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Carpenter Supplycon Carpenter Supplycon Presentation Transcript

  • Web Strategies for Small Business: Making the Most of Your Web Site A briefing for: Public Procurement Forum 2004 December 6th, 2004
  • Order of Presentation
    • Setting the Stage: Projected Growth & the Role of Multi-Channel Marketing
    • Home Page Recommendations
    • Basic Design, Content & the Online Store
    • Case Studies: 2 Gourmet Food Retailers
    • Resources: Articles & Books
    • Education Opportunities through VECTEC
    • Questions??
  • Projected Growth of Online Retail Sales
    • 2004 Percentage of Total Sales - 4%
    • 2008 Percentage of Total Sales - 6%
    Source: Jupiter Research 2004
    • Online Influence of Off-line Purchasing Also Increasing
      • 2004 - 18% of offline sales influenced by online sales
      • 2008 - 29% of offline sales influenced by online sales
  • Online Sales Category Growth 2002-2008 Online Channel Share 2008 Compound Annual Growth 2003-2008 Source: Jupiter Internet Shopping Model PCs Software Jewelry Toys Video Games Books Flowers Videos Event Tx Footwear Cons. Elec Apparel Other Lg Appl Music Peripherals Sport Gds Office Prod Grocery Art/coll Garden Supply Spec. Gifts Movie Tx Furniture P. Care Auto Parts OTC Drugs Med Sply Home Imp. Housewares Neutra Plateau Growth Steady Growth Steep Growth
  • Multi-Channel Marketing is the Key
    • Single channel retail outlets are going the way of the buggy whip - extinct!
    Close to 45 percent of store retailers are now using three channels to market their products and are finding these customers are also the most profitable.
  • Capturing the customer begins with your home page
    • Does your home page . . .
      • Communicate what your company does
      • Explain the value your site offers over its competition
      • Provide good navigation to your company’s major products & services
    • Company Name/Logo
    Home Page Recommendations
      • Placement: upper left corner
      • Size: modest (80 x 68 pixels)
      • Company tagline: brief less than
      • 10 words explaining what your
      • company does
      • Complexity of products may
      • warrant additional information
      • below the header
    • Entrance to My Account
      • Needs to be in prominent
      • location, usability experts
      • recommend upper right
      • hand corner of site.
    Home Page Recommendations
    • Search Input Box
    Home Page Recommendations
      • Generally located within
      • or below the banner
      • Input box should contain
      • a minimum of 25
      • characters
    • Primary Navigation
    Home Page Recommendations
      • Best placement: Below the
      • company logo in left-hand
      • navigation column or
      • within center of site above
      • the fold.
      • Items to include: Online
      • Store, About Us , & Contact
      • Us .
      • Resist urge to list all of your products
      • on the home page, instead group them into meaningful categories
    • Featured Products
      • Placed in center section
      • of site.
    Home Page Recommendations
      • Best practices: feature
      • 2-3 products including
      • product description,
      • price, and direct link to
      • shopping cart.
    • Footer
      • Found at bottom of page
    Home Page Recommendations
      • Includes: brief contact info,
      • copyright and privacy info.
      • Privacy policy is essential
      • if gathering customer info
      • or you engage in email
      • communications with the
      • customer.
    • Pop-up Windows
      • Can be particularly
      • frustrating on the home
      • page and often on other
      • pages as well, use sparingly.
      • A good question to ask ---
      • “ Is this relevant to the
      • majority of my customers?”
    Home Page Recommendations
  • Basic Design, Content & the Online Store Let’s start with basic design . . .
  • Basic Design
    • Consistency is paramount
      • Major navigation, search, online store entrance, shopping cart info, etc. need to be in same place throughout site
    • Emphasize what is important and place it appropriately
      • Make it bigger, bolder, etc.
