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Davis Journal of Images Project

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Davis Journal Of Images

  1. 1. Journal of Images – “Collection of Bears” Torey Davis Spring 2009 Introduction to the Visual Arts 1301 Austin Community College P. King, Professor
  2. 2. Collection of Bears I elected to do my report on my collection of bears. I pick bears for my theme because it is something that is important to me and makes me happy. In the world we live in a lot of people collect difference items. Ever person may have different reasons why they collect the different items. When people think of items to collect some people may collect items that may make them money or they can collect items that can make them happy. How I started my collection of bears was when I was a little girl I broke my arm, and my mom brought me a bear. Once I received my first bear every time we went some were and I seen one I wanted to be a new bear. So over the years my collection of bears keep getting bigger. Some bears I buy on my own, or sometimes I get them as gifts. Some days I just like to look at my bears, because it makes me happy to see the bears smiling. What has made me a very happy person is when they opened up a Build A Bear shop here in Austin. At Build A Bear you get to build your own bear. The first step it to pick the bear that you want. Second you go to get the bear stuffed. You get to decide how you want the bear to feel. Do you want the bear to be hard, soft, or in between. The third step is after you get the bear stuff you put a heart inside of it. At this time you can also decide if you want the bear to talk or make noise. After that is done the bear to ready to get clean. The fourth step is to pick out cloths and shoes that you want the bear to wear. The fifth step is two go to the computer and type out the birth certificate for your bear. The sixth and final step is to pay for your bear and then it is put in a bear house for you to take it home with you. I hope you like my collection of bear you will be seeing. I know that if you collect items that are special to you, you know how I feel about my collection. If you don’t collect anything you should start collecting a item that will make you happy.
  3. 3. Line Element of line is showed with the bear’s arm going to the spoon. The curved is with the bear on tip toes.
  4. 4. Color Reflected light is showed with the bear’s different colors.
  5. 5. Shape Formance of this bear’s shows the depth with the bears on The blanket praying.
  6. 6. Form Surrounded by space these bear’s are ready for Halloween.
  7. 7. Texture By the look of these bear’s activates at the camp fire the element Of texture showed.
  8. 8. Value With the bear’s darkness & lightness show the value of this bear.
  9. 9. Space Referring to the bear’s inside of the space and shape of the larger bear.
  10. 10. Unity With the bear’s on the rockers it is showing the harmony with them together.
  11. 11. Variety The assortment of size of these wings show different variety.
  12. 12. Balance In this picture the bear is laying on the house to show balance.
  13. 13. Emphasis This element shows the bear wearing a football uniform. But the dominant is the helmet.
  14. 14. Scale Don’t be concerned with size here. The bear is the right size to go with the candle holder.
  15. 15. Rhythm This element is repeating flowing space. These two bears and in it Together.
  16. 16. Movement This bear is on the move, to take its pet bear for a walk.
  17. 17. Index of Images  Line – Thursdae’s Child is Coconut Berry, Home, March 31, 2009  Color – Winter Fairies Bear, Home, April 1, 2009  Shape – Bear praying on pillow, Home, March 31, 2009  Form – Boy & Girl bear dress for Halloween, Home, March 31, 2009  Texture – Daddy & Daughter, Mother & Son all at the camp fire, Home, April, 1, 2009  Value – Brown & White bear, Home, March 31, 2009  Space – Bear with two bears in the middle, Home, March 31, 2009  Unity – Mom bear on rocker reading to kids, Home, March 31, 2009  Varity – Spring Fairies bear, Home, April 1, 2009  Balance – Christmas Bears, Home March 31, 2009  Emphasis – Houston Texas football bear, Home, April 1, 2009  Scale – Valentine’s bear with candle holder, Home, March 31, 2009  Rhythm – Crystal bears with gift, Home, April 1, 2009  Movement – Bear in dress ready for a walk, Home, April 1, 2009  Project available online on Slideshare.net – Davis Journal of Images  http://www.slideshare.net/Annettebear/davis-journal-of-images