customer Advisory Council


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance

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  • 1. PSC Customer Advisory Council Conference 2007 United States Coast Guard Personnel Service Center  
  • 2. Travel 101
    • Travel Process
      • Authorization/Orders – Manual, TPAX
      • Advances – Faxed Manual, TPAX
      • Settlements – Mailed Originals Manual, TPAX, PSC
      • Audits
  • 3.
    • Teams within the Travel Branch
      • Travel Support Team (TST)
      • Production Team
      • Audit Team
      • System Support Team
    Travel 101
  • 4.
    • Travel Support Team (TST)
      • Mail – Fedex, DHL, Certified (Database)
      • Logging of Claims – WINIATS
      • Manual Kick Back of Claims
      • Forwarding to FINCEN – DITY/SPM Claims
      • Customer Call Center Travel Support
    Travel 101
  • 5.  
  • 6.
    • Production Team
      • PCS and TDY Claim Completion
      • Review of TPAX Claims and Advances
      • Industrial Claim Completion – ARSC, Yard
      • Travel Advance Completion – PSC and TDY
      • Civilian PCS Completion
    Travel 101
  • 7.
    • Audit Team
      • Auditing of Production Team’s Work
      • Audit (2 nd Review) of TPAX Claims
      • TPAX Audit Review – Flagged amounts = $2,500 and $1,000 Airfare
      • PAO Release of Audited Claims to FINCEN for payment
      • Hot Audit
    Travel 101
  • 8.  
  • 9.
    • System Support Team
      • Software Support – TPAX upgrades, internal travel support
      • FINCEN Liaison – debt stoppage, prior payment work
      • Exception Reports Review
    Travel 101
  • 10.  
  • 11.  
  • 12.
    • T-PAX Password Requirements
    • T-PAX Retrieve Request
    • Travel Voucher Summary (TVS)
    • Split Disbursement
    • T-PAX Audit Process
    Travel Discussion
  • 13.
    • T-PAX Password Requirements
      • Nine characters
      • Alphanumeric
      • No special characters (i.e. @#$&)
      • Make sure Authentication information is filled out correctly and you can remember it!!!
        • If the member forgets their password, they can click forgotten password, enter their Authentication information, and T-PAX will e-mail them the password.
    T-PAX Passwords
  • 14.
    • Retrieve Request option will retrieve a claim or authorization forwarded to the AO for approval
    • as long as the
    • AO has not
    • already
    • approved it.
    T-PAX Retrieve Request
  • 15.
    • TVS can be retrieved from TPAX by:
      • Opening “settlement”
      • Click on “print request”
      • Select “print voucher”
      • * For more information, please
      • see T-PAX tutorial located at
      • http:// -PAX
    Travel Voucher Summary (TVS)
  • 16. Split Disbursement
    • What is Split Disbursement (split-D)?
      • Split disbursement is a function in which a payment is made to the member’s government travel charge card (GTCC) on behalf of the member and any remaining balance is reimbursed to the member.
    • Split Disbursement will be enabled in T-PAX
  • 17. Split-D (cont.)
    • Process your travel claim in TPAX as you normally would.
    • On the Actual Itinerary, TPAX will auto calculate the lodging and lodging taxes as GTCC expenses.
  • 18.
    • Reimbursable items may be checked as Split for split-D.
    • Daily M&IE rate will not auto populate. Adjust total amount for split-D in Financial Tab.
    Split-D (cont.)
  • 19. Split-D (cont.)
    • On the Financial Tab
      • Method of Payment
        • EFT must be selected
      • Computed Split
        • This is the pre-computed estimate for split-D
      • Due Traveler
        • This is the total travel entitlement for this claim
      • Split Payment
        • Input how much money to deduct from the “Due Traveler” and pay to the member’s GTCC.
  • 20. Split-D (cont.)
    • On the previous screen, TPAX calculated a payment due $7,584.24 and the estimated GTCC of $4,522.50.
    • Traveler wants $5,000.00 to be paid to the GTCC.
    • Tab past the split payment, the system auto adjusts the amount due traveler.
    • The traveler will receive this amount via EFT.
    • Proceed with your claim as normal.
  • 21. Split-D (cont.)
    • Note:
      • Only an amount equal to or less than the amount due may be authorized for split-D.
  • 22. Split-D (cont.)
    • If GTCC information is not on file at FINCEN, and split-D is selected, the traveler will receive full payment of travel entitlements.