    • De-clutter
      • Be wary of:
        • Extraneous graphics
        • Too much copy
        • Too many ads
        • Multiple navigation paths to same items
  • Basic Design
    • Color use and choice
      • Think carefully about your primary color - color choice may vary depending on the personality of the company
      • Limit to no more than 5-6 total on a page
      • High contrast works better (especially important for older customers)
  • Basic Design
    • Color use and choice
      • Color wheel can assist
      • you in selecting
      • complementary colors
      • (opposite each other
      • on wheel)
      • To indicate relationships,
      • choose colors that are
      • near to each other
    Select complementary colors
  • Basic Design - Other Color Variations This color scheme uses three colors: any hue and the two adjacent to its complement. (example: red, yellow-green, and blue-green) This scheme also uses three colors. They are evenly spaced from each other. (example: red, yellow, and blue) Split complementary Triadic
  • Basic Design - Other Color Variations This color scheme uses two pairs of complements. (example: yellow and violet, blue and orange) This scheme uses four colors: a triad and a complement to one of the hues. (example: red, yellow, blue and violet) This scheme uses four colors evenly spaced on the color wheel. A primary, secondary and two tertiary colors are used. (example: red, green, yellow-orange, and blue-violet) Alternate complement Tetrad Double complement
  • Basic Design
    • Linking
      • Be specific - use linkable keywords, but keep them brief, so the customer will know what to expect
      • Use color to distinguish visited (blue) and
      • unvisited (black) links.
      • Use roll-overs and other visual cues to let
      • shoppers know a graphic is an active link
  • Content
    • Copy “ Scanability ”
      • Use short paragraphs for text copy
      • Use concise headings and subheadings
      • Use bulleted lists instead of paragraphs where possible
    • Content pages
      • The online store has moved beyond product
      • selling and promotion - product education is
      • just as important now.
      • Look for ways you can include value-added pages
  • The Online Store
    • Subcategory page
      • Include name and small photo for 5-10 of top subcategories, i.e.
    • Product detail page
      • Image of each product
      • Next to each image include a description of the
      • product including color, size, weight, etc.
      • Include price and any hidden charges
      • (extra shipping and handling)
  • The Online Store
    • Does your shopping cart require registration before browsing - this can irritate potential first-time customers
    • Don’t force the customer to go to the shopping cart or checkout page each time they add an item to the cart - this adds an unnecessary step for those shopping for multiple items
    • Shopping carts running totals that include shipping and handling are more customer friendly
  • The Online Store
    • Be sure to include total cart contents, quantities and prices at the checkout counter
    • Check counter is additional opportunity to provide complementary products to the customer
  • Case Study: Empire Machinery
    • Primary Products:
    • Industrial supply company includes power tools, pipe, grinding wheels and abrasive products.
    • Locations
    • Norfolk, Hampton, Richmond, Northern Virginia and North Carolina
    • Primary Customers: Northrop Grumman Newport News, Norshipco, Seimens, Ford Motor Company and International Paper.
    • Annual revenue:
    • $24 Million
    • 105 Employees
    • Suggestions for improvement:
    • De-clutter header area containing primary navigation items, banner ad
    • and registered customer, new customer links
    • Add input box for search feature
    • Move link to Shopping cart above the product categories in left hand nav
    • Add company tagline to help first-time customers know they’ve come
    • to the right place
    • Featured products take up a lot of real estate - reduce size and combine
    • logos with title of product
    • Product cats are clearly defined
    • Suggestions for improvement (continued):
    • Too many logos across the bottom of the page -
    • move featured manufacturers to a new right hand
    • column
    • Footer issues: Copyright is out of date, add phone
    • number, and link to privacy policy.
    • Add more white space throughout.
    • Online Store: Suggestions for Improvement
    • Overall, categories are laid out well and succint.
    • Good use of crumbs
    • Subcategory links need to look more like links -
    • underline and in blue
    • Visual FAQ might be helpful
    • Online Store - Suggestions for Improvement
    • With fewer categories might display subcategories
    • in one or two columns - try to be consistent across
    • subcategories if possible.
    • Again - ensure links appear as links
    • Visual FAQ might be helpful
  • This page is done very well - provides a good description, tells whether item is in stock, includes price and flows directly to shopping cart.
