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Aatcc Programs Services Resources Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Programs, Services, & Resources for the Global Textile Industry by Perry L. Grady Director of Business Development AATCC
    • To Increase knowledge of the application of colorants, chemicals, and polymers in the textile industry
    • To encourage in any practical way research work on textile design and coloration, chemical processes, and materials of importance to the textile industry
    • To establish for our members channels by which the interchange of professional knowledge among them may be increased
  • 3. Who Are AATCC Members?
    • AATCC Members are individuals, companies, and organizations from:
    • Apparel and Textile Products Companies
    • Retail Organizations
    • Computer Design, Color Measurement, and Testing Instrument Manufacturers
    • Fiber, Yarn, Chemical, Dye, and Machinery Manufacturers
    • Independent & Government Testing Labs
    • Related Textile Associations
    • Faculty & Students - Textile Design, Chemistry, Science, and Management
    Excellent input and transparency for standard test method development!
    • Research Triangle Park
    • Test Method Development and Training Laboratories
    • Textile Library
    • Magazine Publishing
    • Educational Programs
    • Membership Activities
  • 5. Global Presence
    • World’s largest professional association devoted to textile design, chemistry, materials, and wet processing
    • Members in more than 60 countries
    • About 17% of membership are outside U.S.
    • AATCC Test Methods used worldwide
    • Test Method Committees
    • Technology Committees
    • Educational Programs
    • Test Method Training & Certification
    • Publications
    • Regional and Sectional Activities
    • Interest Group Activities
    • Student Chapters
    • International Conference & Exhibition
    • AATCC Technical Center
    International involvement is encouraged!
  • 7. Commitment to Our Industry
    • AATCC began developing and publishing testing standards in 1923
    • Today we have developed over 200 test methods and evaluation procedures
    • There are currently 124 active test methods and evaluation procedures listed in the 2008 Technical Manual of AATCC
  • 8. Types of AATCC Methods Available
    • Biological Properties
    • Colorfastness
    • Dyeing Properties
    • Evaluation Procedures
    • Identification & Analysis
    • Physical Properties
  • 9. AATCC Methods Used Widely in Global Textile Trade
    • Today, purchase contracts specify in detail how goods must be tested, inspected, and conform to social compliance and security issues
    • In both domestic and international markets, acceptance and rejection of textiles are based on meeting performance specifications
    • Product specifications should be considered as early as the design phase!
    • AATCC methods are used extensively for evaluating raw materials, in-process testing, as well as final product testing
  • 10. Test Methods & Materials
    • AATCC provides the AATCC Technical Manual containing AATCC test methods to over 60 countries including Honduras
    • AATCC sells quality control materials to more than 60 countries, including Honduras
    • Companies should purchase only AATCC approved products, such as standard detergents and gray scales, to insure that they comply properly with testing requirements and certifications
    • The new edition of the AATCC Technical Manual should be acquired every year, as methods are continually updated!
    • Test methods and quality control materials may be ordered on-line from www.aatcc.org
  • 11. “ Ask AATCC” Technical List Serv
    • For posting and receiving technical questions
    • Free to AATCC members
    • Questions and answers come from around the world
    • To subscribe, contact Suzanne Holmes, AATCC Technical Associate at
    • [email_address]
  • 12. Many AATCC Publications
    • AATCC Review
    • On-Line Buyers Guide
    • AATCC Technical Manual
    • Colour Index
    • Analytical Methods for a Textile Laboratory
    • Color Technology in the Textile Industry
    • Garment Wet Processing Technical Manual
    • Pigment Printing Handbook
    • Textile Dyeing and Coloration
    • Workshop and Symposia Books
    • Many SDC publications available through AATCC
  • 13. AATCC Monthly Magazine
  • 14. AATCC is a Supporting Sponsor of Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics (JEFF)‏
  • 15.
    • Electronic newsletter launched September 2004
    • Available to members and nonmembers
    • Includes original features, test method development news, and information about upcoming events.
  • 16. New Interest Groups
    • Materials
    • Chemical Applications
    • Concept 2 Consumer (C2C)‏
  • 17. Materials Interest Group
    • Increase the knowledge of new and novel materials related to the fiber/fiber products industries, via innovative modifications of existing structures and/or creation of compositions of matter.
    • The new materials may be chemical in nature or physical structures (fibers, wovens, carpets, nonwovens, etc.).
    • Concentrates on the science and engineering used to create them, including systems and processes developed for their commercial production, as well as their tested physical/mechanical properties.
  • 18. Materials Student Engineering 2008 Materials Design Competition
    • Three 1 st place prizes of $1,000 each; three 2 nd place prizes of $500 each
    • Themes
    • - Industrial/Technical Sports Materials
    • - Medical, Biomedical/Protective, Materials and Devices
    • - Smart/Electronic/Optoelectronic and Nano-Materials
  • 19. Chemical Applications Interest Group
    • To encourage and increase the knowledge base of applying chemicals (preparation aids, colorants, finishes, polymers, etc.) to substrates
    • Concentrate on the technologies, systems and processes used including the tested physical/mechanical properties of treated materials.
  • 20. Concept 2 Consumer Interest Group
    • To stimulate and expand knowledge of AATCC to the retail and design community in order to increase membership and participation in AATCC and C2C activities.
  • 21. Concept 2 Consumer
    • Aimed at designers/merchandisers
    • AATCC Review articles
    • AATCC networking activity
    • Color Communications Guidebook
    • Test method Technical Supplement
    • Special workshops/symposia
    • Student Design Competitions
    • Conference activities
  • 22. 2008 C2C/CITDA Student Design Competition
  • 23. Chemical Applications Interest Group
    • To encourage and increase the knowledge base of applying chemicals (preparation aids, colorants, finishes, polymers, etc.) to substrates
    • Concentrate on the technologies, systems and processes used including the tested physical/mechanical properties of treated materials.
  • 24. International Conference
    • Technical Conference Dedicated to Textile Wet and Design
    • Annual Event
    • World-Class Speakers
    • Exhibitors
    • Student Paper Competition
    • Student Quiz Bowl
    • Guest Program
    • Awards Luncheon
    Join us in Myrtle Beach, SC Spring 2009
  • 26. Herman and Myrtle Goldstein Student Paper Competition
    • Conducted by AATCC's Textile Education Committee
    • To provide Student Chapters an opportunity to develop, conduct and report original research projects.
    • Papers are judged on the basis of originality, scientific value, practical value and presentation
    • Undergraduate and graduate categories
    • First and second place cash awards in each category
  • 27. Student Research Support Grant Program
    • Established by AATCC Foundation to encourage student research important to the textile industry
    • Purpose is to support and facilitate textile research conducted by undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in textile programs.
    • Recipients are selected by the AATCC Foundation Student Research Review Board and are recommended for funding to the AATCC Foundation Committee on Research.
    • Awards can range from $500-$4,000, depending on the project's significance to the textile industry.
    • AATCC Foundation Student Research Support Grant Program
    • http://www.aatcc.org/foundation/Guidelines_Student_Research07.pdf
  • 28. AATCC Scholarship Programs
    • Charles H. Stone Scholarship
    • Charles E. Gavin III Family Scholarship
    • The Piedmont Section Scholarships
    • Luther B. Arnold Scholarships
  • 29. Key Student Membership Benefits
    • Digital and Printed AATCC Review magazine
    • Online AATCC Review magazine archive
    • Online CareerSite for posting resumes and searching job postings
    • Online membership directory
    • Technical listserv
    • Monthly AATCC News electronic newsletter
    • Opportunity to enter C2C and Materials design competitions
    • Opportunity to participate in Herman and Myrtle Goldstein Student Paper Competition , an annual event at AATCC's IC&E Conference
  • 30. Key Student Membership Benefits
    • Opportunity to participate in Interest Groups (C2C, Chemical Applications, and Materials)
    • Favorable pricing for attending education programs and annual conference
    • Favorable pricing for purchasing publications
    • Opportunity to participate in the AATCC section meetings and student chapter activities
    • Scholarships
    • Research Grants
    • Ready to join? Download a Student Application Membership form . Mail or fax your completed form to the address or fax number at the top of the form.
  • 31. Annual Membership Dues
    • $100 U.S. for Senior and Associate Members
    • $30 U.S. for Student Members
    • New $50 Membership for Developing Nations
    • New $10 Student Membership for Developing Nations
    • (electronic magazine only)
  • 32. AATCC Foundation, Inc.
    • Public Charitable Foundation
    • Supports the mission of AATCC
    • Supports textile education
    • Supports textile research
    • Supports textile scholarships
    • Numerous gifting and naming opportunities
    Reinvigorating Textile Sciences Through Research and Education
  • 33. Contact:
    • Perry L. Grady
    • Director of Business Development
    • AATCC
    • Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
    • Tel: (919) 414-9260
    • Fax: (919) 549-8933
    • E-mail: gradyp @aatcc.org
    • Or visit our website at www.aatcc.org
  • 34.