Adding Strategic Value Down Cycle Recruiting

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For those of you looking for a new CRM, you might consider Avature. I have recently reviewed this tool and found it to be pretty intuitive.

For those of you looking for a new CRM, you might consider Avature. I have recently reviewed this tool and found it to be pretty intuitive.

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  • 1. Adding Strategic Value in Down-Cycle Recruiting
    • John Sumser Dimitri Boylan
    • Founder & CEO President & CEO
    • Two Color Hat Avature
  • 2. Housekeeping
    • Today’s webinar is scheduled for one hour
    • Please use the GoToWebinar toolbar to ask questions in the Q&A box
    • I’ll stop periodically to ask the presenters questions posted by the attendees
    • If you’re interested in receiving a copy of today’s presentation, please email [email_address]
  • 3. Introductions
    • John Sumser, Founder & CEO, Two Color Hat
    • Dimitri Boylan – Founder and CEO, Avature
    • MODERATOR – Michael Johnson, Director of Business Development, Avature
  • 4. The Change Already Happened Monster LinkedIN Google Trend Analysis July, 2007 Jan., 2009
  • 5. Agenda
    • Turning Recruiting Strategic in a Down Cycle
    • Evolution and Utility of Social Networks
    • Using CRM to Manage Networks
    • Building the Business Case
  • 6. Down Cycle Recruiting
    • How not to describe down cycle recruiting
    • Dangerous Patterns of behavior
      • Hit-and-run recruiting
      • Availability focused recruiting
        • no control over quality
        • Reactionary with no strategic dialog with customer
    • Strategic Recruiting
      • Plan, Methodology, and Strategic Behavior
      • The planning process
        • Current workforce x growth x attrition = no. of hires
      • Relationship focused Methodology – that’s responsive to market realities
        • Building talent pools – communities of people with vibrant relationships – need to deliver value first
      • Client Relationship Outcome – Predictability, Forecast Ability, Quality – for high impact recruiting
    • How to harness new tools in a down cycle to be more strategic
      • The social web
      • CRM
  • 7. Social Networks in Perspective
    • Google now at 1 trillion indexed web pages!
    • Unimaginable 10 years ago, what happens 5 years from now?
    • Lots of information about people now on the Internet AND it’s constantly updated.
    • The learning curve for understanding and using Social Networks is manageable.
    • But…the social web is huge and changing rapidly:
      • We think you need a framework in which to understand them
      • And a Strategy for how to use them to get ROI
  • 8. Different Sites, Different Behaviors
  • 9. Profiles, Profiles, and Bits of Profiles?
      • Consolidated Sites
          • Facebook, Xing, MySpace, LinkedIN
          • (Brazil) Google network. Popular in Brazil and India. No US traction yet. You can specify which sections of your profile are visible – more control over Privacy.
      • Fragmented Sites
          • - commit log based member generation – self description: openly edited open source directory
            • What have we here?
          • - - commit log based member generation
          • Access is the issue and as a recruiter you might get flamed to hell
      • Utility Sites
          • Netvibes, Spokeo, Del.ici.ous, Twitter, etc.
        • Twitter, the next Google? –
          • Tiny bits of wisdom and reputation
  • 10. Big Factors Affecting the Social Network as a Recruiting Tool
  • 11. The Character of Digital Relationships
    • Adoption
      • Dominated by 18-35 yr olds now, everyone else in the next 5 years
    • Platform
        • Bebo – Skype Integration
        • Limited search by specific criteria makes finding people more difficult and may effect network growth
    • Context
      • - a site to share what you read –conceptual winner – deep insights into interests and opinions
      • - just what you would expect – here size and demographic are the most important parameters
  • 12. A Practical Approach to Discovery
      • Discovery
        • Finding the networks
          • Google
          • Ask your customer where they “hang out” online
        • Setting up the search
      • Trend Analysis
        • - LinkedIn, Bebo, Xing, Orkut…
        • Making sense of the data and why?
      • Keeping your sights on the relevant sites
  • 13. Strategic Approach to Social Networks Content Privacy Intimacy
  • 14. Connectors…vital nodes in the network
  • 15. CRM in the world of Recruiting
      • Automation
        • Essential for effective utilization of the data becoming available on the web
        • Enabling single interface, simultaneous access to multiple Social Web Sites without the constraints of API’s
      • List Management – ongoing & systematic communication with sets of people
      • Tracking People – meta data – what’s relevant to you? Tagging your connectors
      • Visualization of your network and network growth
      • Surveillance on emerging sites (source analytics, collaboration, multi-site search)
      • Hunting vs. Harvesting
        • Knowing a person’s Web Footprint
        • Turning Cold Calls into Warm Calls
      • The data half life quagmire and the Virtual API
  • 16. Building the Business Case – Getting the CEO on board?
    • We are doing things differently because of changes in the marketplace and changes in the Internet and how people use it
    • We are working closely with managers to understand how we can selectively upgrade talent in key disciplines.
    • We’ve done our research and we know who we want, where they are, and how we can get them.
    • We are shifting our emphasis from the reactive mode imposed by high volume recruiting to low volume high impact recruiting. This means less use of Job Boards - where we get mostly mid quality ‘active’ job seekers, to Sourcing off Social Web Sites, where we develop deeper and long lasting relationships with people we think are important to our business success.
    • This strategy is lowering our costs – Job Boards are expensive, and Social Networks are free
  • 17. Thank You
    • We’ll now take some questions. Please type questions into your GoToWebinar toolbar.
    • If we can’t get to your question today, we’ll do our best to answer it offline via email.
    • To receive a copy of today’s presentation, please email [email_address]