    • It is always the traveler’s responsibility to pay the GTCC balance.
    • Split-D will pay charges on issued Government Charge Card (GTCC) in a timely fashion.
  • 23. Split-D (Cont.)
    • Split-D will not pay a traveler’s personal credit card.
    • Any balance on the GTCC is the traveler’s responsibility to pay promptly.
    • GTCC overpayments* - All refunds to the GTCC must be coordinated by the traveler directly with Citibank at 1-800-790-7206.
      • *This is not a function of the PSC Travel Branch or PSC/FINCEN Customer Service Departments.
  • 24.
    • Audit Request notifications are sent out monthly by PSC TVL Branch.
    • Audit Request notifications are auto-generated.
    • Three Audit Request notifications will be sent to member for any claim that meets audit criteria.
    T-PAX Audit Process
  • 25.
    • Audit Criteria:
      • All claims resulting in an entitlement of $2,500.00 or more.
      • 15% of all claims submitted through TPAX for a specified month.
    T-PAX Audit Process (cont.)
  • 26.
    • Audit Request notifications are sent to member’s email addresses listed in:
      • T-PAX (primary email address)
      • ** Keep email addresses in
      • Direct Access and T-PAX updated.
    T-PAX Audit Process (cont.)
  • 27.
    • Audit requests “normally” will be sent the first business day of the first full week of the month.
      • 1 st notification of Audit Request is sent to member.
      • 2 nd notification of Audit Request is sent to member if no response is received after 30 days of 1 st request.
      • 3 rd and Final notification of Audit Request is sent to member if no response is received after 30 days of 2 nd request.
    • Members may also receive this information/status by logging onto FINCEN’s web site
    T-PAX Audit Process (cont.)
  • 28.
    • If no response is received after 30 days of 3 rd Request:
      • PSC will process a supplemental to recoup all monies previously paid against that claim.
      • PSC will send email notification of debt to member.
    • “ Hot Audits”
    T-PAX Audit Process (cont.)
  • 29.
    • Unit reports:
      • Available at:
      • Lists all members attached to unit with pending Audit Requests.
      • Lists 1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd audit requests and recoupment reports for the unit.
    T-PAX Audit Process (cont.)
  • 30.
    • Audit packages should include COPIES of:
      • Audit Request notification e-mail
      • Travel Claim (must be signed by mbr and AO)
      • Orders (must be signed by Authorizing Official)
        • If Claim/Orders were created in UTS, and mbr did not retain a copy .. the mbr may submit audit package w/o these along with a statement requesting PSC retrieve this Claim/Orders from UTS.
      • Amendments / Endorsements (if any)
      • Itemized Lodging receipts
      • Airfare receipts (must show form of payment and $ amt)
      • Rental Car receipts
      • Any receipts $75.00 or more
    T-PAX Audit Process (cont.)
  • 31.
    • Audit packages should be mailed to:
      • Commanding Officer (TVL- T-PAX Audits)
      • U.S. Coast Guard
      • Personnel Service Center
      • 444 S E Quincy St.
      • Topeka, KS 66683
    T-PAX Audit Process (cont.)
  • 32.
    • Audit packages received by PSC are:
      • Logged as received in database and an email will be sent to the member via T-PAX primary email address
      • Reviewed for completeness
        • If incomplete, the audit package is returned to member
          • Email is sent to member
        • Member has 15 days to comply with the returned audit package before action is taken
      • Reviewed for errors
    T-PAX Audit Process (cont.)
  • 33.
    • If no errors found:
      • Audit is logged as complete.
      • No further action is required.
    • If errors found:
      • PSC will process a negative supplemental to recoup the unauthorized paid entitlement.
      • Audit is logged as complete.
      • Auto email to member on actions taken.
    T-PAX Audit Process (cont.)
  • 34.
    • Supplementals submitted to change post-audit claim resulting in a debt:
      • (Military personnel) - Debt has begun collecting from member’s pay – PSC will:
        • Stop any invalid debt currently running
        • Reprocess travel claim with any necessary changes
        • Cancel or Reduce debt
        • Disburse any additional entitlement money
      • (Civilian personnel) - Debt has begun collecting from member’s pay – PSC will:
        • Process the supplemental to pay member the additional entitlement
        • Let the existing debt run against member’s pay
    T-PAX Audit Process (cont.)
  • 35. Questions?