  • Case Study: Whitley’s Peanuts
    • Primary Products:
    • Boiled Peanuts, Raw Peanuts, Honey Roasted Peanuts, Gift Packs and Corporate Gifts.
    • Locations
    • 2 retail shops in Williamsburg and Gloucester along with shipping and processing facility in Gloucester.
    • Primary Customers:
    • Consumer and business driven.
  • Previous Home Page
    • Whitley’s Site Re-Design
    • Clean up header area
    • Move newsletter input
    • box away from search
    • input box
    • Develop tag line to better
    • position Whitley’s against
    • competitors
    • Move primary navigation
    • above fold line
    • Group similar items into fewer subcategories
    • Include more space for featured items
    • Move logos off bottom of home page
  • New Home Page
  • Whitley’s New Home Page Continued
  • Previous Shopping Cart Entrance
    • Whitley’s Re-Design
    • Increase consistency
    • between new home page
    • and product pages - header,
    • navigation, search, etc.
    • Make shopping cart more
    • customer friendly - remove
    • need to register before
    • ordering
    • Make copy more concise
    • and smaller images on
    • subcategory page.
  • New Shopping Cart Entrance Note the clear separation between “Shop” and “Information” navigation items.
  • New subcategory page Note new “You Might Also Enjoy” feature
  • Resources: Articles
    • Top Ten Guidelines for Homepage Usability
    • Top 5 Most Important Web Usability Issues
    •  Website Usability Tips - Homepage Usability Tips
  • Resources: Books
    • Homepage Usability – 50 Websites Deconstructed by Jakob Nielsen & Marie Tahir – ISBN: 073571102
    • Customer Centered Design – A New Approach to Web Usability by Kreta Chandler and Karen Hyatt - ISBN: 0130479624
    • Shaping Web Usability: Interaction Design in Context by Albert N. Badre - ISBN: 0201729938
    •  The Unusually Useful Web Book by June Cohen – ISBN: 0735712069
  • Additional Supplier Resources
    • Small Business Administration -
    • Includes resources within the Small Business Development Centers
    • Federal Business Opportunities -
    • Single government point of entry for federal gov’t procurement
    • Acquisition Network for Federal Government -
    • FAR and DFAR, DFAR supplements, NASA, DOE regs -
    • Defense Fed Acq Regs Supplement -
    • Defense Acquisition University -
    • DoD contractors can enroll in classes as well as various self paced modules
    • Northrop Grumman OASIS -
    • Online Automated Supplier Information System
  • Education Programs
    • E-Commerce Short Courses
      • Dreamweaver MX 2004 - Dec. 14 & 15
      • First day covers basic fundamentals and demonstrates why tool is powerful. Second day includes templates, behaviors, style sheets, layers, library items and more .
      • Several additional classes planned for Spring including Contribute, Illustrator for the Web and Pay Per Click Marketing.
  • Research Programs
    • PenSoft E-Business Resource Center
      • Offers more than 1,000 timely articles and statistics for Virginia’s small to medium-size businesses regarding e-commerce, Internet marketing, security, law and other subjects.
      • EC glossary
      • Searchable database
      • Free resource for businesses as well as secondary and higher education faculty
  • Directory Submissions and Link Building General Key Phrases Pay Per Click Site Optimization Strategies
  • Research Programs (cont.)
    • Center for Technical Data & Information (CTDI)
      • Virginia’s Business, Technical and Scientific Research Center
      • CTDI fills critical research needs for Virginia companies including detailed information on competitors, potential customers, products and suppliers, etc.
      • Special rural research program available to companies within Southwest Virginia, Eastern Shore, Northern Neck and Southside Virginia. For details, see:
  • Sample Question Our company needs information on medical service providers in Virginia with revenues greater than $2.5M. Where can we get that information? We retrieved exactly what they were looking for in just two hours through Hoovers D & B In-depth.
  • QUESTIONS?? Michelle Carpenter [email_address] Phone: 757-594-7092