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  1. 1. Today’s MarketplaceAs consumers becomemore internet savvy, theyare no longer contentwith insurance ratesoffered by their localinsurance agency.
  2. 2. Online Shopping is Growing
  3. 3. The internet allows consumers the convenienceof comparing quotes from a number of insuranceagents and carriers in minutes, just by filling outone intuitive online questionnaire.Internet Convenience
  4. 4. Benefits of Online Lead Generation Online lead generation is playing an increasingly importantrole for businesses Agents are most likely to convert online leads through emailand online transactions Premium lead generation methods deliver an ROI, but levelsvary based on the individual agent’s ability to create a rapportwith the prospect, and ultimately sell the product All the benefits of a multi-million dollar lead generationcampaign, without having to incur the costs
  5. 5. Potential Customers Online The number of companies who say that online leadgeneration budgets have gone up in the last year hasincreased from 59% last year to 65% this year. This compares to 31% of respondents who say thatoffline lead generation budgets have increased. A 2009 study by Internet marketing research company“comScore” indicates consumers requested more than32 million auto insurance quotes via the Internet andbought about 2.4 million auto insurance policies in 2008.
  6. 6. With such a massiveflight of consumers tothe internet to shop forinsurance, internetinsurance leads must bea major feature in yourmarketing portfolio.Internet Leads in Your Marketing Strategy
  7. 7. Strategic Cross Marketing
  8. 8. Strategic Partner Program In todays very competitivemarketplace a strategy thatinsures a consistent approach tooffering your product or service ina way that will outsell thecompetition is critical is one of thelargest Insurance leadaggregators in the U.S. today IL has access to over 100,000agents / brokers in the U.S. Marketing is the process of developing and communicating value toyour prospects and customers
  9. 9. Strategic Partner Evaluation Market Profile: Size, competitors, stage of growth Customer Segments: Do we have similar groups ofprospects with similar wants & needs? Competitive Analysis: Strengths, weaknesses,opportunities and threats in the landscape Positioning Strategy: How to position the offerings Value Proposition: The value each partner delivers
  10. 10. Strategic Partner Benefits Access to distribution channels and national market presence Access to technology, products and intellectual properties Access to marketing capital New markets for services/products, or new products for customers Increase in brand awareness through channels provided Decrease marketing costs by leveraging a number of our assets
  11. 11. Multiple Opportunities for Growth
  12. 12. Co-BrandingBuild a program that will allow both brands to be introduced in eachorganizations’ database of agents, brokers and insurance carriers
  13. 13. Link ExchangeCreate a link-exchange which allows for increasedtraffic levels to each company’s websites.
  14. 14. Co-Branded Reward ProgramsBuild a program that allows both brands to be introduced in eachorganizations’ database of agents, brokers and insurance carriers
  15. 15. Co-Branded Landing PagesDesign co-branded landing pages for online recruitment of agents / brokers.
  16. 16. Cross Marketing & Advertising PackagesPotentially construct both online and offline cross-marketing andadvertising packages that will create the ability to generatemonthly recurring revenue streams
  17. 17. Why ?
  18. 18. Our Internet Leads Highest Quality Leads in theIndustry Multi-Layer Quality Control Competitive Pricing Volume Discounts 24/7 Online LeadsManagement Interface Largest Selection of LeadTypes and Filters Sophisticated Technology Choice of Delivery Methods Consistent High Leads Volume Hot Transfers of InterestedProspects Verified by LiveOperators
  19. 19. Qualified Real Time Internet Leads investsmillions of dollars intogenerating the very bestqualified real time internetinsurance leads on the web. To us, all leads areconsidered suspect beforethey become a real prospect.
  20. 20. Lead TypesWe provide internet leads in just about every line of insurance Annuity Health Disability Cancer Final Expense Long Term Care Automobile Home Renters Life Business P&C Business Benefits
  21. 21. How We Generate Traffic and Leads Thousands of high ranking sites maintainingtop positions generate and aggregate tens ofthousands of high quality leads daily. The largest network of in-house search enginemarketing experts. Large network of hundreds of top affiliatepartners. We spend millions of dollars monthly so youdon’t have to.InsuranceLeads.comThe Most Visible Sign On theInformation Super Highway
  22. 22. Top Ranking SEO and SEMAs a leader in the insurance leads generation business we have high rankings onevery search engine for thousands of keywords. This leads insurance consumersdirectly to our insurance quote websites and affiliate partners across the country.
  23. 23. Traffic Levels
  24. 24. Traffic Levels
  25. 25. Keywords Analytic Breakdown
  26. 26. Monthly Traffic Breakdown
  27. 27. US Demographic Breakdown
  28. 28. Maximize ROI and Increase Revenue Ultimately the measure of successfor any Online Lead Generationcampaign is ROI and very simply, thehigher the revenue potential from aconverted customer the moreopportunities there are for leadgeneration. If you generate 10,000 leads from acampaign and you only require 100leads to convert into a sale to makethe campaign a success then youare far more likely to have asuccessful campaign than if youneed 500 leads to convert intobusiness.
  29. 29. Join Our Growing Network6400 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Suite 460North Hollywood, California 91606Phone: 800.647.2164Fax: 800.647.2142Web: